Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Explained

six of pentacles thothKeywords

  • Assistance – getting or giving
  • Loan
  • Charity
  • Material Support
  • Generosity
  • Resolution to problems



Meaning of the Six of Pentacles in a Reading

The number Six in the Tarot Cards relates to resolving and moving on from the challenges and crises indicated by the Fives. There is an opportunity now to resolve the problems and poverty faced in the Five of Pentacles. When we get plenty of Sixes in a tarot reading, whether it’s online, or in “real life”, and especially when doing a big Celtic Cross Spread, we know that we are working to solve our problems.

We may breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that our angels have supported us through a tough time. The Six of Pentacles, relating to the element of earth and therefore material things, is about financial assistance to help us. We are either giving it to someone in need or getting that support we need.

six of pentaclesSymbolism of the Six of Pentacles

This card is much gentler than the intense Five of Pentacles. It depicts a wealthy man holding scales, handing money to the poor. His expression is kind, and the beggars receiving his charity seem to be grateful.

When it comes to getting this card in a tarot reading, we may see this help as heaven-sent. It is as if we are having angelic assistance… if we are in the position of receiving. If we are the giver, we may appear like an angel sent to those in distress. The scales talk about giving and receiving only what we can give or receive back. All in balance; neither too much nor too little.

Six of Pentacles in the Past

Getting the Six of Pentacles in a 3-card spread indicates that we have recently either been in a position to help those we love, or we have needed to place ourselves in a state to receive help. We have had to leave our pride behind. We may not be more financially secure than we have been in a long time.

Six of Pentacles in the Present

The Six of Pentacles in the present position of a 3-card reading points to use need to give or receive help in some way. This is tangible help, such as taking a loan or giving one, providing a home for someone in need or moving in with family members. We can only give as much as we are able to receive, so it is important not to overextend ourselves.

Six of Pentacles in the Future

The Six of Pentacles in the future position can mean that our financial troubles may be coming to an end soon. We may receive support from someone who cares about us, or give support to someone who needs it. This may come in the form of actual money, a home to stay in, or some other tangible offer. We may be asked to be humble in receiving, or generous in giving.

six of pentacles reversedReversed Six of Pentacles

When we get the Six of Pentacles in the reverse position, it means that we may be giving without discernment, and possibly being taken advantage of. We may need to retract a little and balance out the energies of giving and receiving in our lives. We may get into debt; either emotional or financial. So, even if we are concerned about family members, for example, we will need to watch ourselves lest we overextend.

Six of Pentacles Tarot One Card Meaning

When we get the Six pf Pentacles card in a One Card Reading, this is a time in your life where you may have to accept financial assistance. Or perhaps you are in a position to give help. There is a balance of giving and taking, and you will only give what you are able to receive, and visa versa. Lean into the generosity of those who care about you.

Six of Pentacles Yes/No Meaning

Getting the Six of Pentacles card face up in the Yes/No Tarot Reading means a “yes” to our question. You need to ask for financial help, or you need to offer help to someone who needs it. Try and determine who you are and where you stand. Remember to ask for what you are able to give, and to only give what you are able to receive.

Getting the Six of Pentacles card facing down means that your answer is no. The help you ask for may not be coming your way, or perhaps it is not the time for you to give help. Maybe you simply cannot afford it right now. That’s okay, don’t let that overwhelm you or become an issue; simply focus on what you can do right now.

Summary of the Ace of Pentacles

This card can be a gentle reminder of the balance in life of giving and receiving help. It can spell relief from difficult times, and we may be able to begin standing on our feet once again. A loved one, family member or another generous benefactor may be able to support us as we recover from illness or financial crisis. We may be the ones who are able to do this for someone we care about.

Affirmations for the Six of Pentacles

“I will accept support”

“I’m balanced in giving and receiving in my life”

“I will not allow my pride to stand in the way of being helped”

“I have a lot to give”

“I’m able to give only that which I can receive”

Six of Pentacles - Fortunica AppMore on the Six of Pentacles

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