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Career TarotIt’s hard to figure out what to do with our careers – with a Fortune Telling tool like a Tarot Reading, it can make life a little easier.

Most people are very unsure as to what we really should be doing – and we often make the mistake of staying a job or a career far too long – much like a relationship, some jobs and careers have an expiry date, and there is no reason why we need to stay in one thing. These days, learning new skills and becoming more flexible is really where we want to go. Careers these days tend to be multifaceted and being able to be flexible is important.

Of course, there are some of us who also just want to become really good at one thing – and that is perfectly okay, too. What’s really important is that we get to know what we want, or else we can wander around blindly, often in an unhappy job, never really making use of our special skills and talents. For many people, work and career are just as important as love and relationships, sometimes even more so. Hence, we really do need to make an effort to invest in that which we care about doing.  Sometimes, consulting an accurate Tarot reader may assist, and we have a great list of the Best Online Tarot Sites out there!

Questions to Prepare Answers to Before Your Career Tarot Reading

These questions, if pondered upon, can lead you to a greater and deeper understanding of what makes you happy professionally;

  • What Motivates me? Is it Financial Security? Material security? Emotional satisfaction? Do I want to make an impact or a difference in the world? Or do I want to form relationships and share my ideas? Thinking about these things will set a course for you to navigate yourself on.Career Tarot
  • What drives me and what do I draw energy from? Am I driven to travel? Study? Teach? Or perhaps ideas and data drive me. Maybe it’s saving the world. Maybe what you get energy form is being around kids or animals. See what in life gives you more energy, what you walk away feeling energized by. Look at what makes you excited.
  • What do you need? Do you need privacy? Or to be in a group? Do you need to have an emotional tie to what you do, or do you need to be able to disconnect and detach? Do you need to be creative? Or do you need to be seen as a leader and manager? Do you need to help others? Do you need to be independent?
  • Out of these, which are more important in your career: freedom and flexibility, emotional security and satisfaction, money and status or being with people sharing your opinions and communicating?
  • What are you doing each and every day? Herein lies the key to your success – the things you do daily often are the habits that you need to cultivate in your career. For example, if you are passionate about health, nutrition, and exercise and eat well and work out every day, the chances are you would like to do that in your work, too.
  • Lastly, what in life makes you flow? What do you do that fully connects you to the present moment, where you lose track of time? Is it art? Or writing? Try and do more of that and it will lead you to your passion.

Basic Layout

This Layout is very easy – there are just six cards. The first card, Current Professional Situation, should be in the center. What I Want To Do should be above that card, Area of Strength to the right of the middle card and Area of Weakness to the left. What to Start Doing card should be laid beneath the middle card. This leaves one card – general Guidance – which should be laid sideways on top of the middle card.

How to Prepare for your Financial Reading

  • First, examine the points above for what you really want professionally, and write that down in your Tarot Journal. This will help you understand the reading better.
  • Make sure you have a special table or surface to do your reading – somewhere private and quiet. Perhaps you can have a scarf or lovely material laid out to put your cards on. Pick a suitable deck you would like to use, preferably one where the Minor Cards have pictures and/or words on them in the 4 suits. Some people have multiple decks for different readings. The Rider-Waite Deck is the easiest to use and the most accessible.
  • Take a moment to ground yourself before laying the cards put, and try to clear your mind of everything BUT your professional situation.
  • Ask for guidance, if you need it, from your higher self, your angels or the Gods or Goddesses you believe in.
  • Try not to project anything onto your reading and remain as objective as possible, and open to learning.
  • Shuffle the cards however you like, then cut them into three decks. Pick the one that calls to you, and set the rest aside.
  • Either fan the cards out and pick them out one by one or simply choose from the top. Lay them all face down in the beginning, as you will turn them over one by one.

How to Interpret the Career Advice Spread

Card Number One: Current Professional Situation

Career TarotThis card is very insightful and shows where you are at currently in your career – for good or for worse. Even if you think you are very unhappy, sometimes the card that comes up here can show that there is more to be grateful for or opportunities you are not seeing. If you think you are very happy, and a negative card comes up, the same applies – look at what you might be missing.

Card Number Two: What I want to do

Arguably the most important card of the reading, this card can be extremely revealing, showing what it is you want to be doing. It can also be the most difficult card to read, especially if a more negative or challenging card comes up here. If you do get a negative card here, think about what blocks might stand in the way of what you want to do.

Card Number Three: Area of Strength

This card shows what you are goods at, where you can shine and use your best skills and resources. Obviously, a positive card works well here, but if you get a challenging card, perhaps look at the problem as a strength. For example, if you get the Tower, then perhaps your greatest strength is working with chaotic and difficult change.

