Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained

ten of swords thothKeywords

  • Betrayal
  • Hurt
  • Giving up
  • Surrender & release
  • New Dawn
  • Completion & Endings


Meaning of the Ten of Swords in a Reading

The Tens in the Tarot Cards indicate endings, but always have hope of a new beginning. Since they contain the number one, no matter how fulfilled or at a loss we are, we have hope of starting again. many Tens in a reading, such as in the Celtic Cross spread, indicate many endings, but also new hope ahead. This is an important thing to remember when it comes to the Ten of Swords because this card can indeed be hard.

Being the air element, the suit of Swords pertains to the mind. So, the Ten of Swords is the end of the road when it comes to the mental suffering we are going through. However, it will still be some time before we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We perhaps need to work with our Angels and Guides. These could be human beings in our lives who can support us or those of a more spiritual nature.

This card can indicate betrayal, hurt or loss with regards to a love relationship or any other situation where we feel at the end of our tethers. We give up with this card, and in that surrender, we find hope in the loss.

ten of swordsSymbolism of the Ten of Swords

This card has powerful imagery. A person lies belly down on the beach with ten huge swords in their back. They are facing towards the ocean which represents our emotions. A black night is lifting, leaving bright yellow sunlight beneath the dark. This indicates that even the darkest night does end and that there will be a sunrise.

The Suit of Swords is all about the mind, and so the swords can indicate hurtful words or things said to us that made us fall down in despair. It can even indicate our own minds and ideas pinning us down. We have become a victim to these things, and feel deeply wounded, but the dawn indicates that there is a new beginning.

Ten of Swords in the Past

When we get the Ten of Swords in the past position of a 3 card spread, we can breathe a huge sigh of relief. The worst is now behind us. We have climbed up from the Victim position and are reclaiming our chance at a new beginning. We have been wounded, but have learned the lesson and there is no more hurt coming from that source.

Ten of Swords in the Present

When we are experiencing the Ten of Swords in the present, it can be very difficult to see the way out. We have been grievously wounded by someone – perhaps someone we thoughts a soulmate or something, by the words spoken to us or by our own thoughts betraying us. However, there is an end in sight, if we ready to simply surrender and not fight so hard anymore, and perhaps ask for assistance.

Ten of Swords in the Future

The best comfort to take from getting this sometimes fearful card in the future position is that although things may get tough very soon for us, we could feel wounded or betrayed by someone we care about – perhaps even someone in our close family, there will be a new beginning. We will need to try and surrender, to give away rather than keep fighting, and in that surrender, there will be new hope. .

ten of swords reversedReversed Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords reversed indicates that we may be stuck in a victimized position. It indicates we need to try and not give in to despair, but to simply surrender to the situation and find release in that. We could be holding on too tightly to the hurt or betrayal done to us, perhaps in our relationships. We need to just let go to find healing.

Ten of Swords Tarot One Card Meaning

When we get the Ten of Swords in a One Card Tarot Reading, then this card indicates that it is the end of a difficult mental cycle. You may be experiencing exhaustion and despair and want to give up yet there is a new dawn coming. Your time of struggles is almost at an end, and there is now only one way up from rock bottom.

Ten of Swords Yes/No Meaning

The Yes/ No Reading can help us make decisions when we feel too caught up in our own mental processes to see clearly. Getting the Ten of Swords face up indicates that our answer is “yes”. This is a time of endings, and whatever you have decided, the answer points to a new beginning, no matter how much you may feel that you are at rock bottom. Yes, you may be experiencing mental turmoil and defeat, but you can only go up from here. This is a difficult time of transition.

When you get this card facing down, your answer is “no”. Even though you may have felt a great sense of despair recently; now is the time for resolution. This decision will not cause you as much pain as you have been through, and there is no chance of betrayal here. Now is not the time to give up; you have to keep fighting. There is an end in sight!

Summary of the Ten of Swords

The best work we can do with this card is to try and find a sense of release and surrender. To not necessarily give up, but to let go of the pain and hurt that is caused us. Although we feel defeated and ready to lie down forever in despair, there is a sense that a new beginning awaits us in the midst of despair. This can be in any area of life. From our careers to our love relationships and more.

Affirmations for the Ten of Swords

“I will not be a victim of defeat”

“The end to my suffering is almost over”

“I can gracefully surrender and still be in my power”

“I am not a victim”

“A new dawn is coming”

Bitwine - Ten of SwordsMore about the Ten of Swords

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