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Untapped talents

General Meaning of The Magician in a Reading

The Magician represents the male energies of willpower and drive that enable him to manifest what he desires. He brings all of his skills together in order to connect the physical and spiritual realms as he casts his spell. The Major Arcana can be seen as a journey through life. The Magician card comes after The Fool, once he has stepped off of the precipice and onto his new path, he must now use his skills to manifest that which he desires.

Associated with the planet Mercury, this card does not necessarily represent a man in your life, though it can. He is associated with Aries, a fire sign, and the first sign of the zodiac. Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy and The Magician card represents that aspect of yourself that can connect the spiritual with the physical to birth your inner wishes and dreams into reality.

The Symbolism of The Magician

The Magician tarot card Visconti sforzaOn this card, a man, or wizard, is depicted with a white wand reaching to the spiritual skies. He is bathed in golden light. Around him are lush flowers depicting abundance and fruitfulness. There is a table before him, representing the placement of our beliefs and spiritual constructs in the natural world. Over his head, there is a lemniscate, the ancient symbol for infinity. This symbol tells us that the possibilities are endless.

On the table before him lie four objects representing the four elements. The chalice or the cup, representing our emotions; the wand, which represents our creativity; the pentacle, which represents money and the physical world; as well as the sword, which represents the mind and our cerebral gifts. Around his waist, the Magician bears a snake biting its own tail. This is the ancient symbol of unlimited potential.

The Magician card is telling you that all of these elements lay before you and are easily at your disposal. Will you look down at the table before you and recognize that you are in control of your life? Everything you need is before you. Simply use your gifts and create a connection between the spiritual world and the physical world around you. Then the flowers of abundance will bloom for you.

The Magician in the Past

The Magician card in the past position indicates that you come from a place of achievement, where your talents brought you success. Your current situation is influenced by this card and will set the context for the rest of your reading. Or perhaps you are now living easy due to your past success, or maybe you are longing for a return to such achievement. The following cards in the spread will illuminate which characteristics apply the most.

If this Major Arcana card appears in reverse in the past position, it may indicate that you haven’t reached your full potential. Either you did not maximize the opportunities that presented themselves, or perhaps you lacked the confidence to take your talents and create the world that you want.

The Magician in the Present

In the present position, The Magician is telling you that the time is now to gather your resources and take advantage of an opportunity! There is an opening where you can manifest something great if you just remember everything that you have available to you and aren’t afraid to use it.

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The Magician in the Future

Getting this tarot card in the future position is fantastic! It is telling you that you will achieve your goals because you have put in the time and effort needed to achieve your goals. Your wishes will be granted if you continue to do what is necessary. You have become the manifestor and you are on your way to creating the world you dreamed of for yourself.

The Magician Reversed

In the advice position, this tarot card can indicate a lack of action. You have begun to explore what it is that you wish to manifest, but you have not taken the steps to achieve it. The Magician tarot card advises you to step back and recognize what you have available to you and do put in the effort of creating the world you want.

However, he can also indicate greed and manipulation. This wizard can become a master of illusions. Depending on where the card appears in your spread, it may indicate that you are veering from a path of righteousness. However, if it appears in the place of another person, it is advising you to be careful and watch your back. You may be subject to trickery and deceit.

The Magician Tarot One Card Meaning

The Magician in the upright position within the One Card Spread is a very powerful and positive card! He is telling you that you have everything you need to accomplish your goals. Pursue your dreams with dedication and a will to combine all the physical with the spiritual, and you will succeed! if he appears in the reverse beware of trickery and manipulation. Someone may be doing things against you behind the scenes.

The Magician Yes/No Meaning

In the upright position, the Magician is telling you that you have what it takes to accomplish your goal. In the Yes/No Tarot Reading this is a definite “yes!” Take stock of the elements at your disposal and focus your energy, you will be happy with the outcome. If the Magician appears in the reversed position, the answer is “no.” Beware, there may be forces at play beyond your control that are deceiving you. The Magician in the reverse can be the master of illusions, and this presentation urges you to stop and reconsider your plans.


Take your life into your hands and begin working toward what you need. Trust that you have all of the tools at your disposal. You have your passionate emotions within you – turn them toward your goals. Your creativity is amazing – let it inspire you with ideas. You have power in the physical world – you have two hands and a living, breathing body to do your work for you. And you have a sharp and cunning mind, use it to figure out the best strategy. The Magician is advising you to use your gifts to manifest that which you need. Raise your wand to the sky and make it so. Make a choice to take action. If the card presents in reverse, beware of someone in your life who might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Affirmations for The Magician

“My dreams become my reality.”

“I have everything that I need at my disposal to make my dreams come true.”

“I have the power to manifest all of my desires.”

“All that which I desire is created by me.”

More about The Magician

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