Six of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

six of wands thothKeywords

  • Success
  • Victory
  • Promotion
  • Leadership
  • Willpower
  • Resolution




General Meaning of the Six of Wands in a Reading

All the Sixes in the Tarot talk about moving on and resolving a problem. Following the five, which symbolizes chaos and change, these cards indicate how we overcome these challenges, and none more so than the victorious Six of Wands.

Tarot Readings are not quite like Angel Readings, but both can offer amazing insight into a situation. This card shows that we have overcome a struggle and that others can look up to us. We may even receive a promotion or some kind of recognition for our efforts. The end is not quite there yet, but we have certainly moved through some difficult times and emerged all the better for it, particularly with regards to our work and career, which the suit of Wands is about.

This is a generally very positive card to get in any reading, whether it’s a 1 card, 3-card, or Celtic Cross reading.

The Symbolism of the Six of Wands

six of wands tarotIn this card, using the Rider-Waite Deck, we can see a man on a horse, wearing a wreath on his head as well as carrying a wreath on his staff. He seems to be parading through the streets, whilst people cheer him on.

The five people cheering him – which is linked to the previous Five of Wands card, indicates that a conflict or a struggle has come to an end, and the victor has emerged strong and in control. He has found a way through conflict and is riding the “horse” of success.

Six of Wands in the Past

The Past, Present, and Future reading is one of the most popular 3-card spreads around. Let’s explore this card in the Past Position. We may have recently emerged victorious from a conflict situation, particularly in our work environment, although it can be in any situation. We could have received a promotion or moved a step up the ladder of success. Whichever it is, we are still celebrating our success.

Six of Wands in the Present

This is a great card to get in the Present. Whether we are doing an online tarot reading or a live one, the same meaning still applies. We are in a position of power and success, and others are looking up to us. This is a great time to get a promotion or to ask for a higher salary!

Six of Wands in the Future

No matter what we may be experiencing right now in our Career or Love life, things are about to get better quite soon. We may currently be in a conflict situation, but the future looks good in terms of not only resolving the issue but emerging standing tall and being admired for our ability to negotiate a difficult problem.

Reversed Six of Wands

The reversed Six of Wands contains a few important lessons. One being to reflect on the ways in which you may be avoiding success or self-sabotaging when it comes to your Career or any other important area of life. This card can mean that you still have some way to go when it comes to getting that promotion you want or looking for the affirmation you need. Perhaps there is more work to be done before you go out on a limb, so bide your time and wait for the right moment. This may not be your most successful period to date, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future!

Six of Wands Tarot One Card Meaning

If the Six of Wands appears in the One-Card Tarot spread, you may be promoted now. There is a sense of professional, financial and/or creative success. People are looking to you for leadership and you can rest comfortably in the fact that you have overcome and handled conflict and change.  Enjoy the freedom, yet be prepared for more change to come your way in the future – you still have some way to go!

Six of Wands Yes/No Meaning

six of wands tarotIf you are using the Yes or No Tarot Reading, and you see this card facing the right away up, then your answer is yes – you will be successful, and if you have applied for a promotion, you will be recognized for it. In any area of life, you will achieve recognition and success. Others will look up to and admire you for your conflict resolution and commitment to the task at hand.

When you receive this card upside down in this reading, and you are looking for recognition or promotion, unfortunately, you will not get what you desire just yet. This is not the right time to shout your achievements out or applaud your victors. You won’t get the rewards you may feel you deserve. Wait for a better time to celebrate your victories. Look at the ways in which you may be sabotaging your own success or refusing to take a leadership role.



Whether it’s a longer spread you are doing or a 1-card reading, this is a lovely, positive card to get. It indicates success in whatever you are doing and a channel through your current challenges. There is still some work to do, so you can’t rest just yet, but it’s a time to enjoy your victory. Apply for a promotion or request a raise at work. You may be raised to a leadership position, so with this comes a sense of real pride in your accomplishments.

Affirmations for the Six of Wands

“I am successful”

“I can achieve anything I set my mind to”

“Others look up to me”

“I am a leader”

“I look for positive resolutions to problems”

“I am in control of my destiny”

More about the Meaning of the Six of Wands

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