Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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Meaning of the Three of Pentacles in a Reading

The Three in the Tarot Cards relates to the fruition of the decision that was reached at Two. It is a tangible result. It is the creation of the ideas we had and chose. The Suit of Pentacles is all about the material world. This is our money, businesses, properties, and physical health. Hence, in this card, we can begin to do the physical work that we have invested our money in. Perhaps we make improvements to our new home or get a loan to finance our dream business.

When we get lots of Threes in a bigger spread such as the Celtic Cross Reading, we are in a very creative space. There is a great deal that we are manifesting around us. The Three of pentacles invites us to collaborate and presents us with the need to get others involved in our goals.

three of pentaclesSymbolism of the Three of Pentacles

On this card, we can see three people. Two people seem to be consulting with the third, who is showing them some kind of plans, potentially relating to the building around them.  This represents a contract of some kind relating to our home, career, or finances. The two people can be in a relationship of either a professional or personal kind. Finally, the third shows an external entity, such as a bank, builder, or other authority.

The card clearly shows that they are in collaboration, working together to the fruition of a goal. There may be a financial commitment made of some kind here, a legal or binding agreement reached with each other.

Three of Pentacles in the Past

When we get the Three of Pentacles in the past position of a 3-card tarot spread, we may have recently signed on with one or more people on a tangible, material project. This could be the building or improvement of our family homes or businesses or finding a doctor to assist us in our path to wellness. This may have involved a loan or a certain sum of money agreed upon.

Three of Pentacles in the Present

The Three of Pentacles in the present position of a 3 card tarot reading indicates that we are currently negotiating with or taking on a 2nd or 3rd person to assist us with getting the resources we need to make our goals a reality. These people or this person may be an entity such as a bank, a company, or simply someone skilled at what we need. A legal or binding contract may be in process with said entity or person which may involve a certain amount of money.

Three of Pentacles in the Future

When we get this card in the future position of a 3 card reading, we will soon be in negotiations with a 2nd or 3rd party. This could be a bank, our boss, or another skilled person who is able to help us get what we need to attain our material goals. We may need to be prepared to enter into a binding or legal contract or have a contract changed in the near future.

three of pentacles reversedReversed Three of Pentacles

When we get this card reversed, we may be reluctant to go into any kind of partnership or collaboration with anyone else. This may be due to a lack of trust, or simply not having the funds to be able to develop a new contract.

We may feel as if someone else’s plans are not in line with our own. Or perhaps that we disagree intrinsically with our marriage partner or business partner. This may be a time to rather work on our own.

Three of Pentacles Tarot One Card Meaning

When we get this card in a One Card Reading, this is a time in which you may be working with a 3rd party, contract or a financial institution. A bank or building company may be needed in order to make your dreams come true. There will be a binding agreement between you and two others which may set you up for the future.

Three of Pentacles Yes/No Meaning

Using the Yes/No Tarot Reading is simple and easy. When we get a card face up, it means “yes” to our question, and “no” if it faces down. When we get this card facing up, your choice involves making some kind of agreement with a 3rd party or contractor. So, you may be asked to enter a binding, legal contract with someone else. This can be a time of building, planning, and fruition of your goals. So, go ahead and make your move; this is a time of manifestation.

If you get this card facing down, your answer is no, this is not the time to join in a partnership or invest in a contractual, binding or legal agreement. You may find that things go wrong all of a sudden. It will be best for you to try and do things on your own if you can right now, and to hold back on any building or office plans.

Summary of the Three of Pentacles

This is a card that relates to the material world. It talks about our money, business, property or even our health sometimes. It speaks about going into an agreement with one or more other people. The three tells that the collaboration will require an investment of time or money as well as legally binding agreements.

Affirmations for the Three of Pentacles

“I embrace collaboration”

“I am part of a great team”

“The creation of my goals is something I look forward to”

“Input from others is valuable to me”

“I will do things the right legal way”

“It is worth investing financially in my goals”

Purple Ocean - Three of PentaclesMore about the Three of Pentacles

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