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The most difficult part of learning how to do a Tarot Reading is getting to know the Tarot cards, as each has a variety of meanings and interpretations. This is what makes spreads such as the Celtic Cross such a pleasure, as this structured and clear layout helps you to clearly understand what meaning to assign to each card.

This ten card spread is one of the oldest and most well-known spreads around, and to this day is taught as one of the fundamental layouts to learn in Tarot. In the beginning, doing this spread can feel intimidating, but over time, it gets easier and easier and the power of the Celtic Cross is clearly conveyed to the reader and the client. It also can help enhance your own Psychic Abilities effectively.

If you feel lost in the beginning, check our some of our Best Online Tarot Sites to get you started! There are also many reputable Tarot Readers out there who may assist you in learning the ropes.


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Celtic Cross SpreadCeltic Cross Tarot

The Celtic Cross is split into two sections: the “Circle” and the “Staff”. The “Circle” section is comprised of six cards on the left (your more intuitive) side, and the “Staff” section is comprised of 4 cards on the right (your masculine) side. Hence, the Feminine and the Masculine work together in unison, which is an important principle of the Tarot Cards. Bringing together these Polarities is mirrored in the journey of the Major Arcana from the Fool to the World.

The Circle section shows the querent’s (you or the person getting the reading) journey from their subconscious to their conscious, on their own personal hero’s quest. It shows the influences of the past on the present, and what is currently blocking or challenging you, and what you most hope for.

The Staff section talks about the more external journey, events or situations that are outside to your more inner world. This section talks a lot about where you are going, your own hopes and dreams, and about your fears.

A note – if you ever feel lost but want to explore this reading anyway, try out a few of our Live Readings to get a “feel” for it before you try it on your own.

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