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Rushed decision

General Meaning of The Chariot in a Reading

The Chariot is the seventh card of the Major Arcana and follows The Lovers in the querent’s journey through life. It is a card of direction and triumph, often denoting a hard-won battle after a long challenge. Receiving this card in the upright position is a great omen. You have a victory before you that will be coming quickly and decisively.

Receiving The Chariot can often foretell of a journey. You are taking the bull by the horns and charging forward on your path. Whatever your direction, your willpower and control will allow you to achieve your goals.

After your study of traditions and beliefs with The Hierophant card, you proceeded to determine your own personal set of values and beliefs with The Lovers card. The next step on this personal journey is taking the reins of The Chariot and driving what you want home. This card tells you to take action and stick to the course no matter what obstacles might appear in your path. Your determination, willpower, and discipline will ensure your success. The Chariot appears to test your strength and commitment, so don’t cut corners or take the easy route.

Whether you are currently struggling or not, this card tells you to accept any challenges that present themselves as a part of the journey. The harder the struggle, the greater the victory and celebration in the end. Think of a King returning from battle victorious. The sacrifices and efforts have been monumental, but the return of the King and all of his gains makes it all worthwhile.

The Symbolism of The Chariot

In the Rider-Waite tarot card deck, a King stands in his chariot, which is being drawn by two sphinxes. One sphinx is black and the other is white, representing the duality of positive and negative, which is reminiscent of the two pillars of The High Priestess card. The King wears a six-pointed star with laurels as a crown, which is representative of victory, success and spiritual evolution. Upon his shoulders are two crescent moons, which symbolize what is coming into being. With a scepter in his right hand like The Magician, this King has a canopy of stars over his chariot – these represent his connection to the celestial world and Divine will. He is calm, tall and proud, and the city behind him is safely in his control.

The Chariot in the Past

The Chariot tarot card JJIn any tarot reading, the presentation of the cards is as important and the cards themselves, because their meaning adjusts depending on where and when they present. When The Chariot is drawn in the Past position, it means that you have come from a victorious place. This triumph has brought you to where you are now and is the reason for your current advantages. It could even be that this early success is leaving you wanting for more in the present.

As with all reversed cards, if this card presents in the past in reverse, then it could be that you have allowed obstacles to dissuade you in the past. Perhaps you relinquished your power of lost your determination. Based on the question you are asking, you will see clearly what resonates with you.

The Chariot in the Present

The Chariot appearing in the Present position indicates that victory is at hand! Whatever you have been fighting and working for is presently coming to fruition. But remember that this is also a card of duality. The charioteer must manage the opposing forces of the two sphinxes. Perhaps you have achieved the control you desired, but are now at a loss in terms of what to do with it. Be honest and grateful for the struggle for it will bring you wisdom.

The Chariot in the Future

The Chariot appearing in the Future position is a fortuitous card indeed! This is where the card is at its most powerful. The Chariot blesses all of the surrounding cards with a message of success and victory. Do not worry! Triumph is at hand!

The Chariot Reversed

As with all reversed cards, the essence of the tarot card in question is pulled out of balance. You can look at this in terms of excess and lack. If the Chariot’s message is one of control and determination, one reversed interpretation is that your need to control has become excessive and is actually impeding your progress. Are you pushing ahead at breakneck speed while at the same time disregarding the signs that it’s not working for you? In this example, the essence of The Chariot tarot card is in a state of excess.

On the other hand, another interpretation of any reversed tarot card is one of lack. The Chariot in reverse can represent a lack of willpower and confidence. Are you giving in and giving up? Are you looking at the long journey and struggle ahead and throwing your arms up in the air? Whenever a card presents in the reverse, we are invited to analyze the essential meaning of the card and then determine how we are not in alignment with these energies at the current time. And remember, depending on the querent’s question, this card can always represent someone else in your life.

The Chariot Tarot One Card Meaning

The Chariot tarot card Charles VIWhen the Chariot pulls in and parks before you in your Tarot One Card Spread, the general message is one of success and victory. Your determination, resolve, and willpower will bring you your desired success. Continue to tackle all obstacles with confidence and you will be sure to claim victory.

The Chariot Yes/No Meaning

In your Yes/No Tarot Card Reading, the upright position indicates “yes” and the reversed position indicates “no.” Upright, The Chariot is giving you a green light. Pursue your plan with determination and success is in your hands. When presenting in the reversed position, take heed. Stop pushing for things that aren’t working or conversely, stop giving up before you start. Depending on your situation, the correct insight will ring true.


The Chariot has ridden into your life to show you that success is at hand. Your hard-fought battles have led you to victory and it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Either you find yourself successful at the end of a journey or a new voyage is in store for you.

If the Chariot has rolled up in reverse, take a look at this card in terms of excess or lack. Are you insisting on fighting a losing battle? Or are you being too defeatist to try? The essence of the message is the same, so see how it best resonates with your situation.

Affirmations for The Chariot

“I am charging through my life triumphantly.”
“I move through life with ease and speed.”
“I am the author of my own story and will achieve success through my determination and willpower.”

More about The Chariot

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