Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Explained

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General Meaning of the Two of Cups in a Reading

When it comes to the Two’s in the Tarot Cards, we are always looking at the topics or sharing, options, decisions and duality. It is the “coming together” of two things. In the Suit of Cups, the two indicates Love and Relationship matters, as the Cups are all about love, emotions and so on.

This is one of the most positive cards to get in any live OR online tarot reading, and even trumps Angel Card Readings for positivity! We go even go as far as to say it could be even more positive than the Lovers Card in the Major Arcana, simply because we are dealing with Love Affairs which are perhaps a little more straightforward and less intense than in the Lovers card when it comes to relationships!

Symbolism of the Two of Cups

two of cupsThe symbolism of the Two of Cups is very simple and easy to understand. A man and woman stand holding two very large cups, touching hands, whilst a winged lion looks over them. Between them is the symbol for Kundalini energy, the masculine and feminine intertwined.

This card is especially good to get in a love-themed tarot reading. The couple are giving and taking in equal measure, and the lion talks about the passion that is between them. The man is proposing to her, perhaps announcing an imminent marriage, and the kundalini symbol denotes their sexual connection.

Two of Cups in the Past

The Past, Present and Future Reading is the most popular 3 card online tarot reading out there – and in any of these positions has a good message for us. When in the Past, this card talks about a recent relationship we started or a recently very positive period in our relationship. We may now still be feeling the butterfly effects of being so in love, and this may have laid a strong foundation for how we are doing in our relationship currently.

Two of Cups in the Present

This can be a very positive card to get in the present at well. We could be in the throes of love, and whether we believe whether we have met our soulmate or not, the chances are we have, and this is it. Even a well-established relationship may now be experiencing a revived sense of joy and passion.

Two of Cups in the Future

If we are single at the moment and want to get into a new relationship, then this card is the very best indicator. It shows that soon, we shall meet someone who we may feel a powerful psychic connection to, where a balanced, passionate relationship can develop from. We can start getting very excited indeed! If we are already in a relationship, then this card can indicate a proposal or a very positive period ahead.

Reversed Two of Cups

two of cupsWhen this card is reversed, it may be more important to focus on our own happiness without a partner, than to try and find that love with someone who may not be right for us. If we are in a relationship already, we need to consider how much equal give and take there is and perhaps balance it out a little, as we might be giving or taking too much.

If we are in a relationship that is unhealthy, this could signal an end or a divorce as you may not be as compatible as with somebody else. Should you want to save it, be sure of learning to share equally and open up about how you are feeling.

Two of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

In a One Card Spread, you are experiencing a loving, caring relationship in your life right now – or you very much desire to be in one. This may be very much within your grasp, and you could be filled with passion and desire for this person. There is a very strong balance of give and take here.

Two of Cups Yes/No Meaning

The online Yes or No Tarot Reading is amongst our most well used and is excellent for making difficult decisions.  If you get this card face up, and there is a relationship you want in your life, go for it – this one is good for you. If you want to do something, your partner, friend or family member will support you, share with you and give you the help you need. Things will prove balanced for you on your path ahead. You could meet someone special very soon!

If you get this card face down, this is not the time to move forward with your relationship, whether it is romantic, professional, a friend or a family member. There may be a lack of equality, of give and take, and it could be a time to first balance things out before you move ahead. You may have to go through a difficult relationship transition soon – such as an ending.


This card, whether you get it in a 3 card, One card or Celtic Cross Reading, is a very special one. It almost always indicates a wonderful new relationship, marriage or good period in an existing relationship, unless reversed.

Affirmations for the Two of Cups

“I am ready to receive love”

“I am excited to be in love”

“Sharing comes easily to me”

“I give and take in equal measure”

“I welcome passion into my life”

“My relationship is balanced and meaningful”

More on the Meaning of the Two of Cups

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