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The subconscious


Repressed emotions


General Meaning of The Moon in a Reading

The moon is a card of emotion; the subconscious, intuition, and the feminine, watery aspects of the querent. In our physical world, the moon cycles through its phases every month while it pulls upon the ocean tides. The magical work of the moon is also in darkness. So, its appearance in your tarot card spread suggests that you should be careful of illusions, and hidden or suppressed emotions. Take the time to honor the Divine Feminine and what she may be trying to teach you on your journey. The Moon is a card of dreams. It is a card of listening to our intuition. Be prepared to face and release your deepest fears. Only then will you be free to achieve enlightenment.

The Symbolism of The Moon

In the Rider-Waite deck, the full moon appears in the night sky hanging between two towers. However, we see only the profile of the moon’s face reflecting the rays of the sun. This is symbolic of not knowing the whole story. The two towers represent the opposing extremes of good and evil that we must confront on our path toward discernment. Our animal nature is represented by the dog and the wolf as they stand to howl at the moon from a grassy field. These two animals represent the tamed and the wild aspects of our minds, respectively. A path leads to water, the water of our subconscious mind. A lobster has crawled out onto that path. Perhaps it is on its own journey toward enlightenment? Or maybe this represents the earliest stages of our deep consciousness unfolding before us.

The Moon in the Past

The Moon tarot cardA period of confusion may be behind you when the Moon appears in the past position. Perhaps things were not as they seemed and you are now trying to gain clarity. In terms of love relationships, there may have been a time of secrets in your recent past, whether they were kept by you or by your significant other. Someone had a difficult time trusting their intuition.

In this watery place of emotions and illusions, we can get swept away and disconnected from our usual ways. It is important to look at your present situation to see what you can learn from these past events. How will you overcome them? What have you discovered?

The Moon in the Present

In the present position, the Moon urges you to find your way out of the confusion and chaos that might be surrounding you at the current moment. This card reveals that you are susceptible to risky behavior at the moment, such as indulging in drugs or alcohol. Or perhaps your fears are carrying you away. This card can indicate paranoia, anxiety, and worry. Try to clear away the fears that may be re-emerging from the past. Try to separate them from what you currently know and feel to be true. The voice of our intuition is not the same voice as that of our fears. Although sometimes they can sound the same if we don’t listen carefully enough.

When the moon appears in your reading, you are missing information about a current situation. You feel unable to put together all of the pieces of the puzzle. This is an important time to pay attention to your dreams and seek the quiet space of The Hermit in order to gain clarity. Find a quiet space and look within with honesty. Be careful of running away with your emotions and don’t get caught up in illusions of what you want or fear may be.

The Moon in the Future

The Moon in the future position is a favorable card for creative minds and artists. It indicates that you may be changing course and following your artistic passion. You may suddenly feel inspired to explore a brand new path and may wander away from what you have been doing traditionally. Writer’s block and artistic slumps will be a thing of the past.

Be reminded, however, of the possibility of illusions and emotions in your future. You may be feeling pushed and pulled by your emotions. You may not realize that the situation is not what it seems. When the Moon appears in the future position in your tarot card spread, it can indicate a spiritual awakening or joining a religious group. Be careful of the allure of new gurus and others in disguises. As a card of deception, the moon can be warning you of deception by others, or even self-deception as you move forward.

The Moon Reversed

In the reversed position, The Moon represents all of the negative aspects of this card. Where this is a card of emotion, feminine intuition, and dreams, in the advice position, we can take a turn for the worse into deception, anxiety, fear, and paranoia. Someone may be keeping secrets from you. Or you may even be keeping secrets from yourself. Look to the surrounding cards for clarification.

The Moon Tarot One Card Meaning

The Moon tarot card Charles 6If you receive the Moon in a One Card reading, your inner feminine is yearning to be heard. The Moon is represented by Pisces, the most watery, emotional, and sensitive sign of the Zodiac. Dig deep beneath the surface and listen to your inner calling. Pisces is a very psychic sign, so you may be receiving messages in the form of downloads and dreams. Listen to them, for they will give you the answers you seek.

The Moon Yes/No Meaning

Because the Moon does not give you the answers as it is a card of illusion and mystery, it is a challenging card to receive in a Yes/No reading. Consider that the situation may be the opposite of what you currently believe to be true. If you are anxious and paranoid, it may be telling you that the waters will heal all wounds. If you are righteously bold on your path, the Moon is asking you to tune into the mysteries of the unknown. Be prepared for the opposite outcome of what you expect. Heed the lessons of the Hermit. Clear away fears, and listen to your intuition. There is more information that needs to be unearthed.

Summary of the Moon

A beautifully feminine and emotional card, the Moon shines through the darkness in the quiet of the night. So do the messages of this card in your spread. It changes shape each month, as do our emotions. The tides ebb and flow in an unpredictable way. This is the energy that is flowing through you now. Do not allow yourself to be swept away, but do take the time to listen and contemplate that which you may not yet be aware of.

Affirmations for the Moon

“As I calmly peer into fear and illusion, the truth will become clear to me”

“I know what is real in the deepest parts of my soul”

“My inner feminine is guiding me through darkness”

“My dreams are the harbingers of change”

More about the Moon

The Moon should be considered alongside the other cards of the tarot. Because it is one of the most mysterious cards of the Major Arcana, it doesn’t tell the full story on its own. Consider illuminating its messages with a Celtic Cross or even just a Three Card tarot spread. A professional psychic advisor can even incorporate messages from the angels or other psychic abilities into your reading.

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