Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained

Page of Swords ThothKeywords

  • Student/Studying
  • Intellectual Immaturity
  • Clever young person/child
  • Uncertain of self
  • Curiosity
  • Ideas

Meaning of the Page of Swords in a Reading

The Court Cards in the Tarot Cards are usually about people in our lives. Pages in particular usually indicate younger people under the age of 18 and even smaller children. These people will usually be one of the astrology air signs, such as Aquarius, Libra or Gemini.

Pages are also quite similar to Aces in that they indicate new beginnings in life, depending on the suit they are. The air element is linked to Swords and therefore is all about the mind and ideas. Hence, our new beginnings can be mental in nature.

When we get many Pages in a reading, such as a Celtic Cross Reading which uses ten cards, we are either dealing with many new starts in life or we are surrounded by young people, perhaps children. These can be either our own or other people’s.

Pages can also indicate a degree of naivety, or a sense of immaturity. In this card, we may know a young person who is very clever but has yet to develop their new ideas. Or perhaps we ourselves may need to deepen our initial thoughts. This card can talk about studying or learning something new, and the curiosity that goes with that.

Page of SwordsSymbolism of the Page of Swords

In this card we see a young man, sword held out in front of him. He has one foot forward and one foot behind, looking over his shoulder. His posture suggests that although he wants to move ahead with the new beginnings and ideas associated with the Suit of Swords, he might be hesitant or doubt himself. Perhaps he is a little naive still.

His youth shows that he is physically young, or at the very least, young in thought and word. He stands on land that is lush, indicating that he has an abundance of new ideas and curiosity to lead him in the right direction.

Page of Swords in the Past

The Page of Swords in the past position can indicate that we have recently embarked upon a new course of study. Or, perhaps a child around us – our own or another young person – has just started school. We ourselves may have experienced an influx of new ideas and are now running with them.

Page of Swords in the Present

The Page of Swords in the Present Position of a 3 card spread shows that we are currently in a space of generating fresh, new ideas. We might be feeling curious and keen to start something new mentally. Perhaps this is a course of study, for example. Our own child, or someone else’s, could be a big influence in our lives at the moment. They have a sharp, keen intellect that needs to be developed to maturity.

Page of Swords in the Future

When we have the Page of Swords in the future position of a spread, it can indicate that you will soon start studies, or perhaps your child will. New ideas will flow in and you will feel curious and open to following them. Be sure to develop your own ideas and follow through, or show your child how to. New Relationships can be developed soon as well.

page of swords reversedReversed Page of Swords

When we have the Page of Swords reversed, we can feel stuck in a way of thinking or blocked to new ideas. Our own thoughts may be undeveloped or naive and we need to work a little deeper on growing them to maturity. Our child or another young person in our lives may be prevented from studying, or may feel a lack of motivation and need to get out of a mental block.

Page of Swords Tarot One Card Meaning

When we get the Page of Swords in a One Card Tarot Reading, you might get an opportunity to study. Or there is someone young in your life that is a big influence on you mentally but may need your encouragement as they are intellectually unsure of themselves. That could, however, also apply to you! Encourage yourself or them to look ahead and not back; to trust their ideas.

Page of Swords Yes/No Meaning

The Yes/ No Tarot Reading can be so helpful when we are brimming with new ideas and need to make decisions. When we get this card facing up, our answer is “yes”. There may be someone young in your life; someone who is somewhat naïve, but clever and intelligent and is involved with this decision. If you are contemplating studying or starting a new path of learning, then your mind can be opened in a positive direction.

If this card faces down, your answer is “no”. There could be an air of uncertainty or mental immaturity in your relationship, coming from one or both of you. You may have a child who is unsure of him or herself which is a lesson for you both. Or perhaps you have learned to help this child or overcome these tendencies in your relationship.

Summary of the Page of Swords

The Page of swords is either a young person who is an Aquarius, Libra or Gemini, under 18, who is curious, clever and a little green around the gills. The Page of Swords can also be us being very curious and keen to learn but needing to develop our ideas a little.

Lastly, the Page of Swords can be a new beginning, such as a course of study or a fresh batch of ideas we need to carry through.

Affirmations for the Page of Swords

“I will follow through with my new ideas”

“I’ll follow my curiosity and see where it leads me”

“I will trust in my ideas, and develop them to maturity”

“I’m open to studying”

Kasamba - Page of SwordsMore on the Page of Swords

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