Three of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

Three of Wands ThothKeywords

  • Travel
  • Resources
  • Fruition/Creation
  • Expanding
  • Achievement
  • Early Success



General Meaning of the Three of Wands in a Reading

The threes in the Tarot Cards are all about creation – they often depict the ideas sown in the Ace of Wands and the decisions made in the Two of Wands. This card is no different, and is general meaning can certainly be the result of your ideas, planning and choice-making.

Wands in Tarot are the Fire Element, which means that they are all about drive, action, adventure, and passion. The Three of wands, therefore, means creating an adventure for ourselves, growth, expansion and early success. There is still a bit of a journey to go, but this can indicate good growth at the beginning.

The Symbolism of the Three of Wands

Three of WandsThis card is rich in symbolism when we study the card closely. For this example, we will use the Rider-Waite deck. We can firstly see a man standing, gazing at the shore ahead of him, whilst ships in the distance float along the ocean.

This man appears to be some kind of merchant, judging by his cloak and wreath around his head. He has three staffs around him, one of which he is holding.

We know that Wands can relate to Career, and we can see this mean is wealthy or resourceful, and so hence we can surmise that this card for us can mean that within our career or creative field, we can find success, through the resources (the ships) that we are putting to good use. The Three number is all about creation, and so we are in the middle of creating something amazing that we are passionate about.

Because the ships are coming overseas, we may have travel or overseas opportunities coming our way, as well as resources we can make use of.

The Fire Suit in Tarot relates to Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius in Astrology. These signs are all action-orientated, so we can expect this card to be one that mirrors that active and dynamic willpower.

Three of Wands in the Past

Let’s have a look at the interpretations of this card in the past, Present, and Future. If we are doing a 3 card spread: getting this card in the Past indicates that you recently had the opportunities or resources come your way that have helped you to manifest your passions. You may have recently traveled or gone into a business partnership which has had early success in some way.

Three of Wands in the Present

This can be a very positive card to get in the Present position. It means that all your dreams are just about to come true, and you have the power to manifest your passions through the resources you get from others. If you are thinking of traveling, this is a great time to do it! You may want to open a business, expand your horizons and grow and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Three of Wands in the Future

It is very exciting to get this card in the Future position. The Wands suit generally promises positive action in career areas, and the Future may hold exciting opportunities for expansion for you. You may travel soon or go into business which can be very beneficial.

Reversed Three of Wands

The reversed meaning of this card simply turns the original meaning upside down. It can be very useful to first check our how tarot reversed meanings work in general if you are new to tarot. However, generally, this would mean that this is not the time to expand or to take on new business or passions, and may also not be the time to travel. This can be a very good thing in the long run. If you are making some kind of decision, try and hold off as you may not get the resources you need right now. Plans may go awry you could have unexpected obstacles come up, or you could encounter unplanned risks.

However, try not to play it too safe either, as you may be limiting your own growth.

Three of Wands Tarot One Card Meaning

This is a time of fruition of your creative or work projects, and your “ships have come in”. You have the resources you need now to build your dreams, and this can be a very fruitful period of growth. You may be considering traveling, and this can be a good time to do it.

Three of Wands Yes/No Meaning

Three of Wands BergamotIf you are using the Yes or No Tarot Reading, getting this card right-side up means “yes” to your question. Now is the time to make the very most of your resources – your “ship has come in”, and you can see the fruition of your efforts. Explore your creativity and be brave enough to try new things, as your passion will not lead you astray. Travelling is supported now, as well as personal growth beyond any limitations.

When you receive this card upside down in this reading, you don’t have the resources available at this point in time to get and do what you need to do; so bide your time, for this isn’t a fruitful period, especially when it comes to work. You won’t get what you have asked for right now, so wait for a better time. Be aware that there may be some obstacles in your way limiting your growth right now – and that obstacle may even be you, yourself.


This card is a positive one promising a very exciting time, many opportunities and creating your own business or beginning to travel. You can do something you really love with this card in your Tarot Reading, so don’t hesitate to make use of your resources!

Affirmations for the Three of Wands

“I have all the resources I need”

“I am thankful for the opportunities I am being given”

“I am excited to travel”

“I am creative and dynamic and can create my dreams”

“I have the power to manifest my desires”

“I am successful”

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