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General Meaning of The Star in a Reading

The Star is a symbol of hope, dreams, inspiration, and purpose. After the destruction of The Tower, The Star is a wonderful messenger of connection to your true self and an authentic pursuit of what you truly love and desire. It is a wholly feminine card, full of generosity, calm and a Divine connection to the Universe. It speaks of purity and vulnerability.

The Symbolism of The Star

The Star tarot zanoniAn unclothed woman kneels next to a small pond under a night sky of stars. One foot is on the ground, representing her connection to the practical earth. The other foot is in the water, representing her connection to her inner voice and guidance. She is holding two clay pitchers of water, one in each hand, and she is pouring water out of each one.

The pitcher in her left hand represents the subconscious and she is pouring water into the pond, creating perfectly concentric ripples. With her right hand, the conscious, she is pouring water onto the earth, nourishing and perpetuating the cycle of fertility. She is generously nurturing life, which is symbolic of the Universe’s message that you will receive back what you give. She is literally pouring potential onto the earth, and by giving she is creating.

Above her in the sky are eight, eight-pointed stars one of which is gigantic and fills the sky above her head. The largest star represents her core essence. The other seven represent the seven chakras. The scene is magical and beautiful. The Star is the messenger of hope. When we have hope, we have something to live for and strive for. This inspiration is the beginning of all creation. And we must, first of all, be true to our own deepest wishes, hopes, and dreams, for this is from where everything else will be born. This dreamy, hopeful card can have a taste of impracticality when out of balance, but in general, it is a beautiful card to receive in your tarot card reading.

The Star in the Past

In the past position, the Star suggests that you had a wonderful idea in the past that lead you to your current place. You birthed an idea, a dream, and acted upon it. If you are happy with where this dream has led you, then you can be thankful for the inspiration and hopefulness that led you here. Because this card is a card of self-healing and nurturing, it could also indicate that you took time to nurture yourself and return to your core essence.

If you are unhappy with where you are at the moment, it could be that the impractical nature of this card led you astray. Perhaps you followed your dreams without enough practical thought into the implementation. It is important to stop and think about which messages resonate with you and your particular situation so that you can always learn from the messages of the tarot.

The Star in the Present

the star tarot bembo viscontiIn the present position, the Star urges you to simplify things in your life and ask yourself what you truly want. You are about to embark on a new journey – you have big new plans that can change your life. You are full of hopes and dreams. At this time, you may be particularly dreamy and hopeful about a new relationship, so just keep in mind that this card can indicate that you are seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Be sure to keep one foot in the water and one foot on the ground.

The Star in the Future

In the future position, The Star is a beautiful messenger of hope. Stay true to your dreams and whatever obstacles you are currently facing will be successfully resolved. This is a great time to take a risk. Do flirt with someone you are interested in and do ask for a raise at work. Do take the steps to pursue that which you have always dreamed of. The time to reach for the stars is now.

The Star Reversed

In the reversed position, The Star reveals lost hope and faith in the Universe. Have you given up and succumbed to the doldrums of life? Have you begun to believe that your life will never improve?

In reverse, the Star often comes as a test of faith. Will you collapse in a fiery pile of destruction like the Tower or do you still believe in magic? Take a moment to reconnect to your childlike purity and dreaminess. Make an effort to remember what is truly important to you at your core, and then take steps toward those dreams every day. New opportunities and avenues will open themselves to you as you allow hope back into your life.

The Star Tarot One Card Meaning

In a One Card Reading, the Star is a very positive card to pull. Whatever situation you are approaching, you will have magic and luck on your side. Whatever you offer to the situation will be well-received and you can feel free to be yourself. The vulnerability, ease, and grace with which the Star presents herself on this tarot card lend themselves very well to any upcoming event or scenario. You have reason to be hopeful and can take comfort in the fact that things will turn out well!

The Star Yes/No Meaning

In a Yes/No reading, the Star card is a very positive card! If it presents in the upright position, the answer is “go for it!” Luck is on your side and you will have a positive outcome. Be yourself and take a risk. If the Star appears in the reverse, be careful that you are not being too impractical. The Star can indicate unreasonable hopes and fantasies that may be out of reach realistically speaking.

Summary of The Star

A feminine card of vulnerability, dreams, hope, and rejuvenation, The Star is a beautiful card to receive in your tarot card reading. Go ahead and follow your dreams. Look deep within and listen to your inner voice. What is it that you truly long for? Go ahead and take steps toward it; the time is auspicious. Just be sure to keep one foot on the ground, and share your spirit generously.

Affirmations for The Star

“I trust in the future with an open heart”

“I’m on the right path and make optimistic long term plans for the future”

“I let my inner star shine for inspiration”

More about The Star

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