Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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General Meaning of the Ten of Cups in a Reading

This is a very special card to get in any Tarot Reading. From the Celtic Cross Spread to the Horoscope Spread and the humble One card or 3 card spreads, this card spells joy in every way. Tens in the Tarot are always about fulfillment and completion, but also new beginnings.

With the Cups Suit, we have gone through an immense emotional journey, particularly with regard to our closest Love Relationships, and have now come out the other side. This card talks about blissful love, family, home, joy, and fulfillment, as well as children and security. This is a very happy card showing things like marriage, pregnancy, living in a lovely home and connection with your friends and community.

Symbolism of the Ten of Cups

ten of cupsIn this card, (using the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck), we can see a happy couple, possibly thinking of marriage or a step in that direction. They are holding each other, arms to the sky and a rainbow of cups above them. Children are playing and nearby is a lovely home.

It’s not too difficult to decipher the meaning of this card. After a big emotional journey, we are seeing joy and fulfillment in the area of our relationships and family. We may have felt we were guided by our angels thus far – and now we are grateful for all the challenges that we faced. This is truly the card of the Happy Family and emotional happiness on every level.

Ten of Cups in the Past

Getting this card in the Past position of a Tarot Reading indicates that we have recently enjoyed a wonderful period in our family and love relationships. We may have had a marriage proposal or moved in with our partner, gotten pregnant or made peace with certain people in our lives. This may have been a very positive time for us.

Ten of Cups in the Present

This is a very positive sign to get when in the present position of a 3-card tarot spread. It means we have found joy in our family and relationship area of life. We may be contemplating having children or marrying our soulmate. We could be spending some great quality time with our families and feel as if we are living according to our highest values.

Ten of Cups in the Future

This is an excellent sign for the future. Whatever we may have been going through, it shall soon come to an end. We can look forward to a fulfilling and happy period when it comes to our home, family, and relationships. We may soon get a proposal from our beloved or think about pregnancy or moving in together. Family members will get along and we can soon invite a period of peace and celebration.

Reversed Ten of Cups

ten of cups reversedReceiving this card reversed means the opposite of what this card represents. We may feel lonely and/or disconnected from our families and loved ones. Perhaps don’t feel as if we are living according to our value systems. We may need to spend more time with our families and those we care about. Perhaps we should work a little harder on building those connections.

When it comes to our relationships, it will also be important to consider if they are the right fit for us, or maybe do a little more work on them if they aren’t.

Ten of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

When you get this card in a One Card Reading, you have fulfillment on every level; you have it all! Family life feels happy, easy and peaceful, and you are in the mood to celebrate. Embrace this special time and spend it with the ones you love in your life. Everyone is getting along with each other, enjoy it!

Ten of Cups Yes/No Meaning

The Yes or No Tarot Reading can be a wonderful guide when making big decisions in life.  When you get this card facing up, it means that happiness and fulfillment lie just around the corner for you, both on a personal level as well as within your family unit. This is a good decision to take when it comes to your nearest and dearest and will benefit you all together as a unit. This will be a wise, emotionally satisfying decision.

When this card appears facing down, it means “no” – the joy and contentment that you are longing for, especially within the family, is not available to you just yet. Your family may be unhappy with your decision, or perhaps they are the ones preventing you from moving forward. You may not get to spend the time you want with the people you love right now.

Ten of Cups Summary

Getting this card in any tarot reading is very lucky indeed. It spells happiness and fulfillment in some of the most important areas of life – Love, Family, Children, and Home. We can feel united and in harmony with the people around us, and there is a pervasive sense of joy. We are living according to our values, and our lives are mirroring this sense of satisfaction.

Affirmations for the Ten of Cups

“I love and appreciate my family”

“My blessings are too many to count!”

“My life choices make me feel contented and happy!”

“I am living according to my value systems”

“I am grateful for everything I have”

More about the Ten of Cups

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