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General Meaning of The World in a Reading

You are completing a major cycle in your life and arriving at the manifestation of your dreams when The World card appears in your tarot card spread. You have been working toward something for a really long time, and you are finally reaping the benefits of all of your efforts. Wholeness, completion, fulfillment, and achievement are your companions and you are quite literally “On top of the world.”

The Symbolism of The World

the world tarot le mondeA woman floats through a laurel wreath, dressed only in a scarf that delicately wraps her pelvis and shoulders. She holds two wands, just like the one held by the man in The Magician card. She has completed something and is beginning the cycle anew after a wonderful fulfillment. Her manifestation of that which was introduced by The Magician has been successful and she is beginning the cycle anew. She is serene and peaceful, glancing behind her, reflecting upon her successes and what has brought her to this place.

In the four corners of the card, there are four representations of the Zodiac. Looking in a clockwise fashion we see the portrait of a man, an eagle, a lion, and a bull. The man represents Aquarius and the element of water. The eagle represents the evolved form of Scorpio and the element of air. The Lion represents Leo and the element of fire, and the bull represents Taurus and the element of earth. They also represent the four suits of the Minor Arcana, the four seasons and the four corners of the Universe. This depiction is very similar to the Wheel of Fortune card, and indeed the message is similar. However, whereas the Wheel of Fortune represented random chance, The World speaks to a life-long dream fulfilled.

The World in the Past

You are coming from a place of great accomplishment when The World appears in the past position. Whatever it was that you undertook, you succeeded and won the respect of others. It could have been a marriage, a job or any other thing that was a source of pride and fulfillment. Whatever your present situation may be, it is very deeply rooted in that history. It is also worth taking note that the time fulfillment has passed and you are onto a new chapter in your life. Do not remain stuck in an old story.

The World in the Present

the world tarot charles6In the present position, The World card tells you that the time of success and achievement is upon you. You have been working toward something for quite a while and everything is now coming to fruition. There is a sense of coming full circle, the completion of a project, you are in the right place at the right time and everything is coming together. Take the time to reflect upon your journey. All of your successes along with your trials have made you strong and have brought you to the place you are today.

If you feel like you haven’t accomplished what you set out to do quite yet, then this card is advising you to keep at it! You are almost there and your hard work will be rewarded in the very near future! Tie up loose ends and make room for your dream to manifest fully. This card can also indicate that you have some travel to look forward to in your future!

The World in the Future

In the future position, The World card is telling you not to give up on your dreams! The Universe is behind you and you are on the right path. Keep at it! Don’t doubt your ability to accomplish what you set out to do. Your wish fulfillment is just around the corner!

The World Reversed

The World in reverse is a card about letting go of the past and moving forward. It is about coming into your own fully and taking those steps needed to take to manifest your dreams. Are you hanging on to an old relationship? If so, you may be blocking the manifestation of something new and perfect. Are you longing for things the way they were before? If so, you are limiting your ability to begin the new cycle fully.

Are you trying to take shortcuts? The World card in reverse can indicate that if you really want to achieve your goals, then you must do the work fully. Short cuts won’t get you to where you want to go. Or maybe you are running out of steam, right before you are about to succeed? Don’t give up now! Imagine if you spent all of this time climbing a mountain, only to give up right before you reach the peak! Coming down on the other side will be downhill. You can’t give up now!

The World Tarot One Card Meaning

The World is a positive card in almost any situation! Whatever the querent’s question, the appearance of this card is a welcome messenger. If your inquiry is all about love, then your wishes are about to come true. If your question is about your career, you are about to get that dream job.

The World Yes/No Meaning

The World card is a resounding “yes!” in any Yes/No reading. Although this card can offer some guidance in the advice position, the overall energy of this message is success, forward motion, and achievement. If the card presents in the upright position, go for it! If the card appears in the reverse, the message is the same. You may, however, need to put a little more effort into it before it will manifest completely.

Summary of The World

The World is a beautiful card full of affirmation, reward for your efforts, and achievement of your goals. The querent (The Fool) has completed his journey through the various manifestations of the Major Arcana and has grown into an enlightened state of being. But remember that our lives continually go through cycles, and though the World is the “last” card, the Fool will once again begin his journey anew. The beautiful woman depicted on the card is stepping into a new cycle, where she will once again partake in the journey of the circle of life.

Affirmations for The World

“I am now living in the reality I have manifested”

“Joy, contentment, and gratitude are the path toward enlightenment”

“I can accomplish all things”

More about The World

You may want to delve more deeply into the meaning of The World card by investigating the supporting cards. If you use a Celtic Cross spread or a simple 3 Card Spread, you can gain further insight about your life and personal direction. Find out the whole story by speaking with a psychic advisor!

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