Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Explained


  • Hard Decisions
  • Options
  • Difficult Choices
  • Blinded
  • Avoidance of choice



Meaning of the Two of Swords in a Reading

The twos in Tarot Cards are all about choices & options, and no other card illustrates this as clearly as the Two of Swords. Because the Suit of swords talks about the air element and therefore anything related to the mind and ideas, this card emphasizes the choices we have to make in our lives. It brings home how challenging those may be. When we get many twos in a reading, such as the Celtic Cross Spread, we may have more than one choice on our hands related to many areas of life.

We may be agonizing over a decision related to our relationship, our career, a family matter or any other area. This card asks us to make hard choices instead of avoiding responsibility. Even if the decision is a tough one, we can ask our angels to guide us and help us out of a potentially stuck situation.

Two of SwordsSymbolism of the Two of Swords

The symbolism of this card is very rich indeed. It depicts a woman sitting with two very large swords crossed over her chest. The swords reach off the card, showing the enormity of the decisions faced. Since the Suit of Swords is all about the mind, we know that this decision we are making weight heavily on our minds.

However, we may be avoiding the choice, as shown by the blindfold on the woman. She refuses to make a move to go forward or take responsibility. We can be facing an agonizing decision, whether it’s related to our relationships, career, family, money or any other situation.

Her hands are crossed over her chest, which indicates that she is not listening to her heart’s desires, and needs to tune in. The ocean behind her shows the powerful emotions involved with this choice.

Two of Swords in the Past

When we get this card in the past position of a 3 card spread, we have recently have had to make an extremely difficult choice or avoided it entirely. we may currently be dealing with the consequences of that choice. Fortunately, the worst is now behind us and we can move forward with clarity.

Two of Swords in the Present

This can be a tough card to get in the present position but usually only if we are refusing to make a decision. This may relate to a relationship decision, a career move, a financial situation or some other sticky situation. It’s important that we open our hearts and move forward with determination.

Two of Swords in the Future

When we get the Two of Swords in the future position, we will soon have to make a very important choice in our lives – and it will not be an easy one. Perhaps we will have to make a decision that will affect our loved ones or family and it may make things more complicated and emotional. However, it will be important to listen to our hearts and open up to our intuition instead of getting stuck in our heads.

Two of Swords reversedReversed Two of Swords

The reversed Two of Swords is similar in meaning to the upright Two of Swords. Reversed, however, can indicate that we don’t make any decision at all, and instead withdraw completely into passivity. It becomes very important that we don’t get stuck in our heads when we have this card upside down and move forward with purpose.

Two of Swords Tarot One Card Meaning

When we get the Two of Swords in a One Card Tarot Reading, you are struggling with a decision, yet even though you are in two minds, you are closing your heart and refusing to make this choice – which will only cause you more pain. Take off the blindfold and be brave enough to open your heart and choose your path.   

Two of Swords Yes/No Meaning

The Yes or No Reading is an excellent one to do when faced with a tough decision. When we get the Two of Swords facing upright,  then you have already made your decision. All you need to do now is to open your heart, even if it feels very powerful, and take off the blindfold. See the truth, and follow your intuition. You are at a crossroads and being in two minds will not serve you.

If face down, you are caught in indecision at the moment, and it is not the time to be in two minds; and you may even encounter a situation in which making a decision is impossible. The two roads before you will be difficult, like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

Summary of the Two of Swords

This can be a tough card to get. Once you open your heart, however, and take responsibility for the decisions you need to make, then you will find a little more ease in yourself. Remove your blindfold and move ahead, and you will find that life and love feel that much easier. The hardest part is making the choice; all else will flow once you have picked a path.

Affirmations for the Two of Swords

“I will follow my heart”

“I will not overthink this decision”

“Making a clear decision will help me in the long run”

“I will not avoid the choices I have to make”

Two of Swords Psychic SourceMore about the Two of Swords

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