Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Explained

queen of disks thoth queen of pentaclesKeywords

  • Nurturing Woman
  • Wealthy female
  • Businesswoman
  • Down to earth
  • Grounded
  • Practical & Reliable


Meaning of the Queen of Pentacles in a Reading

Queens in the Tarot Cards almost always represent women. Women who are powerful, strong, in charge and mature, usually around or over the age of 30, although sometimes younger.

These women are often one of the astrological earth signs, such as Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn. Being the element of earth, these females are often very grounded, practical, methodical and quite materially successful. Getting many Queens in a reading (such as the Celtic Cross Reading) can indicate you are surrounded by powerful women in your life.

It could be you yourself that is embodying the Queen of Pentacles energy. Perhaps you are the provider in your family or the breadwinner in your love relationship. You may be currently carrying these qualities of earthiness and practicality yourself. So, the people around you could look to you for that nurturing support.

queen of pentaclesSymbolism of the Queen of Pentacles

This is a pleasant card to look at. It depicts the Queen of Pentacles sitting on a throne, holding a very large Coin as she gazes at it fondly. She is surrounded by leafy flowers and vines. Seeing as the Suit of Wands always talks about material matters, we know then that the Coin is her wealth, and the flowers around her represent the material abundance she is surrounded by. This is a wealthy, working woman, and the earth around her shows a sense of grounded calmness.  She has clearly worked hard for this coin she holds, which is why she looks at it so fondly.

Queen of Pentacles in the Past

When we get the Queen of Pentacles in the past position of a tarot reading, we could have recently either been influenced by a woman who is one of the earth signs. Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn. This is someone who may have supported or helped us materially, whether a boss or Mother type. Alternatively, we could have been this woman ourselves, having just been through a period of relative financial ease and success.

Queen of Pentacles in the Present

When we get this card in the present position of a 3 card tarot spread, we are looking at a time of our lives in which we feel we have the balance between work and family, where we could feel financially and materially grounded and stable. There may be a woman in our lives who is embodying this for us, such as our Mother, a dear friend or even a love partner.

Queen of Pentacles in the Future

No matter what our current situation is at the moment, we are soon about to head into a more stable time, materially. We will find a sense of financial independence, groundedness, and self-care, as well as being able to provide for our loved ones and family. We may receive a raise or promotion – it may also be possible that a very wealthy woman comes to our aid in some way.

queen of pentacles reversedReversed Queen of Pentacles

When we get this card in the reversed position of a tarot reading, we may lack financial stability and feel unable to provide for our families at the moment. We may have to lean on others for material support, even if we are working very hard to provide that grounding for ourselves.

Similarly, we might be struggling to find a balance between work and family life. We could be overextending ourselves and feeling a distinct lack of abundance at the moment. We may be hindered by a woman in our lives who is overly materialistic or greedy.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot One Card Meaning

When you get the Queen of Pentacles in a One Card Spread, there is a woman in your life who is nurturing, wealthy, stable and wise. She is abundant and fertile, full of creativity and may offer you financial support. This person may be you exuding or desiring to possess this energy in your life at the moment. If an external person, she would be a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

Queen of Pentacles Yes/No Meaning

When working with the easy-to-use Yes/No Tarot Reading and we get the Queen of Pentacles facing up, then the answer to our question is “yes”. You, or someone around you, will have the ability to generate wealth with this decision, to become more financially secure. This is a Feminine energy. So, be sure to look around you for that person who will be a big influence on you right now. You or this woman might want to invest in you financially.

If you get the Queen of Pentacles card facing down, then your answer is “no”. There may be a wealthy woman standing in your way at the moment. Or perhaps you yourself need to hold back due to finances. It could be frustrating for you in the material world right now, due to this feminine energy holding you back, and you could feel a distinct lack of nurturing.

Summary of Queen of Pentacles

This is a lovely, abundant and very nurturing card to get. It may represent you, your Mother, your Boss when it comes to your career, or someone else in your life that is wealthy, nurturing and grounded in their feminine energy. You or this person balance career and home life very well, and may be somewhat of a provider to those you love.

Affirmations for the Queen of Pentacles

“My home and professional life are in balance”

“I embrace a life of abundance and prosperity”

“I’m a financially independent woman”

“I enjoy the things that money can buy”

“I am sensual”

Queen of PentaclesMore about the Queen of Pentacles

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