Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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  • Gullible
  • New feelings
  • Developing intuition
  • Creativity
  • Children
  • Emotional immaturity
  • Open minded


General Meaning of the Page of Cups in a Reading

The Court Cards in the Tarot can be confusing to some, but when broken down, can be very straightforward and easy to understand. When it comes to the Pages in tarot readings, we can see them as people in our lives; usually the youth or children we are surrounded by.

When we see many pages in a reading, for example, the Celtic Cross Spread, then children may be a very big feature in our lives. These children may be more sensitive, even psychic, kind of like angels in our lives.

Pages can also represent new beginnings, like the Ace card in Tarot Readings. The cups represent beginnings of an emotional nature, perhaps a new love relationship starting, or the birth of a creative idea.

Symbolism of the Page of Cups

page of cupsUsing the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, this card shows a youthful person gazing at a large cup in his hand. There is a fish emerging from the cup, which may seem strange at first but in fact, represents creative and emotional inspiration.

The youth seems confident and in charge, but might be a little naïve or lacking in emotional maturity. He or she may feel they have found their soulmate, indicating the beginning of strong feelings, but it is still early to tell.

Page of Cups in the Past

When this card appears in the past position of a tarot reading, we may have recently had a pregnancy or given birth. A child has strongly influenced us, or we may have started a new relationship with someone. A creative beginning could have been on the cards too.

Page of Cups in the Present

When we get this card in the present position of a 3-card tarot spread, then we may currently be experiencing the birth of new feelings and emotions.  Whether we have a new child in the family or there is a new relationship around, we are feeling inspired and renewed. One of our more sensitive children may be at the center of our attention.

Page of Cups in the Future

We may soon have a new beginning coming up in the future. There could be a new addition to the family unit, or a new love relationship that blossoms. We may soon be developing our psychic side and working on our intuition, or we may feel creatively inspired.

Reversed Page of Cups

reversed page of cupsThis card in the reverse may indicate that you are experiencing distrust of your intuition and that learning how to read tarot may be a good path for you to start trusting yourself. Self-doubt may be possible, or perhaps you are feeling a creative block and need to get out and find some inspiration.

There may be someone in your life – a child or maybe even yourself – that is acting emotionally immaturely. So, perhaps they need to work on handling strong feelings a little better. It may be important to get grounded back into reality here and not get too taken away by fantasy.

Page of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

When you get this card in a One Card Reading, it indicates that there may be a young person in your life who is still a little emotionally immature. They may need your support, or perhaps this applies to you and you require emotional growth. There may be beginnings of feelings for someone special, or your intuition may be beginning to develop. So cultivate it! Trust your gut feelings but don’t lose yourself in imagination. It’s important to stay grounded now and cultivate strong emotional boundaries. Or perhaps teach your children how to do this so that they are safe and protected.

You may soon experience pregnancy, or someone very close to you may give birth, adding someone new and special to your life.

Page of Cups Yes/No Meaning

When you get this card facing up in the Yes or No Tarot Reading, then this is the beginning of following your intuition for you. You will be able to tap into that inner voice and follow it, and this also heralds the start of a big emotional journey in your life. A young person or child may help you in this decision, however, make sure that you are not being emotionally naïve.

When this card appears facing down, it means “no”. This is not the time to trust your feelings and intuition, as there may be something clouding your judgement, something that you are not seeing as yet. Try and hold back from expressing your emotions until you feel clearer. There is a sense of emotional naivety, either from you or from someone else.

Page of Cups Summary

This card often means one of two things, usually. It’s either a child in your life, someone sensitive and emotionally young, or it represents a new beginning for you in a creative or relationship sense. Other meanings include birth in the family, feeling inspired, feeling imaginative or having to develop emotional maturity. This card is generally associated with the water signs, Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

Affirmations for the Page of Cups

“I embrace new beginnings”

“My boundaries are strong, yet I am sensitive”

“I am eager to nurture the children around me”

“My intuition is trustworthy”

“I am creative”

“I am curious”

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