Two of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Explained

Two of WandsKeywords:

  • Choices/Options/Decisions
  • Travel
  • Exploration
  • Passion
  • Expansion
  • Liberation & Change



General Meaning of the Two of Wands in a Reading

The Two of Wands is generally looked at as quite a positive card. Whenever the number Two comes up in a reading, in any of the four suits, it’s time to make a decision, a choice, time to explore our options and decide which one is the best for us.

The question is, in which area of life does this choice have to be made? When we deal with the suit of Wands, we are often dealing with the idea of our passion, what makes us tick, what drives us. Often, we express that in our work, but sometimes we can express it in other areas such as travel or following our inspiration outside of work.

Hence, here we have a decision to make regarding what we feel drives us, where we want to invest our energy. Sometimes our worlds have grown too small and we need to expand it. And sometimes, a simple 1 card Tarot Reading may light the way for us.

Often, this card can mean travelling in some form or another. We may be deciding to relocate, leave our job and explore a little. This card implies that we may be bored with the current status quo, which leads to much-needed change.

The Symbolism of the Two of Wands

Let’s take a deeper look at this card – using the Rider-Waite deck, we can see that the general colour of the card is yellow, which indicates positivity and optimism. There is a man standing with two staffs, one seeming bolted to the ground, and the other in his hand. He is holding a globe in his hand, looking at it over the ocean. He appears to be a merchant of some kind.

Two of WandsGoing deeper, we can surmise that whilst one area of life seems to be stable and perhaps even stuck – as shown by the bolted staff – another seems to be in his hands, and he has to decide which is more important – stability or freedom.

The small globe in his hands can talk about two ways of seeing things: one, is that his world has simply grown too small for him; or two – the world is his oyster and he can choose any direction he wants to go. This will all depend on the context of your life and your perception.

Overlooking the ocean, we can assume that there is a journey to be made and that the journey may be physical in nature – we may literally be travelling over the water soon or making the decision to.

In Astrology, Wands correlates to the fire signs, Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius, with Sagittarius perhaps being the one we can most relate to in this picture – this sign symbolizes growth and travel.

Two of Wands in the Past

When this card appears in the past, we have made our choices and now is the time to accept the consequences of that choice, for better or for worse. The decision is no longer in our hands. Our world may have already expanded, and we may be feeling more liberated and freer as a result, more inspired.

Two of Wands in the Present

Two of Wands

When this card comes up in the present, we are urged to make choices about our future, perhaps related to our career, passions or goals. We are in a space of potential boredom with the status quo, and we need to look at ways in which we might become more inspired and feel freer. We may be sitting with a big decision on our hands, a very exciting decision. Feelings of boredom may be prevalent at the moment.

Two of Wands in the Future

The future promises to be rather exciting with this card in the future position. We will soon be faced with a choice, feeling our world has become too small. We will be wanting a bit of a challenge, wanting to throw ourselves into a particular passion, to do something we love. Travel may be upon us soon, or we may improve on a career or financial situation.

Reversed Two of Wands

When this card is reversed, the meaning is, of course, turned upside down. We may not be able to make a choice on the future the way we want to, or make the change we need to just yet. However, reversed, this card may not be so bad either. We may not have to feel so stuck or bored and simply leap into change without needing to sit and deliberate over it too much. Change may happen quickly and we can experience fear, excitement, and enchantment all at once without much time to contemplate what’s happening. Here, if we feel lost we can perhaps even use an additional Angel Card Reading to shed even more light on the situation.

Two of Wands One Card Meaning

There is a choice awaiting you in the area of work or passion, in the area of your desires if you pick this card during your one card reading. You the world may have grown too small for you, and you are considering your options – travel may be on the horizon and you are looking to expand your world now.

Two of Wands Yes/No Meaning

If you are using the decision making, Yes or No Tarot Reading, this card right side up means “yes” – if you are considering two options, take the one that offers you more freedom, growth, and opportunity even if that is scary. Your world has grown too small, and you may be bored, so now is the time to set sail and explore new horizons, and follow your passions – what inspires you will lead you now.

If the card is facing downwards, your answer is “no”. This may not be the time to expand or travel just yet, or perhaps the choice will be made for you.


This card is generally a good one to get, although we do have to sit and deal with the feelings of boredom that can arise and trouble us. Those feelings of the world that are too small can grip us, so we have to make a choice here to remain stuck or to free ourselves in order that we are able to explore our purpose and passion. Travel is often an outcome of this card or at the very least, the decision to travel.

The keywords that we can keep in mind when we get this card are passion, decisions, choices, travel, expansion, change and liberation. This can be a very exciting Tarot Card to get when we desire change.

Affirmations for the Two of Wands

“I make empowered choices for myself”

“I choose to expand my horizons”

“My world needs to grow bigger”

“I choose to become more liberated”

“I am deciding to follow my passion”

“The world is my Oyster”

“I choose to grow instead of remaining small”

More about the Two of Wands

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