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General Meaning of The Fool in a Reading

When The Fool appears in your tarot card spread it means that change is near. Represented by the number “0,” The Fool is a card of infinite possibility and the unknown. Depicted on this card is a young man lightheartedly sauntering down a path, apparently on a journey. Behind him, we see a tall range of mountains symbolizing his closeness to the divine spiritual.

The Fool card doesn’t have a place in the sequence of the Major Arcana, because the number 0 can be placed at the beginning or at the end. It can represent the initiation of a journey or a major transformation. He is both nothingness and infinite and is therefore considered one of the most powerful cards in tarot. He appears in your spread when it is time to consider what your free will can bring you and if you are living your life in alignment with your true desires.

The Symbolism of The Fool

Although the Fool is about to step off the edge of a cliff. He is happy and carefree. A small white dog is accompanying him like a loyal companion. In some tarot decks, the dog is actually pulling him away from the edge. The young man holds a single white rose in his hand and the sun shines upon him.

The Fool Tarot DodalWhen the Fool card presents in the upright position it speaks of new beginnings. Perhaps you have just decided to make a major change in your life. With a small knapsack of personal belongings over his shoulder and a small white dog at his side, the Fool appears to have everything he needs.

In modern interpretations of the tarot, the Fool is innocent, protected by his loyal companion, and is happily treading into the unknown without looking back. According to this interpretation, this card is telling you there is a great new life before you.

The Fool Card in the Past Position

It is very important to consider when and where your tarot cards are appearing. Depending on the spread you have chosen, the Fool card could represent you or someone else. Take a look at the different kinds of tarot card spreads to gain a deeper insight into what he may be trying to tell you.

If you recently made big changes, the Fool card may present in the past position. Perhaps you changed careers a while back or moved to another country. In this case, the Fool will be signifying that you recently went through a great transformation or change and will be setting the context for the rest of your reading.

If he appears in reverse in the past position, perhaps you were behaving recklessly some time ago. However, if followed by a card such as the eight of pentacles, the Fool may be pointing out that you have evolved out of a state of recklessness and abandonment, and have progressed on your true path. In this position, the card acknowledges your efforts.

However, if the Fool reversed is followed by a card such as the 5 of pentacles, it may be that he is trying to help you see how your poor choices have caused your suffering. In this instance, The Fool is warning you not to repeat your mistakes! Sometimes we know things aren’t good for us, but we continue to allow them to influence our lives. This is where are great tarot reading can be so helpful. The cards don’t allow us to hide from the truth.

The Fool in the Present 

The Fool tarot card Bembo ViscontiAs mentioned above, the Fool in the present position urges you to take a leap of faith! Move out on your own and trust that the Universe will provide for you. The world is your oyster now and it is time to seize the day.

However, if it is in reverse, it might be wise to take heed. Are you drinking too much or partying a lot? Are you being careless with money and responsibilities? The Fool puts you on notice to rein yourself in. Listen to your companion. The little white dog at your side is trying to warn you!

The Fool in the Future

When it appears upright in the future position this card indicates that you have something great and new on the horizon! You will probably be enjoying a new life soon, and it could even mean that a new love interest like none you’ve ever known is about to walk into your life. Inversely, in the reverse position, this card is warning you not to behave recklessly if challenges come your way in the near future.

The Fool Reversed

Reversed cards always illuminate some kind of blockage. In the case of the Fool card in the advice position, he is advising us to be flexible and open to change. Perhaps we have become rigid in our thinking, or afraid to seize new opportunities out of a fear of change. The Fool card advises us to trust in the power of the universe and follow our intuition. Have you been feeling stuck and are you quietly wishing you could go on an adventure? Perhaps the Fool card is telling you it is time to take that risk.

Additionally, the Fool may also be encouraging us to lighten up and remain open to new possibilities. Sometimes new beginnings are disguised as losses and the universe beckons us to go with the flow. Be spontaneous and move beyond the logical. You are already treading close to the spirit world, so allow it to inform you! Let go of the delusion that you are in control of everything, for the universe will always correct for you. Be happy, be free, let go of control and manipulation. That is the message of the fool card in the reverse position.

However, depending on where the card presents in your spread, the Fool in the reversed position can also indicate recklessness. Are you being too impulsive in your decision making? Are you leaping off of the edge of a cliff without any regard for your responsibilities to yourself and others?

The Fool Tarot Card MomusIn older versions of the tarot, before the ever popular Rider-Waite, the fool was often portrayed as a carnival entertainer. Someone vulnerable because of their delusions and failures. If this rings true for you, The Fool is urging you to take heed.

The Fool Tarot One Card Meaning

When The Fool presents in the Tarot One Card Spread it means that you have a whole new world of opportunity awaiting you. Change is coming and it is time to take that leap of faith! However, if he presents in the reverse, self-assess for a moment. Are you being reckless in your endeavors? Are you avoiding responsibilities? Be careful as you move forward and don’t behave carelessly.

The Fool Yes/No Meaning

The Yes/No Tarot Reading spread will simply answer your question in a direct way. Upright means “yes” and reversed means “no.” If the Fool is upright in answer to your question, then he is telling you to go ahead! You will find success if you just take a chance. If he presents reversed, he is warning you not to be reckless. Your decision is likely to cause you problems.


If The Fool appears upright in your spread, don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith! He is telling you to trust in the universe, for you have everything that you need to find your true path.

If The Fool card appears in the reversed position, ask yourself if you have become too rigid in your life. Are there ways you can be more carefree? Are your fears of failure holding you back? Allow yourself to break out of these self-imposed limitations. Conversely, if you’re behaving recklessly, its time to rein yourself in. Ground yourself and refrain from impulsive and self-destructive behaviors.

Affirmations for The Fool

“My life is full of endless possibility”

“Where I take risks and trust in the Universe, I will find new beginnings.”

“Life is an endless journey full of joy”

More about The Fool

Tarot cards are very deep and complex, and each interpretation depends on the querent’s unique situation and circumstance. That’s why it’s a good idea to speak with a professional tarot card reader who can see beyond the face value of each card.

There are many different kinds of tarot card spreads. Some spreads focus on specific aspects of your career or your love life, and others take a broad snapshot of your situation. Many psychics also use different kinds of tarot decks that lend other insights. And when The Fool appears in your spread, they know how to clarify the meaning deeper meaning of that card by pulling other cards to inform it.

keen psychics logo The FoolAdditionally, professional readers use their psychic powers to receive messages from the angels or other guides. These messages lend insight and understanding to the presentation of the cards. The tarot is an ancient and complex practice that takes years of study to do properly!

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The Fool KasambaIf you want a deep understanding of the forces at work in your life, be sure to get a reading from a trusted tarot reader. There are many online sites available to you like Kasamba or Keen. With large rosters of trained professionals, you are certain to discover what the universe has in store for you, and you can get your tarot reading for free! When The Fool appears in your spread, the message is always important, so pay attention!

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