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General Meaning of Temperance in a Reading

Temperance is a card of striving for enlightenment, balance, and moderation. The card is surrounded by dark, ominous cards on the Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana, as Death appears before her and The Devil appears after. She asks you to balance yourself and allow your life to flow. Try to remain calm in the face of obstacles, manage your emotions and keep your composure. It is through patience and tranquility that you will find the fulfillment you desire.

The Symbolism of Temperance

JJ Tarot TemperanceTemperance appears as a large winged angel with both masculine and feminine traits. The great, feathered, red wings represent the life force, as in the color of blood. The angel wears a white robe with a golden triangle emblazoned on the chest. This triangle represents Spirit and the elemental symbol for fire. Temperance stands with one foot in the water (emotions and staying in the flow) and one foot on the earth (being grounded and rooted in the physical world). This depiction reminds us that we must balance the different elements of our lives. She pours water between two chalices as if she is looking for the perfect mixture to address the situation at hand.

Temperance in the Past

In the past position, Temperance indicates that you have come from a place of harmony and balance. Perhaps your childhood and upbringing were well-balanced and peaceful. Or perhaps you have recently handled a challenging situation with grace and composure. It could be that you had an opportunity to take advantage of a situation, but you did not. This choice to temper your emotions and seek balance, peace, and harmony has led you to your current place.

Temperance in the Present

When Temperance appears in the present position, she is advising you to look to the qualities of moderation, balance, and self-control. Especially when dealing with any challenges that you may currently be facing. Try to find common ground if you are having a dispute. So, rather than resorting to extremism out fear, focus on flowing with the current situation in peace and harmony. This tolerance and calmness will bring you a positive outcome.

Temperance in the Future

Temperance is a wonderful card to receive in the future position because it indicates incoming wellness, peace, and tranquility! Even if things seem difficult, now there is relief on the horizon.

Temperance in Reverse

Temperance tarot Charles 6In the reversed position, Temperance indicates that you may have been over-indulging in drink or other excesses. The card invites you to restore balance in your life. Whether you have been over-eating, over-spending, arguing with others or spending too much time in negative thought patterns, the time is now to rein it in.

Is your inner voice telling you that something is out of alignment but you are choosing not to listen? Sometimes we need to be reminded to trust our inner voice when the red flags come up. This is especially if it’s something we don’t want to hear!

Take a moment to re-align your daily life with your higher purpose in life. And remember to balance the flow with the real world. Getting lost on either side is a recipe for disaster. Temperance urges you to seek the perfect mix as the alchemist does. Refine your recipe until you have the perfect blend and balance to support your highest goals.

Temperance Tarot One Card Meaning

In a One Card Tarot reading, Temperance is a very positive card. Things are well balanced and the general outlook is positive. You are getting along well with others and solving problems using a unique mix of solutions. Neither force nor avoidance, neither excess nor lack. Whatever the question may be, the outlook is positive.

Temperance Yes/No Meaning

When Temperance appears upright in a Yes/No Tarot card reading, the answer is “Yes.” When the card appears in the reverse, it is telling you “No.” If the question is regarding a conflict, you would be wise to be patient and generous in your approach. Trust in your ability to solve the problem with grace and compassion. If the card appears in the reverse, it puts you on alert to beware of excessive behaviors that might be throwing you off balance. You need to stop on your current path and focus on re-alignment and self-healing.

Summary of Temperance

Temperance is a beautiful card of peace and harmony that portends a positive outcome. Through balance, tolerance, harmony, and careful blending, it takes the middle path by incorporating all perspectives. In the advice position, the card urges you to restore this balance into your life. If you are currently engaged in conflict, let go of the excessive tendencies like force or avoidance and strive toward harmonization. Balancing your life will lead you to happiness and fulfillment.

Affirmations for Temperance

“I create perfect harmony in my life”

“I am an instrument of peace”

“My life is in balance and harmony”

“I deserve all good things in moderation”

More about Temperance

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