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Money is a great spiritual teacher; and none of us can avoid that lesson. Money equals survival, and in this human incarnation, we are pushed to make sure that there is enough for us to live – it comes right down to our very basic needs. We can develop a healthy relationship with money, without holding on too tightly nor dismissing the joy of financial abundance.

Not all of us can afford a financial advisor, and so the Tarot can become our advisor and guide, helping us to realize and perhaps break through certain subconsciously held beliefs. This clear and easy Layout serves to show us what beliefs we currently hold, what we need to learn and can give us advice for our challenges and opportunities. But first, let’s look at a few unhelpful money beliefs that we can identify before we begin the tutorial:


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What beliefs do I hold around money?

  1. I am a bad person to want lots of money

Most people think it is selfish or “bad” to want lots of money. The truth is, money is there to be enjoyed as part of our human experience, and it is natural to want t live in abundance. It is only “bad” if it becomes the ONLY thing you want in life, or you place it higher than any other priority (i.e. family, love etc).

  1. I can choose to either be wealthy, or be happy – but not both

Many people think that riches create a sense of imbalance; that it is not possible to be rich and happy – most of us subscribe to the adage of the more you have, the more unhappy you become, This is simply not true – of course some people do get unhappier, because they place money as the most important thing in life, even more than relationships – which is a surefire way to unhappiness. However, if we balance all aspects of our life out, we will find that we can be rich AND happy.

  1. I am terrible at handling money

Some people just don’t think they are at all capable of handling money, and so they give up even trying to make it. They relinquish responsibility and usually end up relying on others, which takes away their sense of financial independence, which can be detrimental in the long run. Taking a money mastery course should clear this little problem right up!

  1. Money is evil

This is a very commonly held belief, especially in the more religious types. This belief can prevent us from embracing financial freedom and abundance completely, and we can end up judging ourselves and others harshly, Money itself is not the root of all evil – people are. Conscious people will be able to handle a lot of money wisely, just as unconscious people will use it badly. It really depends on you and how much responsibility you can take.

  1. Why waste trying to save – money should be spent

This problem is an interesting one – some people feel that money should be spent whenever one has it and that saving is silly. This usually creates a seesaw of excess versus debt, and you can spend a lot of time and energy trying to catch up from a hard spending spree. This becomes unhealthy in the long run, and as they say “everything in moderation”.

  1. Money is not important in life

Some folks believe that money is just not important, and so they dismiss it or pretend it’s not there – or they treat it like an inconvenient guest. However, money IS important – it is our survival, our food and the roof over our head. Money is integral to our lives, and to develop a healthy relationship with it is absolutely essential.

  1. There is not enough Money for me

This is a very common belief in which people think there is just not enough money, no matter how much they have. They always see the bank balance as low even if there really is enough to feed and home them. This can be an extremely stressful belief as it makes the person in a constant state of stress and survival, and always trying to penny pinch even f they don’t need to.

Which one of these beliefs do you hold? Perhaps you own more than one – which is completely normal. Try to eliminate these beliefs by replacing them with healthier thoughts, and watch yourself transform, as well as your money!

Basic Layout

This layout is not a complicated one; the six cards will be laid out horizontally. You would lay out the first three – Beliefs around Money, Current Financial Situation and Financial Challenge; and the next three beneath that – Financial Opportunities, Lessons and Guidance.

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How to Prepare for your Financial Reading

  • First, examine the list above for which belief or beliefs you feel limit you, and write that down in your Tarot Journal. This will help you understand the reading better.
  • Make sure you have a special table or surface to do your reading – somewhere private and quiet. Perhaps you can have a scarf or lovely material laid out to put your cards on. Pick a suitable deck you would like to use, preferably one where the Minor Cards have pictures and/or words on them. Some people have multiple decks for different readings. The Rider Waite Deck is the easiest to use and the most accessible.
  • Take a moment to ground yourself before laying the cards put, and try to clear your mind of everything BUT your financial situation.
  • Ask for guidance, if you need it, from your higher self, your angels or the Gods or Goddesses you believe in.
  • Try not to project anything onto your reading and remain as objective as possible, and open to learning.
  • Shuffle the cards however you like, then cut them into three decks. Pick the one that calls to you, and set the rest aside.
  • Either fan the cards out and pick them out one by one or simply choose from the top. Lay them all face down in the beginning, as you will turn them over one by one.

Interpreting the Spread, Card by Card

Card Number One: Beliefs around Money

As per the beginning of this article, this card can perhaps show you what you currently believe around money, and therefore show you a way out of what might be a limiting belief around money. Remember that even a positive card in this place can indicate an unhelpful belief, although it can of course also show healthier beliefs. For example, a Ten of Cups card here might show a belief that money is meant to only be spent on /for the family, although it can also show that there is familial support. Use your discretion for this one and be honest with yourself. The surrounding cards will also give you a clue.

Card Number Two: Current Financial Situation

This card shows where you are at financially at this present moment in time. It can help shed some light as well into your situation and give you clues about where you need to go.

Card Number Three: Financial Challenge

This card is an extremely useful one; it shows your current c=greatest financial challenge, and therefore how to improve it. Even if you get a more “positive” card here try and read it in the negative. For example, a Six of Cups might indicate a LACK of generosity financially rather than a willingness to share.

