The Empress Tarot Card Meanings Explained

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General Meaning of The Empress in a Reading

The Empress is the great mother. She is channeling the feminine divine energy of the High Priestess onto the earthly plane. The Empress tarot card represents feminine beauty, abundance, nurturing and creativity. She is surrounded by nature suggesting her connection with Mother Earth and her promise of fertility and birth. The divine feminine and masculine exist in each and every one of us, but when the great mother appears in your tarot card spread, she is bringing you a special message.

When you receive The Empress tarot card in your reading she is speaking to your divine feminine on this physical earth. Your creative energy and your ability to nurture. The Empress encourages you to engage your senses. Connect with nature, enjoy the touch, taste, smell, and beauty around you. Indulge in your creativity, whether you do that through music, art or dance, the Empress encourages you to bring your creativity out of your mind and into the physical world.

The Symbolism of The Empress

The Empress sits upon her throne in a wheat field that provides her nourishment. She wants for nothing. She is dressed in finery – a flowing robe with images of pomegranates upon it, trimmed with a golden collar. The Empress has everything that she needs, resting upon luxurious cushions. Upon her head is a crown with twelve stars representing her connection to the twelve months of the year and the twelve planets. Behind her is a forest with a beautiful stream babbling by her. Everything looks picture perfect, effortless. At her side lays a shield in the shape of a heart. She is Venus, the ruler of love, art, and beauty. She is represented by the zodiac sign Libra, the sign of balance, creativity, fertility, and justice.

The Empress in the Past

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When this Major Arcana appears in the Past position, it is likely that you came from a place of abundance and security. Depending on the surrounding cards, she may be telling you to remember your gifts and to stay connected to your gratitude.

If The Empress appears in the reversed position, it may be that lavish diva-like behavior in the recent past has created problems for you in the present. Or, it could be that your failure to properly care for yourself has brought you to a place of difficulty. Either way, she asks you to meditate on the theme of abundance and creativity and take stock of where you stand with that aspect of yourself.

The Empress in the Present

The Empress tarot card in the Present position signifies a wonderful life full of pleasure and fulfillment. Are you counting your blessings? Are you expressing gratitude? Perhaps you have successfully launched a new creative venture that is bringing you prosperity and personal success.

In the reversed position, she may be signifying a creeping superficiality. Sometimes too much of a good thing can make us lose the taste for life. Consider ways in which you might bring depth into your ventures. And in terms of romantic relationships, you may be trading deep love for a superficial. All that glitters is not always gold.

The Empress in the Future

In the Future position, the Empress card foretells coming good fortune, a happy ending, the manifestation of your desires. If your reading is questioning your love prospects, this card reminds you to have hope – true love is on the way. And in terms of a career or financial reading, the outlook is equally fortuitous. A profitable career or venture is in the near future for you.

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The Empress Reversed

When this card appears in reverse, there is either blockage or excess. This is the way with all of the cards. Have you been denying yourself basic pleasures? Have you stopped nurturing yourself under a heavy burden of stress or responsibilities? If so, it is time to remember to take care of yourself so that you can enjoy the beautiful life that surrounds you.

At the other extreme, The Empress could be telling you the opposite. Have you become excessively lazy? Have you been engaging in lavish spending? Perhaps it is time to get back to work and rein in your excesses. Whenever a card appears in reverse, the energies of that card are out of balance, whether deficient or excessive. The tarot will guide you back to spiritual and physical harmony.

The Empress Tarot One Card Meaning

When this Mother appears in your Tarot One Card Reading she is telling you to go for it! The time is right and you will enjoy success and abundance. Allow yourself to manifest what you desire in your life. Love and joy are all around you! Just be careful not to give in to excess, and remember that fertility can have real consequences!

The Empress Yes/No Meaning

In a Yes/No Reading, The Empress is encouraging you to pursue your dreams and desires. When she presents upright she is telling you to pamper yourself and allow your creativity to flow. If she appears in the reversed position, she advises you to be careful not to become greedy or co-dependent on others. The card in reverse is warning you that a path of idleness will not bring you a good outcome, so reconsider your plans.


When the Empress appears upright in your spread, she is asking you to reflect upon all of the abundances you have in your life. She also represents fertility and could indicate pregnancy or the beginning of a new project that is close to your heart. You are in a place of creative and physical prosperity – allow yourself to enjoy it! Maybe you need to take a trip to a day spa or relax at the beach or park. The Empress wants you to enjoy the bounties that surround you.

Affirmations for The Empress

“I am filled with and surrounded by love and beauty.”

“I am deserving of the abundance in my life.”

“My creations spring forth effortlessly with joy.”

“I am fertile in all ways.”

More about The Empress

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