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General Meaning of The Lovers in a Reading

The Lovers tarot card represents communication and harmony in relationships and the alignment of values. Positive and harmonious expression is the foundation of this card, and there is a sense of trust and connection at the highest level. Associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini, the planet of communication (Mercury) rules this card. When this tarot card reveals itself, it is saying “follow your heart!”

The Lovers card appears after The Hierophant in the Major Arcana. Once the querent has completed his studies of religious traditions, structures, and beliefs, he is compelled to make up his own mind. This card asks you to assess your own beliefs and boundaries. What is it that you stand for and value? What do you want and not want in your life? When The Lovers appears in your tarot card spread, you are being asked to look to your highest self and move forward in your life with open and honest love and communication.

When The Lovers card appears in your tarot card spread it is recognizing that you have a beautiful connection with someone. It need not be a sexual relationship, though it often is. This partnership is blessed with clear and honest communication and an ability to be vulnerable with one another. However, this card also represents choices, and when it appears in your tarot card reading, there is an important decision at hand, so it is important to pay attention and understand the context in which the card appears.

The Lovers tarot card Cary YaleThe Symbolism of The Lovers

Two lovers stand holding hands under the angel Raphael as they receive his blessing and protection. Raphael’s name literally means “God heals” and this union provides emotional and physical healing. The couple stands in what appears to be the garden of Eden. They are naked and at their most vulnerable, which is symbolic of being completely open and honest with one another.

Behind the woman, a snake winds its way up the apple tree, symbolic of the well-known biblical story of Adam and Eve. This is a reminder of the temptation that can pull the lovers’ focus away from their divine relationship. Behind the man is fire, which is representative of passion. Behind them both is a volcanic mountain, which again represents the passion between them when they are united in their pure form. This profound card goes beyond the carnal and represents a pure and evolved union.


The Lovers in the Past

The Lovers card presenting in the Past position denotes that you come from a loving relationship. Whether this is your family or a romantic relationship that was founded in true love, this card in the past position indicates that you identify strongly with this relationship and that it was supportive to you.

Conversely, if the Lovers appears in reverse in the past position, you may have had hardships around relationships in the past. Perhaps you are coming out of a recent breakup? Maybe there was a choice you made regarding relationships in your life recently, where you had to choose between one of two paths. The Lovers in reverse signals that this decision has led you to your current place.

The Lovers in the Present

The LoversWhen you receive this card in the Present position, you might be in the throes of a budding new relationship. And if there is nobody currently in your life, The Lovers card is telling you that you have love just around the corner! If you are looking for a true partnership, then this card is fantastic news!

Of course, if this tarot card presents in reverse, it is asking you to assess your relationships. Is there a conflict or an unhealthy imbalance in your current partnerships? Or if you are single, could you be standing in your own way, preventing love from flowing freely into your life? Take a moment to assess your communication with others. Are you approaching them with sincerity and trust?

The Lovers in the Future

If you are currently single and The Lovers appears in the Future position, take a moment to move beyond The Hierophant and make a clear evaluation of what you are looking for. Take stock of what you believe you deserve and what will bring you happiness in your partnerships. This way, you will be able to clearly manifest what will be most fulfilling for you in the long run. And of course, be careful not to allow yourself to get swept up in illusions of love! Take care of with your choices and look to your higher self for answers.

The Lovers Reversed

If this card is received in the reversed position, indicates that there is an imbalance in your relationships. Is one person more invested than the other? Or perhaps the relationship is beyond saving and is making you truly unhappy? Then it is time to walk away and release the past. Depending on the presentation, this Major Arcana card asks you to assess your relationships with candor and sincerity. And when it appears in reverse, it is indicating that there is indeed a choice to make.

The Lovers One Card Meaning

The Lovers in the One Card Tarot Spread is telling you that a soulmate connection may be at hand, but there is a choice to be made. Be sure to communicate clearly and honestly with your loved ones. be clear about what your boundaries and expectations are. Use what you have learned on your journey as The Hierophant and put that wisdom into practice now.

The Lovers Yes/No Meaning

If The Lovers card appears upright in your Yes/No Tarot Spread, the answer is “yes, go for it!” The relationship at hand is likely a profound one and you share common values and aspirations. And if there is no relationship currently at play, then you are being reminded to love yourself. Be honest about your own needs and desires and answer to them.  If the card appears in reverse, then the answer is “no.” Perhaps you have been blinded to the realities about your relationship. Take a moment to assess the situation honestly and be prepared to walk away if the partnership is not truly bringing you happiness and fulfillment.


Perhaps you are in a union with someone you truly love, but there has been some conflict lately? The Lovers card advises you to address the situation from your highest self. Approach the relationship with honesty and compassion. If the relationship is truly supported by unconditional love, then your efforts to communicate and share honestly will be rewarded. It is likely that your relationship will even evolve to the next level. And this can apply to single people as well, you simply need to look at the relationship you have with yourself, and apply the same lessons.

Affirmations for The Lovers

“I deserve and attract love.”

“In order to honor my communications, I express my feelings honestly.”

“I love and accept myself.”

More about The Lovers

kasamba psychics logo The LoversAs with all of the Major Arcana cards, The Lovers card is a very important one that adds deep layers of meaning to any reading. Learning the basic definitions of the cards is only the first step in unleashing the power of the tarot! Gaining a deep understanding of the various spreads, the positions of the cards, the order and placement in which they appear, takes years of study. Not to mention, there are many different decks of tarot cards, that offer different interpretations.

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