Card Number Four: Financial Opportunity

This is a great card to show you where there may be a financial opportunity – perhaps what you can do to earn more, or where you could save better, or even where to invest. Getting a more Negative card here can show what you can make out f a difficult situation. For example, the None of Swords can show working through the sleepless nights rather than becoming depressed about it.

Card Number Five: Lesson to learn

This is a great card showing where you can learn, and you can link it to the first and second, or even the third card as well. It can be treated as ongoing – something you can keep developing with.

Card Number Six: Guidance for the future

This card serves as gentle guidance going forward, and you can use it along with the Financial Opportunity and Lesson card. A more difficult card here can indicate a time where caution is needed, depending on the card itself.

Example of a Financial Tarot Spread

Maria is a freelance designer, and she has had a run of success in recent years, yet somehow things have slowed down, and she is struggling to make ends meet. In addition, there are large sums of money she has to pay as she is about to move and feeling deeply stressed about the way forward.

Her Limiting Financial beliefs that she has consciously identified are around there not being enough money for her, and no matter how hard she works, she will never have enough.

Card Number One: Beliefs around Money

The first card here is a very obvious one – the Five of Pentacles. Pentacles in itself is a financial suit, and the Five is a difficult number – often talking about change. The card itself depicts two poor people, ragged and beggarly, traipsing through snow and clearly in a very destitute place. This card is all about poverty and lack, and so shows clearly Maria’s limiting belief that there is never enough, that she is poor when in fact she is not at all poor. This card advices her to rise above this challenging belief and see the reality.

Card Number Two: Current Financial Situation

There is a very positive card here – the Three of Cups shows three people in celebration, having fun and enjoying themselves. Maria admittedly likes to spend money on socializing and pleasure, and she might even party a little too hard at times! This reflects in her low bank balance, where, after each weekend, she has a little less due to her spending habits. She might need to be careful of having a little too much fun! This card can also show support from her friends.

Card Number Three: Financial Challenge

The card Maria has pulled here is yet another Pentacles, and instead of being a negative card, it is a positive card – which should be read as more challenging, The Nine of Pentacles depicts a young lady leisurely gazing at a bird on her hand whilst walking in an abundant garden. The challenging interpretation of this card shows that Maria might be challenge din the way that she could be a touch lazy, or perhaps she might want all of the rewards but none of the work. She wants to live the high life, and be financially independent, but she could feel as if she is lacking that financial independence and self-made wealth.

Card Number Four: Financial Opportunity

This card is the first Major Arcana card, and it is the Lovers. It shows that Maria has a financial opportunity through her partner – her lover – somehow. This card implies a choice she can make with her partner which could benefit her financially. Indeed, her impending move is asking her to make a financial choice with her partner, but it seems like a positive choice overall.

Card Number Five: Lesson to learn

Yet another Pentacles card appears here – it is the Six of Pentacles, which shows a wealthy man giving money to the poor, holding a scale. The card talks about giving and receiving, and Maria will need to ask herself whether she is the one who is giving or the one receiving. In this case, she might be the one who needs to learn how to give, as per her Financial beliefs, she does tend to hold on very tightly indeed to her finances. Generosity is an important lesson for her, and learning how to give from a balanced place.

Card Number Six: Guidance for the future

The card here is a confusing one at first – it is the Page of Cups. The Pages always indicate a new beginning somehow, and they are slow starts. The cups are creative, or partnerships and so there might be an opportunity for Maria to begin a new creative partnership, and as she is a designer, she should cast her ne out and see what she catches – as indicated by the fish. Maria might also get a positive message and should be encouraged to pursue her creative freedom and perhaps this can benefit her financially in the long run.

Pros and Cons of a Financial Tarot Reading

  • This reading can uncover your hidden financial potential and help you to get past limiting blocks without the need for an expensive advisor.
  • It can help you see what opportunities are available for you to expand on financially.
  • It can help you get through a tough financial time by seeing the silver lining even in a difficult period and help you develop a “bigger picture” perspective.
  • It can be challenging at times with certain cards in certain placements; for example, a positive card under the challenges section, or a negative card under opportunities. This is when your intuition will be required.
  • For best results, we really advise you work with an advisor if you can, as it is up to you to take charge of your money and make it work.

Where can I get an Accurate Tarot or Psychic Reading online? 

Getting Financial Advice from a Psychic sometimes does seem a bit strange; after all, many people believe that “Spiritual” people should not be handling something as “base|” as money, nu in actual fact, money is what we all need to survive, and you can find a great consultant who can shed a little light your way when you are feeling stressed or confused.

Here are a few great websites that won’t cost too much :

Kasamba : Kasamba has a great intro deal of 3 minutes free when you sign up the first time. You can pay via Payal or your Credit Card, and they also have a range of advisors as different prices, so that you can find one who fits your exact budget. They are able to effectively answer all your questions around money, so why wait?

Keen : Keen has a fabulous offer for all newbies where you simply pay $1.99 for your first 10 minutes. If you navigate to their “Advisors” tab, under “All Options’, you will see that they offer Financial Advice as well.

Oranum : Oranum offers 9.99 FREE credits when you register for the first time and they have hundreds of amazing readers to help you, so get going and contact them now!


FREE Financial Tarot Spread Reading
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