Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

knight of wands Keywords

  • Impulsive
  • Aggression
  • Rushing in
  • Passion
  • Argumentative
  • Adventure



General Meaning of the Knight of Wands in a Reading

The Knight of Wands when it comes to an online or live (Face to Face) Tarot Reading is a dynamic one – full of movement and adventure!

The Court Cards in Tarot often talk about people in our lives, people who belong to the Fire Signs in Astrology – your Leos, Aries, and Sagittarians. Knights specifically are all about people around the ages of 18 – 30 years old, often male but also female. This can make deciphering the meaning of this card a little easier to understand when we narrow it down this way! The Knight can either come as a hellrider or as an angel of adventure in our lives.

However, we can also be the ones carrying the energy of the Court Cards – they are not always people! With the Knight, we may be seen as fiery, dynamic and enthusiastic – the same is true whether we are doing a simple online tarot reading or a more complicated, in-depth Celtic Cross Reading.

The Symbolism of the Knight of Wands

knight of wandsThis card shows a great deal of forward movement, just like an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius person. A man rides on a horse, and the horse is rearing up, ready to go! The man looks quite focusses, and the overall colour of the card is red and orange, showing the fieriness of the energy here.

There seems to not be any way to hold the horse back, and this could show a lack of restraint – plenty of adventures are there to be had, but there may be a lot of impulsiveness or even aggression – either from you or someone else in your life, be it in your relationship or career. There is a sense of rushing in where angels fear to tread. Once you learn how to read the card’s symbolism, the meaning becomes quite clear – be sure to rein in your actions where needed!

Knight of Wands in the Past

This 3-card spread representing the Past, Present and the Future remains one of the most popular and easy to use in the Tarot, whether you are doing an online tarot reading or a “live” one. When you receive this card in the past, you or someone else in your life between the ages of 18 and 30 were in a very impulsive, adventurous space, and may have rushed impulsively into action, feeling passionate and inspired but perhaps not having too much caution.

Knight of Wands in the Present

Although you might be feeling extremely adventurous and inspired, it could be time to check yourself. Do this before you make a heedless or risky mistake. You may encounter someone who is pushy and/or aggressive towards you, and impatience may be a problem, either in you or in someone else. Try to slow down yourself or remove yourself from the situation if you can. This may appear in the area of career for you.

Knight of Wands in the Future

This card coming up in the future talks about a time in which you or someone else could charge into a new adventure, passionately, but perhaps somewhat recklessly. You may come across as aggressive or overly impulsive or may encounter this energy in your life, it could turn argumentative, to try and turn the heat down if you can.

Reversed Knight of Wands

knight of wands reversedAlthough you may want to charge in guns blazing, there are obstacles in your way which could make you feel extremely frustrated and irritated. This may result in impatience or silly mistakes. You might be experiencing this energy in someone else, and it can be tough to negotiate with them. It may be important for you or someone else to channel your energy constructively. This person, when it comes to horoscopes, may be an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius type.

Knight of Wands Tarot One Card Meaning

In a One Card Reading, be careful of impatience or acting too fast. You or someone else might be rushing in where angels fear to tread, and you could regret hasty decisions made now, as inspired as you feel, and passionate and emboldened as you are. You or someone else may be coming across as aggressive and pushy.

Knight of Wands Yes/No Meaning

When you get this card facing up in a Yes/No Tarot Reading, you can proceed with passion, and don’t hold back. Be aware, however, that you may trample on the feet of others in the process, and that you could be acting too impatiently. You could be displaying far too much frustration and creating conflict. Be passionate, but prudent, as you may regret your decision the moment you make it.

When you receive this card upside down in this reading, even though you are feeling impatient, this is not the time to indulge your impatience and need to hurry. Slow down and smell the roses; do your very best not to charge ahead without thought of the consequences.  This is the time hold back, as challenging as that may be.


This card is most commonly linked to career matters, but can also represent relationships, finances or any other important area of life. It can talk about external people, people who are fire signs and around the ages of 18 – 30 and are passionate, dynamic, enthusiastic and a bit reckless or aggressive. It can also represent these qualities in you.

Affirmations for the Knight of Wands

“I will follow my passions with enthusiasm”

“An adventure awaits me and I am ready”

“I will look before I leap”

“I will nurture patience instead of being reckless”

“Allowing others to trample me is not an option”

“I am assertive – not aggressive”

More on the Meaning of the Knight of Wands

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