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General Meaning of The Sun in a Reading

Just like in the physical world the Sun brings joy, warmth, and positivity. It is always a lovely card to receive in a tarot card reading, even when it is in the advice position! That’s because this Major Arcana card brings optimism, abundance, and success. You are currently in alignment with the universe and things are going your way. Your warmth and positivity is shining upon those around you and is reflected in things going your way. This is definitely the card everybody wants to receive in their tarot card spread!

The sun tarot card

The Symbolism of The Sun

A baby, representing a new chapter in your life, sits atop a white horse. This child is naked, symbolizing the innocence and purity of someone who has nothing to hide. It is the connection to the inner child. The joy the carefree nature that this card represents.

The horse is a symbol of purity and strength and is helping you along on your journey. Behind both of them is a brick wall with four sunflowers growing out of the top. These four flowers represent the four elements and the four suits of the Minor Arcana. The sky is a bright blue and a huge sun shines down upon everything. It is the giver of life, the balancing of your purpose in life and your intuition into perfect and serene harmony.

The Sun in the Past

This card in the past position indicates a wonderful childhood or that you have come from a place of great success and positivity. You inspired those around you and brought joy into their lives. You were filled with vitality and your charisma and take-charge personality inspired others to follow and admire you. However, the baby sits alone atop the horse, and it may be that although you were admired, you were the leader and you may have felt alone at times. You may be missing these bygone days when The Sun appears in the past position.

The Sun in the Present

The Sun tarot card Charles 6In the present position, The Sun indicates that everything is going your way at the current moment. You are the center of attention and you know exactly how to get what you want. All eyes are on you and everything you do shines out to the world. You are at your most powerful, but not in the controlling domineering kind of way. This card is a card of inner strength and abundance. You have activated your solar plexus chakra and can now speak your truth to the world with authenticity. You are feeling physically energized, vital and ready to charge forward in a joyous peace.

The Sun in the Future

The Sun card in the future indicates that whatever you are dealing with right now will work out in your favor! This card is always a good omen, and having it in the future position ensures your success. This success is greater than a simple victory, rather it implies that you are truly on your path to enlightenment.

The Sun Reversed

Although the Sun is a generally positive card, it does have some elements of excess and lack that can be sending you a message. If this card appears in the reverse, you might be out of touch with your inner child. So the presentation of The Sun is encouraging you to come out to play, even if just for a moment! You need to bring more carefree abandon and joy into your life. It asks you to trust that everything is going to be alright and you can relax and enjoy life!

When the essence of this card is in a deficient state, The Universe is telling you to take steps to create these energies in your life. You may be feeling depressed or maybe you are having trouble looking at the bright side of life. Look to your inner child and take some steps toward creating joy. Remember the things that make you laugh and be happy and bring them back into your life.

If the essence of The Sun card is in a state of excess, you may have become overly confident or overly optimistic. Perhaps you have become a bit egotistical in your approach and you are promising more than you can offer? The Sun card in reverse asks you to bring yourself back into balance.

The Sun Tarot One Card Meaning

In a One Card tarot reading, the sun is a generally positive card! Whatever it is that you are currently pursuing, the outlook is fantastic! You will have great success and recognition for your work. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and follow your inspiration. The sun is shining upon you!

The Sun Yes/No Meaning

In a Yes/No reading the Sun is a resounding “Yes!” Whatever it is that you are undertaking, be optimistic that things will go your way. If the card presents in the reverse position, it is still a positive card. It simply advises you to stay positive and to not give up hope. Any obstacles that you face now are temporary and will pass quickly!

Summary of The Sun

The Sun is a happy, positive card that lends an air of success and abundance to any reading. It is a card of happiness and joy, where your inner child is coming out to play. The card brings a message of vitality and endless possibilities. If it appears in the reverse position, don’t worry! You might be feeling down or overwhelmed, but this card urges you to come out to play and enjoy your life. Everything will be okay.

Affirmations for The Sun

“Today and every day will be filled with joy and wonder”

“I walk through the world sharing my optimism and the Universe rewards me with abundance”

“I deserve happiness and success and they are always available to me”

More about The Sun

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