Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

nine of swords thothKeywords

  • Battle/Struggle
  • Determination
  • Tests
  • Feeling alone
  • Paranoia
  • Challenge




General Meaning of the Nine of Wands in a Reading

When it comes to the Nine in the Tarot, whether you’re doing a simple 1 card spread or the more in-depth Celtic Cross Spread, this number talks about coming to the culmination of something. You are very close to the end, yet it is not in sight just yet.

When we deal with the Suit of Wands, we are talking about work and the creative energy that we put into our work. In this card, therefore, we are coming near to the end of a particular work cycle, for better or worse. It promises that there is a little bit of a battle yet to be fought. We may have a few last tests of faith and a general feeling around a lack of support – we may be looking over our shoulder when we get this card in a Tarot Reading – and we have to just try and persist despite the odds, even if we are alone.

The Symbolism of the Nine of Wands

9 of wandsThis card depicts a man standing with a single staff, whilst 9 other staffs are ranging about him. He has a bandage on his forehead – showing a recent struggle. The expression on his face is that of fear, paranoia, and resentment. One can see he feels very alone, perhaps even rather paranoid.

The symbolism in this Tarot Card is therefore somewhat challenging and talks about a recent battle we have faced and may still be facing. We are being tested, and the road seems to be a lonely one. We might feel as if we can’t trust anyone, and so we have to work alone. The end is in sight, and we have to keep going, although it’s important that we don’t take anything else on right now as we may feel overburdened at the moment or very soon in the future.

Nine of Wands in the Past

Whether we are doing an online reading or one in “real life”, this 3-card spread remains the most well-known and popular amongst novices and experts alike. When we get the Nine of Wands in the Past position we may breathe a sigh of relief, of course depending on what cards appear in the present and future. Generally speaking, however, this card says that your struggles around feeling alone and challenged, especially when it comes to work, is finally over. We may have felt like we have passed through a series of tests and come out the other side, strong and determined.

Nine of Wands in the Present

When we receive the Nine of Wands in the Present Position, whether in this 3 card spread or when we are playing around with a One Card Reading, we may be facing the challenges that this card represents in this moment – whether it’s in our personal lives or, more likely, in the realm of work, we are feeling quite burdened and have many commitments on our hands. We have and are facing some opposition and could feel quite alone. However, the end is in sight and we need to maintain personal strength and persistence despite the odds.

Nine of Wands in the Future

Seeing as the Suit of Wands mostly relates to Career matters, we can assume that the future holds some serious challenge for us in this area, but that it won’t last for too long, as symbolized by the Nine – nearly the end of a cycle. We will face some opposition and endure a test of faith, and we may have to do a lot of it alone.

Reversed Nine of Wands

nine of wandsWhen this card is reversed, we may encounter a little less challenge that we expect, however, we may still feel pushed and opposed, or even unsupported by others. You may need to be able to stand up for yourself and push to establish your personal boundaries. You may be carrying a lot of resentment which could be limiting us in terms of attaining our goals. No matter what is going on, we have to continue to fight rather than just giving up. It’s important not to dwell on setbacks, but rather how to overcome them.

Nine of Wands Tarot One Card Meaning

You have recently faced a battle, either on the work front or personally, and you feel wounded, paranoid and alone. It feels as if no one is working with you, and you will be moved to “do it all on your own”. Try and enlist help where you can and don’t be afraid to ask for support – whether it’s from your guides and angels or close, trusted friends.

Nine of Wands Yes/No Meaning

The Yes/No Tarot Reading is a simple, yet very insightful online tarot reading to do! If you get this card facing up, then your answer is yes. You may face a bit of a battle in this decision, and it is very likely that you may feel alone, paranoid or wounded. You may have to even still face a difficult trial or battle, and it could be necessary for you to go it alone right now. There will likely be a huge task you are faced with to complete, with which you will need to exercise persistence and determination.

If you get this card facing down, your answer is “no” – you’ll be facing a lot less opposition than you may think in this decision and you won’t have to face a massive battle. The team will be on your side, and you won’t feel alone, abandoned or paranoid in the slightest. There is no fight to be had here.


When it comes to Career, Love or Financial problems, this card can promise some difficulty in this area but also asks that you look at who supports you, which people are your biggest fans in life and to lean on them. Even though you could feel alone, you are not necessarily all by yourself, and you have a great amount of support around you even if you don’t feel it. Battles are there, and you could feel wounded and paranoid, but there is an end in sight soon.

Affirmations for the Nine of Wands

“I am not alone”

“I have people who love and support me”

“Drawing and maintaining strong boundaries is something I know how to do”

“There is only so much responsibility I can carry”

“I am strong and determined”

“I am a fighter”

More about the Meaning of the Nine of Wands

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