King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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  • Wealthy Man
  • Businessman
  • CEO
  • Boss/Manager
  • Financial Advisor



Meaning of the King of Pentacles in a Reading

When it comes to the Kings in the Tarot Cards, we are talking about masculine energy in our lives or that we are embodying at the moment. Getting many Kings in a bigger reading, such as the Celtic Cross Reading, can indicate that we are surrounded by strong male energies right now. Or perhaps we ourselves are in a more male-orientated role.

If external to us, these Kings, or men, are a little older in age (30+), and are usually one of the astrological earth signs. Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, for example. The Pentacles Suit talks about the earth element and therefore relates to material topics such as money, property and other resources we own. Hence, a King of Pentacles could be a very wealthy, successful man, who is one of these earth signs, possessing a sense of groundedness, practicality, and sensuality.

It’s important to note that we ourselves may be embodying this masculine strength and material success. We may be the main providers in our family or the one who earns more in our love relationship and therefore takes on a more masculine role regardless of gender.

king of pentaclesSymbolism of the King of Pentacles

This card depicts abundance like no other. The King in the centre is surrounded by wealth, indicated by the harvest all around him and the city behind him. This may well represent the properties he owns. Seeing as the Suit of Pentacles is all about our material life, we know that the city and harvest are actual, tangible results of our hard work. These are material possessions such as money and land.

The King holds a large coin and has a proud expression on his face. He wears expensive robes, again showing off our current wealth and financial security. The Bull on his throne is one of the astrology signs; Taurus in particular. It reminds us that this man possesses the qualities of these earth signs and indeed would be one of these signs in “real life”.

King of Pentacles in the Past

When we get the King of Pentacles in the Past position of a 3-card tarot reading, we may have recently been very influenced by an earthly, wealthy man such as a father, boss, or another male in our lives. Perhaps we received assistance, a promotion or became the main provider in our own family.

King of Pentacles in the Present

The King of Pentacles in the present indicates that either we ourselves are in a position in which we can provide for the ones we care about, or we have someone who is taking care of us materially. This could be our Marriage partner, parent or boss. We may be in a very successful place at the moment. This might be starting a lucrative business venture, buying a property or making an important investment.

King of Pentacles in the Future

This card in the future can be very promising. We can look forward to a time of great wealth when it comes to our finances. Perhaps we receive a promotion, make a great business decision, buy a property, or our business takes off. There could be a very wealthy and powerful man in our lives soon too; someone who is a leader and extremely methodical and practical.

king of pentacles reversedReversed King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles reversed can indicate that a business venture we are hoping to see succeed may be delayed or slowed down in some way. We may not receive the material support we are hoping for, or there could be a very powerful and wealthy male energy blocking our way. Perhaps this is someone we work with, a Father, Male Relative or other man in our lives.

We ourselves may be very materialistic and greedy at the moment. Perhaps we need to check in with ourselves what our real motivations are at the moment. We need to proceed with a little more caution rather than being motivated by lust for money or power.

King of Pentacles Tarot One Card Meaning

In a One Card Spread, this card represents a masculine energy in your life at the moment who is very wealthy, fatherly and wise. He is a nurturing, worldly man and he might offer you financial support. So, go ahead and take it. This may represent you being able to access these qualities as well.

King of Pentacles Yes/No Meaning

When we get the King of Pentacles facing up in a Yes/No Tarot Reading, the answer to our question is “yes”. There may be a masculine energy in your life that wants to invest in you, or help you in some way in the material world. Notice who this is and note that they could be a strong influence in your life right now. This Masculine energy could be very grounding for you in the long run and a great support.

If you get the King of Pentacles card facing down, then your answer is “no”. There is a male figure involved in this decision who may be halting your progress or holding you back in some way. You may not have the financial backing you need to move ahead right now. There is also the potential for you to feel somewhat frustrated at having to wait or that someone else is in your way.

Summary of the King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is usually a great card to get in any tarot reading. He can talk about important males in your life, men who are influential and wealthy, successful and proud who play an important role for you right now. This could be a lover, family member or someone at work who is one of the astrological earth signs. You yourself may be this successful person, regardless of whether you are a woman or a man.

Affirmations for the King of Pentacles

“I embrace my financial power”

“I am materially empowered and abundant”

“I’m wealthy”

“I enjoy the comforts money can buy but am not ruled by them”

King of Pentacles FortunicaMore on the King of Pentacles

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