Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained

seven of swords thothKeywords

  • Deceit
  • Trickery
  • Theft
  • Dishonesty
  • Scheming
  • Betrayal


Meaning of the Seven of Swords in a Reading

The Seven of Swords in the Tarot Cards is a potentially challenging card. This is because it pertains to deceptive behaviour, whether in ourselves or with someone else. When you get this card in a Tarot Reading, whether in a simple One card spread or a more complex Celtic Cross Reading, it is important to watch your step. Be awake and be aware.

The deception may come from someone you know well, such as your primary love relationship. Or it may come from someone outside of your circle. Sometimes, this card can indicate that you yourself are being dishonest in some way, or trying to get away with something you shouldn’t. Here, it is important to take an honest look at yourself and the people around you and see things clearly.

Being associated with the air element, the suit of Swords pertains to communication, hence is directly associated with the words we speak. Be on the lookout for signs of deception in what others say, and watch your own words carefully.

seven of swordsSymbolism of the Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords shows very clear symbolism. In this card, there is a man holding an armful of Swords, a cunning smile on his face as he tiptoes away from an encampment. This image clearly shows someone trying to get away with a sneaky plan. So, because the Suit of Swords is all about communication, we know that the swords symbolize clever, cunning ideas or words dishonestly spoken.

However, in the background, we can see shadowy figures of men around the tents, indicating that this deceit has not gone unnoticed and that there will eventually be repercussions for ours or someone else’s dishonesty.

Seven of Swords in the Past

When we get the Seven of Swords in the past position, we may have recently been tricked or deceived. Perhaps by someone close to us, such as a family member or partner, or possibly someone at work. We ourselves may have tried to get away with a plan that backfired and we are now dealing with the repercussions.

Seven of Swords in the Present

When we get the Seven of Swords in the present position of a 3 card spread, we are currently in a situation where we may be deceived or tricked. We need to be on our guard, checking and double checking all communication coming our way. We could be a victim of some kind of theft, whether physical or intellectual.

Seven of Swords in the Future

This card in the future position talks about the potential of being lied to, deceived, or tricked by someone. Perhaps this is someone in the career area of our lives, such as intellectual theft of ideas. Or perhaps this is another theft of some kind, such as a petty robbery. We ourselves will also need to be awake and aware of the words we speak and strive to be as honest as possible.

seven of swords reversedReversed Seven of Swords

When we get the Seven of Swords reversed, we are hiding something from the world. We may be in a secret relationship or trying to deceive someone or get away with a plan. The chances are that we will probably not be caught out, but that the secrets may trouble us internally. It may be important for us to come out in the open and claim honesty. Then, we free ourselves of stress and worry.

Seven of Swords Tarot One Card Meaning

When we get the Seven of Swords in a One Card Tarot Reading, watch for any deception or lying. Because even if you or someone else is thinking of getting away with it, there is a strong chance of being caught. Yours or someone else’s plans may well be clever, but there is an element of sneakiness. So, be on your guard and make sure you are being completely honest too.

Seven of Swords Yes/No Meaning

The Yes or No Reading can be an excellent one for helping shed some light on a situation in which you feel there is dishonesty at play. Getting this card facing up means “yes” to your question. Someone may be trying to deceive you, or perhaps you are trying to get away with something sneaky. They or you will be caught, so proceed with caution and make sure you are being honest, or double checking your communication with someone else. You may be tricked or lied to, but there will be repercussions.

Getting this card face down means ”no”. As much as you may believe someone may be deceiving you, they are not. In fact, this situation is as clear as daylight and you have no reason not to trust. The plan that you or someone else be may be working on will not work. So, perhaps it’s time to rethink what you should do.

Summary of the Seven of Swords

This card does indicate that there is deceit going on, whether it’s in the family, workplace or within your relationships. It becomes important not to trust everything that is said around you and to do some deeper investigation rather than taking people at their word. Try not to get away with a clever seeming plan as you will be caught out!

Affirmations for the Seven of Swords

“Honesty is the best policy”

“I will check if the people around me are being truthful”

“At this point in time, I will not blindly trust”

“I will be caught if I try and be dishonest”

Seven of Swords - KeenMore on the Seven of Swords

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