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General Meaning of The Hermit in a Reading

The Hermit is the ninth card of the Major Arcana and is known as a card of deep introspection. It is a card of going within to reconnect with our deepest feelings and needs. It signifies isolation, soul searching, and inner guidance.

Whether the solitude is self-imposed or caused by outside sources, the message is the same. When you receive the mysterious Hermit in your tarot card spread, it is time to look deep within instead of to the outside. The Hermit can be the harbinger of the Dark Night of the Soul, yet from this darkness comes the new light.

The Hermit always brings complexity to any reading, but there is one common thread, namely, a withdrawal from the outside world in order to gain clarity from within. A time of stillness, a time of introspection is called for when he presents himself. He urges you to find your deepest truths so that you can evolve to your highest self.

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The Symbolism of The Hermit

The Hermit stands alone on a mountain top, and like The Fool, this represents his closeness to the spiritual realm and the Divine. The mountains also represent achievement, growth, and accomplishment. The Hermit has arrived, he has conquered the mountain. Now, at his place of arrival, The Hermit having mastered his spirituality and existing in a heightened state of awareness, he chooses to go deep within.

In his hand, The Hermit holds a lantern with a six-pointed star inside. This star, a symbol of his wisdom in the shape of the Seal of Solomon, lights the path before him. But only a few steps are lit at a time, the entire journey cannot be foreseen. With his long robes and high long white beard, The Hermit must rely upon himself.

The staff in his left hand represents authority over the spiritual realm. It is a time of self-healing and understanding. A time to close off the chatter and noise of the outside world and take a journey within.

The Hermit in the Past

When the Hermit appears in the Past position of your tarot card spread, it may indicate that you have come out of a period of study or deep contemplation. If this does not ring true, it can also indicate that you have emerged from a place where you were not in alignment with your true destiny. Perhaps you were surrounded by the wrong people and never felt like you really belonged. The cards that surround or clarify The Hermit can further illuminate this card’s message, but consider it a starting point and context for the rest of your reading.

The Hermit in the Present

The Hermit tarot card Visconti SforzaThe Hermit in the Present position indicates that you are feeling isolated or alone, or perhaps you have chosen solitude for personal reflection. Either way, whether it is presenting in a positive or negative light, there is a theme of withdrawal surrounding you.

Have you been cast aside by others? If so, you need to examine what lead you to this place. Are you choosing to withdraw from a situation? The Hermit asks you to assess whether this retreat is out of fear or avoidance, or in order to remove yourself from a toxic situation in order to bring yourself back into alignment. Pause, reflect and listen to your heart.

The Hermit in the Future

The Hermit in the Future position is typically not what we hope for in a tarot reading! The card indicates that you are headed for a period of isolation and solitude in order to do some deep soul searching.

The Reversed Hermit

When the Hermit appears in the reverse position, the message of this card is out of balance. Either you are not doing enough deep reflecting or you are hiding from the world. Your surrounding cards will illuminate which is the case for you.

When he appears in reverse, it may also indicate that there is loneliness in your life. It can represent negative acts committed against you or betrayal by friends and family. Perhaps there are people who are lying to you or perhaps you are hiding what you really think. Perhaps you are feeling abandoned. Take a moment to self-reflect. What have you done to contribute to this situation? Did you trust the wrong people? Did you fail to set healthy boundaries?

The Hermit asks you to take a walk into your inner knowing to find what feels right. Then have the courage to walk upon your true path, not the path that the world expects of you. Do not be afraid to walk away from things that no longer serve you. Solitude is not something to fear when it is serving your ultimate happiness. Exercise patience and honesty with yourself on your journey.

The Hermit Tarot One Card Meaning

The Hermit is a powerful card and when he appears in a One Card Tarot reading the message is clear: look within yourself for the answers. Do not be swayed by outside noise or expectations. This is the card of wisdom and self-reliance. Instead of looking and what you should do or ought to do, focus instead on what is authentic for you in your life. If this card appears in the reverse, beware of unhealthy self-isolation. If your question is about somebody else and The Hermit appears in reverse, it is clear that this person is hiding away from others in an attempt to avoid reality.

The Hermit Yes/No Meaning

The Hermit is telling you not to move forward with any plans at this time. If your question revolves around looking to care for yourself both physically and emotionally, then the appearance of the Hermit in the upright position is a “yes.” However, if he appears in the reverse in the Yes/No spread, the card indicates that you are hiding from your problems. If you are asking about whether or not to engage in a particular activity or move forward with a decision, then the appearance of the Hermit is a “no.” Instead, take the time to pause, self-reflect and address your own inner conflicts before proceeding.


The Hermit upright is telling you to retreat from the mundane, physical world and take a journey within. Be true to yourself and take it one step at a time. Focus on wisdom, humility, solitude, and detachment. Take the time to observe what is happening inside yourself. This is how the answers to life’s questions will present themselves.

The Hermit can also present as a guide or a teacher. Perhaps there is someone wiser and older than you whose counsel you should take. Look to people in your life that you trust if you are looking for guidance.

Affirmations for The Hermit

“I honor my need for contemplation”

“I allow myself to retreat from the noise of the outside world in order to engage in soul-searching”

“I trust my inner wisdom to illuminate the path before me.”

“I am deserving of solitude and privacy when I desire it.”

More about The Hermit

Because The Hermit is a card of deep introspection, it’s a good idea to allow someone to help you read more deeply into the card’sOranum psychics logo The Hermit messages. This can only be done with a full tarot reading, because in every tarot spread, the placement of the cards, the order in which the present, and the way they surround each other, are all really important! Additionally, there may be other messages from your spirit guides or angels that will help you make the best decision.

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