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General Meaning of Strength in a Reading

The Strength card is the 8th card of the Major Arcana and represents the querent’s evolution from The Chariot. Whereas The Chariot exerts external strength through victory, celebration, perseverance, and control of his circumstances through an outward display of power, The Strength tarot card speaks to a more subtle and internal power.

Rather than achieving victory through displays of raw power and fierceness like the lion does, this kind of strength is achieved through persuasion and influence. It is a deep-rooted personal power that also incorporates the elements of determination and will just like The Chariot did, but it is more refined in its approach.

The Strength card encourages you to tame your most base instincts such as rage, anger, guilt, or shame, and channel them into constructive action. This card is an evolved form of the Chariot and does not require you to control others to achieve what you want. This kind of soft power allows you to incorporate compassion into your choices.

When you receive the Strength card in your tarot spread you are being reminded that you have the inner power and determination to achieve your goals. You will overcome obstacles with grace and persistence. You have the stamina, patience and inner calm you need to gain control over your situation.

The Symbolism of Strength

strength tarot card la forceIn the Rider-Waite tarot deck, a woman dressed in white pets the head and jaw of a large lion. She has tamed the beast. The woman wears a garland of flowers and a crown of laurel and flowers upon her head. Her face is peaceful and calm. There is a lemniscate floating above her head, the symbol of unlimited potential that we saw over the head of The Magician. She too has the ability to manifest what she desires with her new found power. It is a symbol of self-mastery and limitless possibilities.

The lion is symbolic of raw emotion and our animalistic nature, and the woman has managed to gain control over these intrinsic urges. This is the message of the Strength card; self-mastery over the fragility and explosive nature of the ego. This card is represented by the astrological sign Leo and the heart chakra. Vigor and passion are also characteristics of this card.

Strength in the Past

Depending on where the tarot cards present in your reading, they will take on different meanings and subtleties. The context within which they appear is of utmost importance as the cards have sophisticated layers of meaning, especially when we look at the Major Arcana. All of the cards in the Major Arcana represent the querent’s personal journey of self-transformation, so if a lot of these cards appear in your reading, you have big changes, personal growth, and transformations happening!

When the Strength card appears in the Past position, you have come from a place of mastering your circumstances. Your patience and calm persistence paid off and allowed you to exercise control over your environment without any need for domination.

Strength in the Present

The Strength card appearing in the Present position is an excellent message. It means that you are currently handling your challenges with grace and composure and you have your base urges under control. Congratulations on handling your obstacles with maturity. Others are working with you in a cooperative fashion because you have shown compassion and have exerted your influence in a non-confrontational way.

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Strength in the Future

In the Future position, the Strength card is telling you that whatever circumstances may be bothering you at the moment, you will soon gain control over them. It is a positive card to receive in the future position! Continue on your path in alignment with your true purpose and meet obstacles with composure and compassion. You will achieve control over these circumstances if you remain peaceful and patient.

Strength Reversed

As with all tarot cards, the essence of each card can fall out of balance. When a card appears in the reversed position, that is what the spread is telling you. Whether the characteristics of the Strength card are in a state of over-abundance or a state of depletion is for you to determine based on the context of your situation.

Have you lost control of the lion? Are your base instincts running wild? Perhaps the reversed Strength card is there to remind you to use your powers of persuasion and influence and put your raw emotions in check. If your inner-strength is on overdrive, it is time to rein it in.

On the other hand, it could be that your inner-strength is in a state of depletion. Are you feeling sluggish and tired? Are you lacking self-confidence where you were confident before? The Strength card in reverse may be advising you to go within and re-discover your inner power. Take a moment to replenish your reserves and be kind to yourself. Your core power is always with you, but sometimes we forget that!

Strength Tarot One Card Meaning

In the Tarot One Card reading, the Strength card is telling you to remember your inner power! There are often situations or circumstances that are out of our control, however, we can always control how we respond to those situations. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and choices are paramount now. The woman depicted on the Strength card remains calm and serene and brings the fierce lion under her control with patience, influence, and persuasion. Try to incorporate these qualities into your own life.

Strength Yes/No Meaning

In your Yes/No Tarot reading, the upright lion is telling you “yes!” Remain calm and patient and you will have the outcome you desire. If the Strength card appears in the reverse, be advised that the answer is “no.” The situation may be rife with ego and out of control passions or conversely, may be filled with self-doubt, weakness or exhaustion.


The Strength card represents mastery of the ego and the raw emotions of our animalistic nature. Through patience, compassion, and maturity, you can achieve control over your desired situation by exercising soft power. Strive to influence, not bully. Strive to persuade by using the carrot and not the stick. And if you find this guidance to be overly active or lacking in your life, strive to achieve balance by emulating how the graceful and serene woman tames the lion.

Affirmations for Strength

“I have the courage and the strength to overcome my fears.”
“I can achieve what I desire with compassion and encouragement.”
“The gentle lion is my friend. I release the fragile ego and its need to control in favor of persuasion.”
“I know when to stand up and when to retreat gracefully.”

More about Strength

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