Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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  • Wealth
  • Inheritance
  • Family Money
  • Material Support
  • Disconnection



Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles in a Reading

The number Ten in the Tarot Cards is the final ending card. However, unlike the Nine of Pentacles, it contains the seed of a new beginning, too. When we get plenty of tens in a reading, we know that we have reached fulfillment or completion and that we can look at starting a new cycle. For example, many tens in a Celtic Cross Reading will point us to starting a new cycle soon. This will be for better or for worse.

The Earth Element is linked to the Suit of Pentacles. It is all about our financial and material security as well as physical health. Hence, the Ten of Pentacles tells us about a time period in which we have immense material stability. So much so that we have enough to support those we love, especially our families. Maybe we can buy our children a car, or help finance a home for them. The only caveat is to be careful and aware of when we may be placing money ahead of personal connection.

ten of pentaclesSymbolism of the Ten of Pentacles

This card is almost completely covered in the grapes of harvest, showing the immense wealth we have created for ourselves. Every family member is there, from the old man to the two adults, children, and even the dog. This indicates that the wealth can be shared to everyone. Additionally, the age of the man shows how long we have worked to create this sense of security.

However, the old man seems to be somewhat isolated from the crowd. He is disconnected from the other adults. We have to be careful, therefore, of money disconnecting us from our most important relationships, such as our marriage or friendships. Regardless of how much we have, money is never a replacement for love!

Ten of Pentacles in the Past

The Ten of Pentacles in the past position shows that we have recently inherited money or been able to support those we care about. Our careers may have flourished and we could feel very secure indeed. We may have felt a little disconnected from our families and may need to rekindle that connection, without letting money do all the talking.

Ten of Pentacles in the Present

When we get the Ten of Pentacles in the present position of a 3 card tarot spread, we are very secure financially or have families who are able to help and support us. We may be able to help others in need, but must be careful of substituting money for love. We could feel that we have reached a pinnacle of security and there is a sense of completion now.

Ten of Pentacles in the Future

Getting the Ten of Pentacles in the future position of a 3 card reading is very positive. It speaks of an inheritance coming our way; some kind of fortune or favor that is due us and a feeling of immense material security. Our family may assist us or the other way around, and we could potentially enjoy a period of greater wealth.

ten of pentacles reversedReversed Ten of Pentacles

When we get this card reversed, we need to be very careful of squandering our inheritance or the money we receive as we may take it all for granted. The help we may have counted on from family or marriage may not always be available to us. So, we may have to do things alone. We could feel very wealthy, but empty inside and so need to look at forming close bonds rather than letting money do the talking.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot One Card Meaning

When we get the Ten of Pentacles card in a One Card Reading, it says that there is enough money to be shared. So you may have a family that is able to support you financially, or you are that family member who can support someone else. Just be careful not to let money become a reason for a disconnection between you or replace love and affection.

Ten of Pentacles Yes/No Meaning

When we get this card facing up in the very popular Yes or No Tarot Reading, then it means “yes” to our question – it may be that our family will support us financially for this decision, and there is much material abundance available to us here. Make sure that material abundance doesn’t stand in the way of real emotional connection and strive to make real quality time with your family now. Financially, you should be secure and supported.

If you get the Ten of Pentacles facing downwards, your answer is “no”. Your family may not be able to support this decision, especially financially. Or perhaps your family may stand in the way of you moving ahead, however hard you are trying. Not being able to get the support you need may hinder your progress at the moment or stop you in some way.

Summary of the Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is generally a very good one to get. It talks about real achievement in the material world and that we can count on our family to support us materially. We may have enough to be able to give, but we always need to balance love & connection as well as money.

Affirmations for the Ten of Pentacles

“A balance love and connection with money is what I’m aiming to achieve”

“I have more than enough to give”

“I fully enjoy the material abundance I am blessed with”

Assistance from those who love me is something I can accept”

“I will not let money stand in the place of love”

Ten of PentaclesMore about the Ten of Pentacles

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