Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained

three of swords thothKeywords

  • Breakup
  • Divorce
  • Sorrow
  • Heartbreak
  • Acceptance
  • Grief
  • Painful words

Meaning of the Three of Swords in a Reading

When it comes to the number Three in the Tarot Cards, they relate to the fruition or creation of whatever choice was made with the Two. For better or for worse. In the Two of Swords, we made a difficult decision that may or may not have led to the heartbreak depicted in the Three of Swords.

The element of air, symbolized by the Suit of Swords, is all about the mind and the words we speak. In this card, the words we speak or the things said to us cause hurt and sorrow. Most often, this card relates to our love relationships, potential breakups or problems in our partnerships. Someone may hurt us very deeply when this card is in play. Whether we are doing a Celtic Cross Reading, or simply pulling a card, the meaning stays the same.

It’s important with this card to keep things in perspective. It may not be a dramatic divorce, but simply a conflict that we need to work at resolving. When we allow ourselves to grieve and feel the pain, we are able to move forward. Don’t forget to use the help and support of those who love us, our guides and our angels.

three of swordsSymbolism of the Three of Swords

One can clearly see the difficulty promised in this card. The Suit of Swords relates to how we communicate, and in this card, we see that there may have been harsh words spoken. Three Swords pierce a heart in the centre of this picture, showing the deep wound caused. We may have felt that we hurt or even lost a soulmate, and may struggle to believe healing can happen.

However, this card does have hope. The clouds in the background are raining, which symbolizes how we have to allow the emotions in this situation to be processed. Whether it’s sadness, anger or another feeling, we need to release it all. Only then can healing and acceptance happen. The Three of  Swords’ pain passes quickly when we allow the process of grief to happen.

Three of Swords in the Past

The Three of Swords in the Past Position is a huge relief. Even if we are still feeling raw at the moment, the worst has happened and is behind us. We may have gone through a tough divorce or had a misunderstanding with someone we love and care about. However, we have processed the grief and done a great deal of healing.

Three of Swords in the Present

When we get the Three of Swords in the present position of a 3 card spread, we may be dealing with a great deal of pain or sorrow around what someone has said to us. Or it could be what we said to someone else. We may be processing a breakup of an important relationship and need to do some healing around that.

Three of Swords in the Future

Although it can be scary to get this card in the Future position, if we allow our emotions to be processed, we can find healing in a potentially difficult future situation. This card can herald problems in our relationships. Whether it’s conflict or a more dramatic split will be dependent on the current state of our relationships.

3 of swords reversedReversed Three of Swords

This card in the reversed position can indicate that we are not allowing difficult emotions to be processed. Therefore preventing ourselves from moving on. No matter how tough the situation, be it a breakup or a problematic family issue, we need to allow the feelings to arise, despite how hard it seems.

Three of Swords Tarot One Card Meaning

When we get the Three of Swords in a One Card Tarot Reading, painful words have been thrown at you, and you feel heartbroken and sore. The only way through is allowing the tears to fall, clearing away the pain and opening your heart to accepting. You may be experiencing a difficult breakup or divorce or thoughts around these matters, so try to rise above the negative thoughts or words.

Three of Swords Yes/No Meaning

The Yes /No Reading can assist us in making important and often very difficult decisions in life. When we receive this card facing up, our answer is yes. You have already made your decision. All you need to do now is open your heart, even if it feels very powerful. Take off the blindfold. See the truth, and follow your intuition. You are at a crossroads, and being in two minds will not serve you.

If this card is face down, your answer is no, and this situation will not lead to heartbreak for you. There will be a lot less pain than you perhaps have thought. You will be able to move on from the sharp words relatively quickly in this situation, and minimal tears will be shed in this decision. Your heart is safe.

Summary of the Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is not an easy card but is one that is fleeting. That is if we allow ourselves to grieve and move on. It most often pertains to our love relationships and relates to either a breakup, divorce or general conflict in the relationship. Hurtful words have been spoken and need to be processed properly. Perhaps we even need to forgive to be able to move on.

Affirmations for the Three of Swords

“I will allow myself to grieve”

“I will forgive myself and others to be able to move on”

“I’ll let the tears fall”

“I will release the painful emotions associated with this hurt”

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