Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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General Meaning of the Knight of Cups in a Reading

When it comes to the Knight Cards in Tarot Readings, we are often talking about young people. These are usually males under the age of 30 but not younger than 18. It could be a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio type, someone very sensitive, soft and emotional seeming.

This person may be someone we are in love with, someone we wish would rescue us or represents a proposal of some sort that is coming our way. The scenario is usually to do with relationships. This person may be very charming and romantic, although perhaps a touch idealistic at times. They may be intuitive and very emotionally soft with an open heart on their sleeve. This could also represent a certain energy you yourself are embodying at the moment. This card may also represent travel or a trip coming up.

When you get many Knights in a reading, particularly in a Celtic Cross Reading, then there may be a lot of young male energy around you at the moment. Getting this card in a Love Oracle Reading almost always indicates a relationship of some kind or another.

Symbolism of the Knight of Cups

knight of cupsUsing the very popular Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, this card shows a young man on a white horse. He has a large cup in his hand and is crossing a flowing river. All water in the Tarot Cards represents emotion and this river seems to be flowing. Thus it is showing the meandering of our feelings and the creative energy we or someone around us is carrying.

The knight holds the cup out as if in offering, showing some kind of proposal, perhaps even a marriage proposal. His armor and color of his horse show his pure spirit and romantic nature. Think of your soulmate riding in on a horse, ready to carry you away! You may also get an offer to travel soon or have someone ready to declare their feelings for you.

Knight of Cups in the Past

Getting this card in the Past position of a 3 card tarot spread can indicate a recent proposal has come our way. This may be an offer to travel or an engagement proposal. We may have fallen head over heels in love, and there has been a great deal of romance around. However, we may have also be carried away by the fantasy of love rather than the reality of it.

Knight of Cups in the Present

Getting this card in the present position of the 3-card tarot reading means that we are currently experiencing a high degree of romance in our lives from someone else. Otherwise, we ourselves are wearing our heart on our sleeves, feeling very open and connected to others. We may be traveling around a little, and there could be a sense of adventure. We may be considering a proposal of some sort, probably with regard to our relationships.

Knight of Cups in the Future

We may get a little excited when this card appears in the future position. The Cups Suit is almost always to do with relationships, and we may be receiving a proposal of some kind very soon. We ourselves may enter a period of open-heartedness where we feel more in touch with our emotions and feelings.

Reversed Knight of Cups

knight of cups reversedWhen we receive this card in the reverse, then we may not be receiving the proposal we may be desiring. Whether it’s related to Love or Travel. We may have gotten lost in wishful thinking, in dreaming or in fantasy and it’s important at this time to stay grounded and not be swept away.

Knight of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

When you get this card in a One Card Reading, then you may be receiving a proposal soon, or an offer to go on a trip. Your knight in shining armor may come along, yet be careful of oversentimentality and idealism, as it may be easy to get disappointed here. This young man or woman may be a Cancerian, Pisces or Scorpio star sign.

Knight of Cups Yes/No Meaning

When you get this card facing up in the Yes or No Tarot Reading, then you may be receiving a proposal or offer from someone overseas, along with this decision. It could be time to set out on a new journey, but try not to be too over idealistic about the outcome. Invest your heart, yet make sure you are seeing things realistically rather than through rose-tinted spectacles.

When you get this card facing down, it means “no”. The proposal that you are looking for may not yet come to fruition; and there is a chance that, if you are hoping to travel, it may not happen at this time. You may feel as if your ideals are being crushed, but this may in fact be better for you in order to not romanticise the situation.

Knight of Cups Summary

This card can represent you or someone special in your life. It is a man or woman who is seen as a rescuer of some sort; someone charming, romantic and idealistic. This could be a lover and there may be a proposal coming your way soon! This person may be you yourself, and if so, you are in a very open-hearted space, deeply connected to your feelings. You are able to approach life with sensitivity. Travelling is also an option with this card.

Affirmations for the Knight of Cups

“I am in love with love”

“My Heart is open”

“I am creative”

“I embrace travel”

“My heart is on my sleeve”

“I am ready for marriage”

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