Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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General Meaning of the Three of Cups in a Reading

The Three is all Tarot Cards represent Fruition and Creation. Whatever decision was reached at the Two, is manifested in the Three. This is a generally positive card, whether you are doing a One Card Tarot Reading, 3 Card Online reading or an in-depth Celtic Cross Reading. The positive energy of this card is very much like the uplifting Angel Card Spreads we have come to know and love.

The Cups Suit in the Tarot is linked to relationships of all kinds. From friendships to romance as well as family. It talks about our emotions and feelings in these realms, and so the Three of Cups is all about the relationships in our lives that have come to fruition; relationships we can celebrate and take pleasure in. We can consult a Love Oracle Reading if we need to discern whether it is our close friendship staking center stage or a more romantic type of relationship. This is a time to spend with those we love and remind them of our appreciation and gratitude for their support.

This card may also mean a creative collaboration with two others. Perhaps you start a business, craft or paint together, and together, you are more creative than alone.

Symbolism of the Three of Cups

three of cupsThis card is a simply and easy one to read. There are three people together, lifting up large cups as if to say “cheers!”. They all seem to be women although one may be male (the red-cloaked figure). Surrounding them is a harvest of fruit and vegetables, and they wear garlands around their heads.

These folks are clearly friends, and they are having a very good time, celebrating their hard work and enjoying each other’s company. Their relationships with each other seem healthy and fun – this card is clearly about partying and having a good time!

Three of Cups in the Past

Receiving this card in the past may indicate that you have recently been in a very social stage of life – that partying and celebrating your achievements have been the order of the day – and well deserved! You may be celebrating a career success or a pregnancy, or have met someone special recently.

Three of Cups in the Present

Getting this card in your 3-card spread is a sure sign that you are in a lovely phase of life at the moment, a phase where your relationships feel balanced, whether it’s your friendships or love relationship. Now is the time to have some fun – accept that party invite, go to a wedding or do some traveling with friends!

Three of Cups in the Future

Whatever difficulty you may be experiencing now – perhaps you are working very hard or dealing with family wounds, there is a silver living ahead, and soon you will be able to relax and simply enjoy life with the people you love the most! You may attend a wedding or go on holiday with close friends, or enjoy a big party. Dancing can be a great activity for you now as well.

Reversed Three of Cups

reversed 3 of cupsThis card doesn’t mean anything terrible in the reverse – it simply means that now is perhaps not the time to be out and about or a social butterfly – perhaps now is the time to just be alone, and enjoy your own company. Don’t push for being out there, your time will come, so take this period to enjoy your own company.

You may want to re-look at your friend groups and spend time with just a few, close friends, and cut the ones out who may be toxic for you. It’s important to do the same with any habits of indulgence and cut back on drinking too much or indulging in any other unhealthy habits – similar when it comes to the Devil Card in the Tarot. Work on your creative side as you may feel a bit blocked.

Three of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

When you get this card in a One Card Reading, then this is a time for celebration, joy, and happiness. Take this opportunity to be with your friends, and have a bit of a party. Your friendships are especially blessed and support you, so lean on the ones you care about and don’t forget to have a good time!

Three of Cups Yes/No Meaning

Our Online Yes or No Tarot Reading is an easy, simple one to learn and excellent for decision making of all kinds, especially in relationships. when you get this card facing up, it means “yes” – your friends and colleagues will celebrate this path with you; you are promised a good time and pleasure in whatever you are undertaking. Go ahead knowing that you are supported by those who love you and you’ll have fun doing this. Abundance and celebration await you!

If you get this card face down, your answer is “no” – now is not the time to go out and celebrate with friends – you may feel a bit alone over this period, and the best thing to do is simply accept what is and stop resisting or pushing for connection – your time will come.


Getting this card in any Tarot Reading is a positive sign. It’s a period of socializing, of connection, of celebration, success, and joy. It’s time to relax, take a holiday, go to a party or get creative with others – go out dancing with friends or join a craft club!

Affirmations for the Three of Cups

“I love and appreciate my friendships”

“I am ready to celebrate my achievements”

“It’s time to have some fun”

“I’ll book a holiday with my friends”

“I will relax and let my hair down”

“I will say yes to invites out”

More on the Meaning of the Three of Cups

Three of Cups FortunicaMaybe you need some guidance on your friendships, especially if you have received this card in the reverse. Consulting a good Psychic Advisor can go a long way to getting some insight – we recommend the psychics at Fortunica and Purple Ocean for the best insight!

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