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Sudden change


Fear of change

General Meaning of The Tower in a Reading

The Tower is a card of disruption and change. There is no avoiding it; buckle your seatbelt. There is some chaos in your future, but remember that with change comes growth. This is a card of awakening and revelation. You may suddenly realize that a relationship that you have been in is not what you thought it was and that you simply cannot continue the way you have been. Or perhaps a job will end suddenly. But as we know, The Fool’s journey is one of personal growth and development, and The Tower is as much an integral part of evolution as the more positive cards like The Sun and Fortune!

The Symbolism of The Tower

the tower tarot Jean DodalA stone ower upon a hill is struck by lighting. There is fire erupting from the windows and the top of the tower along with a gold crown that has been dislodged by the blast. Two men are falling from the building head first. There is grey smoke billowing in front of a black sky. This scene of chaos and destruction symbolizes forces beyond your control. This tower was built on a shaky foundation and therefore only one strike of lightning brings it down. It is representative of ambitions based on false premises.

Neither of these men is responsible for this catastrophe, yet the destruction affects all persons alike, regardless of wealth and status. The falling crown represents the end of an era and advises you to let go. Holding on to attachments from the past will only worsen your fall.

The lightning bolt itself represents a sudden illumination or revelation. This can come in the form of sudden information or a revelation. But one thing is certain; this change is likely to be permanent. However, this divine intervention is moving us forward on a path that we have been refusing to tread. So long as we remained hidden away in the tower, true enlightenment was not possible.

The Tower in the Past

In the past position, The Tower indicates that you have just emerged from a crisis. Whether it was a divorce, the death of a loved one or a natural disaster, there was some kind of great upheaval in your recent past. Or if this great destruction was some time ago, it is still playing a great role in the context of your current situation. It is important for where you are currently and is still affecting your present situation.

The Tower in the Present

In the present position, The Tower indicates that you are in the midst of great upheaval. This is often when people seek out the help of a tarot reader or psychic. You may feel totally out of control. You may feel like you are watching the world crumble around you and that you are helpless to stop it. Well, in fact, you are.

This card in the present position encourages you to jump to your freedom. There is no sense in remaining in this crumbling tower. You must escape now. Self-reflect upon what chaos is spinning around you and take on a decisive new direction. The best path forward now is to let this tower burn to the ground and learn from the lessons of the past. You must leave behind what was built on illusions and lies and recognize that your entire belief system may be turned on its head at this time. Pause to recognize that this is for your Highest Good even if it is scary and confusing.

The Tower in the Future

the tower tarot PiedmonteseThe Tower in the future position is not the card anyone wants to receive! It puts you on notice that everything is about to change. This change will be chaotic, disorienting, life-altering, but it will be for your long-term benefit. A tower experience will make you stronger and wiser. These are the growing pains that the Universe needs you to undergo. Whatever your journey is through this lifetime, the skills you learn during this tower time will be the key to your future success, so do not resist it!

However, if you are spiritually attuned and you recognize which faulty foundations you need to leave behind, you may be able to make that change before the whole tower comes crashing down. As the saying goes, if you do not make the necessary changes, the Universe will do it for you.

The Tower Reversed

In the reversed position, this card can indicate a few different things. It may be that you are resisting change, or that this change has been delayed. It can also indicate that perhaps you have avoided a destructive situation. Some interpretations of the reversed tarot suggest that whereas the upright card represents external forces, the reversed Tower indicates internal transformation. According to this interpretation, you may be dealing with upheaval in your belief system or your core values.

The Tower Tarot One Card Meaning

In a Tarot One Card Meaning spread, it represents a complete change in direction. Something unexpected is or is about to happen and there is no point in trying to avoid it. Rather, accept the change and find a way to move forward in a healthy and enlightened manner.

The Tower Yes/No Meaning

This is a negative card, so depending on your question, it appears in your Yes/No reading as a warning. Typically, the upright card would indicate a yes, and a reversed card would indicate a no, but we must keep the message of the card in mind. As the tower is a card of change and disruption, a total collapse, in the upright position the card is telling you that this is over, do not hold on, “Yes, take a change of course.” In the reversed position, it is telling you that you may be resisting the change at hand, or “No, there is no future in this situation.”

Summary The Tower

Upheaval, chaos, destruction, ending. This Major Arcana card Tower is a scary card for most. But remember that this ending is setting you free. You are no longer locked up in that tower anymore, hiding away from the world and reality. You have been set free, albeit forcefully. Do not repeat the same mistakes in the future, and look at this jolt from the Universe as a tough love reset button.

Affirmations for The Tower

“Change will not break me”

“This change is necessary to free me from an unhealthy situation”

“I release the illusions and lies that have been keeping me a prisoner”

More about The Tower

This one is a powerful card, so if you find yourself in a tower moment, be sure to get the complete picture with a full tarot spread! When you are dealing with catastrophic events, it is important to understand the context of the situation, what it is that you need to let go, and what path you ought to be following. The Tower doesn’t always represent actual events in the physical world. Sometimes it can refer to your own inner release and transformation.

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