Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Explained

six of cups thothKeywords

  • Happy memories
  • Carefree
  • Childhood
  • Sharing
  • Charity
  • The past
  • Children

General Meaning of the Six of Cups in a Reading

When it comes to the Number Six in Tarot Spreads, the general theme is some kind of resolution, a moving on of sorts. The Fives indicate difficult changes and the Six talks about resolving those changes and having some sense of peace after the storm.

When it comes to the Cups Suit, it relates to emotions as well as our primary relationships. The Six of Cups talks mainly about the children in our lives, and may even represent pregnancy. It can be useful to do an Angel Card Spread when you get this card. The angels can shed some light on how to access your own inner child, be more playful, light and happy and to leave adult responsibilities and worries behind. This card can talk about Love and relationships as well, and the sharing that comes in a healthy union. A word of warning: we need to be careful not to get lost in happy memories of the past and stay grounded.

Symbolism of the Six of Cups

six of cupsThe energy of the Six of Cups is bright and happy. The first thing that is seen is all the flowers coming out of the cups. This indicates that happiness and joy are blooming, and also saying that there is pure, childlike, innocent energy around.

An older lady is receiving the cup of friendship from the younger child. The younger child is larger, showing the emphasis on childlike joy. These two are clearly very good friends. This highlights the importance of sharing from a pure heart, and the old man walking away in the distance shows leaving adult worries behind for the moment.

Six of Cups in the Past

This card has a special relationship to the past since in itself represents memories from good times had. When doing a Past, Present and Future 3 card spread, and this card appears in the past position then we may have recently had very good memories, perhaps created with our family or other children in our lives. We may have recently looked fondly back on an old relationship with sentimentality.

Six of Cups in the Present

When we receive this card in the present, then we may have a very good relationship with someone in our family; a child or an older family member. There is kindness between you, sharing and forgiveness. This may relate to a past love relationship as well. We may be feeling more in touch with children or our own inner child.

Six of Cups in the Future

Whatever we are experiencing in this moment, however difficult it may be, soon we will forget all the problems. We will step into a more carefree, childlike, happy space. There will be forgiveness and healing in our relationships. We may celebrate a new member to our family or begin to do charity work, helping others from a pure intent.

Reversed Six of Cups

six of cups reversedWhen we get this card upside down, then we may be closed off to forgiveness, whether it’s forgiving ourselves or forgiving others. We may be longing for happy times gone by, thinking of someone we thought to be our soulmate and yearning for their presence. However, it’s important not to get too lost in sentimentality. This card reversed tells us to get in touch with our inner child or the children around us; our own, or others’.

Six of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

Getting this card in a One Card Reading is very positive. You are looking at the happy memories of the past rather than dwelling on the sad ones. This is a time of sharing, giving and charity, either for yourself or someone else who needs it. Nurture your inner child, and make some time for play and fun. Spend time with children and family members who you treasure.

Six of Cups Yes/No Meaning

Getting this card face up in a Yes/No Tarot Reading means that your answer is yes – this is a time in which your decision will be supported by the help of others, perhaps someone who is dear to you from your past or you have happy memories with. It will be a time of sharing, and your choice will help you to nurture your inner child.

When you get this card facing down, your answer is No – now is not the time to make a decision based on happier memories of the past – try and stay in the present and that will guide your decision. You may not receive the help that you are looking for, so it is best you do this alone, and you will grow from it.


This is generally a very happy card showing good times, connection to children or even pregnancy. You may take up charity work, following your dreams of helping others and giving back. You are remembering the past with fondness and forgiving any hurts and pains. Furthermore, you have moved on from something potentially quite difficult. Beware of romanticizing about the past, and remember to also be grounded in the present.

Affirmations for the Six of Cups

“I am ready to forgive”

“I embrace my inner child”

“I will spend more time children”

“I look back on the past with fondness”

“I am still grounded in the present”

More on the Meaning of the Six of Cups

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