Card Number Four: Area of Weakness

This card will show what you need to work on professionally. A positive card here needs to be looked at differently and may be seen as a hindrance. For example, a Nine of Pentacles may be interpreted as a weakness for wanting the good life and the financial reward without doing the work.

Card Number Five: What to start doing

This card supports the “What I want to do” card. It tells you what you need to start doing in order to get to where you want to be. Even if you get a negative card here, it can show what you need to overcome to begin doing what you want. For example, a six of swords might show that you need to exit a certain situation and move on if you want to move forward.

Card Number Six: Guidance for the future

This card, laid on top of the middle card, shows a bit of general guidance – it’s important not to read this as a “future” card, but more like advice from a wise friend going forward.

Example of a Career Tarot Reading

Jade works for herself as a creative, and she has already identified the areas that drive her and make her happy – she wants to be free and flexible, and not have a boss, and she adores painting and writing. However, at the moment, she feels stuck, uninspired and unmotivated. She is considering a career change but is not sure if she should build on what she has or start something new.

Career TarotCard Number One: Current Professional Situation

The card Jade has pulled here is the Ten of Pentacles – it a card of fulfillment and of completion, and of new beginnings. Pentacles are finances, and so Jade can feel at the moment as if she has reached a pinnacle, a place of financial success, and she is not sure where to go from here – there is a sense of having materially achieved everything she has wanted to do. She wants a new financial beginning.

Card Number Two: What I want to do

The card Jade has pulled here is the Seven of Cups, which depicts a dark figure looking at cups filled with treasure and desirable things. There is a sense of fantasy here – and this might be where Jade is at the moment. She could have too many options for what she wants to do, and each thing seems to have the promise of success and riches, yet she might be in a very confused place about what she wants, especially creatively or emotionally, seeing as that is what cups is all about.

Card Number Three: Area of Strength

Jade has pulled a Major Arcana Card here – which is an alarm to sit up and take notice. The card is the Death Card, which many people fear, yet can be very positive, especially in the Strengths position. It correlates in some way to the first card, the Ten, which talks about completion. Jade’s greatest professional strength lies in her ability to accept change and makes a change in her career, to let one thing die and another be reborn. She has the gift of Transforming her work into whatever she desires it to be – as long as she doesn’t get lost in the Seven of Cups!

Career TarotCard Number Four: Area of Weakness

The card here is the Four of Pentacles, so as much as Jade might think that she prioritizes freedom and flexibility, in fact, she might have a bit of a weakness when it comes to money and may do work that promises financial security but doesn’t give her wings to fly creatively. She will need to overcome a fear of not having enough money if she wants to do what her heart desires, even if that means taking a financial risk.

Card Number Five: What to start doing

The card here is a tough one for Jade – it is the Eight of Swords, which indicates that she needs to stop tying herself up in a mental tangle in order to start making clear choices. It is important to tie this card to the card that indicates what she should be doing, and it is a supportive card. Hence, to begin gaining some clarity into what she needs to do, her first step is to stop overthinking it, to take off her own blindfold and do some intense mental work so that she can begin to see her way forward. The work starts in her mind, as shown by the swords. She may be blinding herself to the truth somewhere in her career. Jade could be feeling trapped by her own thoughts and perspectives which is hindering her in the long run, and if she just sees that there is a path forward, she can begin to take it. The Eight of Swords also talks about not making any major decisions right now, and her thinking is somewhat limited.

Career TarotCard Number Six: Guidance for the Future

The card Jade has pulled here is yet another Major Arcana, which shows powerful guidance from the Universe for her. The card is Justice, a card which talks about karmic rewards and taking responsibility for her actions in her career and work. Jade is advised to make a fair, balanced decision, rather than blindfolding herself or being beguiled by too many options. This card tells her that things will be worked out in the exact way that they are meant to. Any actions she can take now will be helped by a current lesson she is facing. She needs to be as objective as possible, not lost in the Seven of Cups or the Eight of Swords.

Pros and Cons of a Career Advice Reading

  • When this reading is done along with the guidance above, it can shed enormous light on a difficult situation professionally, and can truly change the course of events.
  • This reading can be done for yourself or for others – it is a gem for those who are very lost and need to find their way.
  • Sometimes, this reading can come out as clear as daylight and be very easy to read.
  • The cards that appear in this reading can also be linked to personal issues getting in the way of professional issues.
  • This reading can be complicated to do when the opposite cards are in places that are contradictory; for example, a negative card in eth area of strength. This may take a bit of practice for someone, especially newbies, to get used to.

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