Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

 seven of wands thothKeywords

  • Assertion/Defending Boundaries
  • Challenge
  • Pressure
  • Exhaustion
  • Many Projects
  • Opposition/Threat




General Meaning of the Seven of Wands in a Reading

This card can be a challenging one to get whether you’re doing a big Celtic Cross Spread or a simple One Card Reading. There can be a lot to learn in terms of standing up for oneself and defending your boundaries. The sevens in Tarot Cards are somewhat difficult, initiating a risk that has to be taken. In this case, the risk is usually related to career and says that you may be alone in your struggles. Through perseverance and determination, however, you can overcome the obstacle presented to you at the moment.

This card also shows that you may have enemies or threats to your projects. It’s important to keep fighting for what you are passionate about or believe in. It can be extremely useful when in a struggle like this to consult both Tarot Cards as well as Angel Cards to get more insight.

The Symbolism of the Seven of Wands

seven of wandsOne can see clearly in the Rider-Waite Deck that this is a challenging card. There is a man standing with a staff in his hand, and six staffs in the ground beneath him. Each staff is a different length and his expression is one of frustration and anger.

The symbolism is quite clear; the staffs represent ideas or projects, as indicated by the Suit of Wands. Each one seems to be struggling to find “ground”, hence the frustration of the man, who is exhausted from the struggle. This man represents the querent. That is, you, or the person you are reading for; someone who is clearly tired and having to fight hard for what they want.

Following the symbolism of the Six of Wands, after the victory we may have had, we now have to deal with the pressure of the responsibility we have taken on as a leader. This can be overwhelming at times!

Seven of Wands in the Past

This 3 card Spread representing the Past, Present and Future reading is one of the most used spreads around. In the Past position, this card says that you have recently been in a very pressured position when it comes to career or other areas. This is a position in which you’ve had to fight, assert yourself or defend your position. Fortunately, this is now behind you, although you may still feel somewhat exhausted from the constant battle.

Seven of Wands in the Present

This can be a tough card to get in the Present Position, and most likely relates to your career and work life. You may have bitten off more than you can chew, and now are finding yourself having to stand your ground. You are needing to defend yourself and deal with an enormous amount of mountain pressure. Maybe you feel very tired, but you do possess the strength to see this through – your perseverance and determination can get you through the struggle.

Seven of Wands in the Future

It’s a good time for you right now to prepare yourself for a struggle coming up in the Future. Whether it’s a career problem or a financial one, you may have to stand up for what you believe and assert your boundaries. “Gird your loins” as they say before a battle, and dig deep to find that grit and determination that you will need in times ahead as you face difficult opposition.

Reversed Seven of Wands

This card reversed can speak of a few things. One is that you may be avoiding asserting yourself, avoiding responsibility and this can create problems for you in the long run. Even if it feels scary to stand up for yourself, try and see where you may be avoiding just for the sake of avoiding. Try and keep strong even though you feel tired, worn down or ready to admit defeat.

The other interpretation of this card is that you may not have to fight, face opposition or try and win others over. Perhaps things won’t be as much of a battle as you are thinking.

Seven of Wands Tarot One Card Meaning

You have to struggle at this time to be heard, and it is important for you to be assertive, even if it is a bit of a challenge. If you get this card in a One Card reading, you may be feeling extra pressure or responsibility at this time. You may also have to fight to make sure all your projects are aligned.

Seven of Wands Yes/No Meaning

seven of wandsIf you are using the Yes or No Tarot Reading, and this card is received facing up, your answer is yes. This is a time in which you must assert yourself, and stand up for what you want, what you desire and what you believe, even if it is tough going. You will struggle to get your projects in the ground, but persevere anyway – you will become stronger for it.

If you receive this card facing down, your answer is “no”, and you won’t have to battle to assert yourself at the moment. This is not a time to stand up for your beliefs – rather bide your time and avoid getting into pointless arguments. However, do be careful of being overly passive and avoidant of confrontation, especially if it is needful. There is less struggle ahead than you may think, and you will find more foundation for your projects than before.


When it comes to the Tarot Cards, this may not be the easiest card to get but it is certainly not the worst by anyone’s measure. If you decide to stand up for yourself, be assertive and fight through the pressure and exhaustion, your determination can see you through a tough time, and help you assert much-needed boundaries.

Affirmations for the Seven of Wands

“I can stand up for myself”

“I am assertive”

“If it is mine, I protect it”

“I defend my boundaries”

“I am determined and persistent”

“Others will not walk over me”

More about the Meaning of the Seven of Wands

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