Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

ten of wands thothKeywords

  • Resentment
  • Responsibilities
  • Burdens
  • Ending/Completion
  • Victimized
  • Intense/Heavy work



General Meaning of the Ten of Wands in a Reading

All the Tens in the Tarot mean that certain things are coming to an end; that there is a sense of completion just ahead. The Suit of Wands in all readings has a connotation with work and the energy we put into our careers. In this card, we may be coming close to the end of a challenging cycle, and it warns of hard work up ahead, intense responsibilities and a lack of delegation.

Although Angel Card Readings are in some ways similar to Tarot Readings and can give us guidance in times of need, Tarot tends to have a few tougher cards. Both, however, have a positive message to offer. In the Ten of Wands, the message is to try and delegate where possible, not to take everything onto yourself. Know that you are coming near to the end of a difficult time.

The Symbolism of the Ten of Wands

ten of wandsThis card’s symbolism is clear and should be easy to read whether we are using the in-depth Celtic Cross Spread or the simpler Yes/No Reading. We can see a man clutching 10 staffs with his back to us and his head buried in the staffs he bears. His back is hunched over and he is walking away.

He is clearly heavily burdened with no one to help his right now and his body language suggests resentment and toil – he is weighed down by the staffs rather than carrying them lightly. The energy of this card thus talks about immense personal responsibility when it comes to our Work, Love life or Finances. In fact, any other area of life. There may be some burnout here due to the hard work you/he has taken on.

Ten of Wands in the Past

When this card appears in the past position in a 3-card spread, we can take a deep breath. We can feel relieved that the burdens we have recently carried have now come to an end; there is perhaps a new beginning facing us right now. However, we may still have to deal with the resentments we recently cultivated and we could still be feeling exhausted from the recent struggles.

Ten of Wands in the Present

No matter how tired and burnt out we feel, whether it’s in our personal Relationships or when it comes to our careers, we can know that it won’t last forever – the Tens always promise an end to a cycle and a new beginning. We may be feeling extremely burdened with extra responsibilities and it becomes immensely important for us to share the load, to rest and take some time to ourselves before we burn out.

Ten of Wands in the Future

The end is in sight when we receive this card in a future position, whether in a 3-card reading or a simpler One Card spread. However, we may be heading for burnout soon. We will need to make sure we aren’t carrying far more responsibility than we should, whether it’s in our career or other areas of life.

Reversed Ten of Wands

When we get this card reversed, we may have to deal with the same as when it is upright. However, we may not be telling others or carrying our burdens in secret. There may be an inability to ask for help, and no end in sight. However, reversed, this card also suggests that there is an opportunity to put your problems down and see the support that surrounds you instead of feeling so alone. When you do so, you will be finding yourself dropping the things that no longer matter anymore.

Ten of Wands Tarot One Card Meaning

ten of wandsYou have too many projects on your plate, and you feel resentful, burdened and alone. The original spark of inspiration you had now has too many responsibilities attached to it. So, you are encouraged to put this burden down and start again or delegate where you can. Your time of stress can be coming to an end and you will be sorting friend from foe.

Ten of Wands Yes/No Meaning

We all love the insightful and deadly accurate online Yes/No Tarot Reading! It’s simple – any card facing up means “yes”, and any card facing down means “no”. If face up, then making this decision may make you feel very burdened and resentful of those who may not be helping you to carry the heavy load that you find yourself with. You may have to try and delegate where you can, or else you could face burnout. This decision will be weighing very heavily on you.

If face down, there will be others to help you with this heavy load, so you will not have to feel so alone and resentful in the slightest. There is no one resenting you for your decision. The responsibility won’t just fall on your shoulders, but on those of many others, especially when it comes to work-related topics.


This card in both a face to face reading and an online tarot reading promises the same – it means the end to a particular work cycle, for better or for worse, and that it is time to rest if possible to avoid intense burnout. You could be taking too many responsibilities which can be exhausting in the long run and so caution is needed so to not feel resentful.

Affirmations for the Ten of Wands

“I will learn to rest and relax”

“I will take care of me first”

“Although I am able to carry many responsibilities, I also know when to delegate”

“I embrace endings and new beginnings”

“I will ask for support when I am tired”

More on the Ten of Wands

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