Friend or Foe Tarot Reading 2019

It’s hard to know these days whether someone may be a friend or a foe to use; and much of the time, we are so deeply desiring of connection and closeness that we may neglect to listen to that little nudge of intuition, warning us off or telling us to watch our boundaries. At the same time, we may have also been hurt so many times that we shut down any possibility of a positive and uplifting connection.

With this Friend or Foe tarot spread, we can find our way through, as the cards are a key to our own subconscious and can lead the way for us, helping us to understand these kinds of situations easier.

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April 2019

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However, we need to be in a clear space before we can begin, and we have to ask ourselves a few important questions:

  1. How valuable is this person to us; is our relationship to them new or long, and how much does that influence us?
  2. Are we holding on to someone just be case they’re familiar?
  3. Are we trying to enlist their friendship because we are lonely?
  4. If this person has ill intentions, where in life could they damage us? Is it worth it to fight for them?
  5. Have we taken the time to talk to anyone who knows this person well, who can give us objective insight?
  6. Have we taken equal responsibility for the situation in the relationship – or have we become a victim?
  7. Similarly, have we taken too much responsibility and are we perhaps blaming ourselves too much in this situation?
  8. What purpose would this person have in our lives if we chose to have them? Are they someone whom we can have a deep, meaningful connection with, or are they someone who we could simply have a drink and a laugh with? Define how you want this person in your life – perhaps they are a brilliant business friend, but not someone we would go away with on holiday.
  9. Has this person betrayed us before? If so, how many times, and how likely is it they will do so again?
  10. Have we betrayed this person in any way, and is there a way to go back and forgive?
  11. Lastly, does this person want to be our friend? Are they willing to engage in a connection or is this a one-way street?

Once we can unpack these questions, perhaps by journaling or writing things down, then we can understand what we really want from this reading. We can even go so far as to include the in on the reading, if they so wish, or you can do this with each other and use the Tarot as a counselling tool moving forward.

The key here is to be as honest as possible with oneself and to listen to the Tarot – it can be tempting to invest our own hopes and fears into the relationship, and “spin” the reading into what we want and desire rather than

Basic Layout

This six card Layout has a few things in common with the Celtic Cross, although it is a few cards less. You begin with the Relationship Foundation card in the middle. Then, lay the Past Influences card beneath that, and then the Current Influences card on top of the Relationship Foundation card, sideways.

After that, lay the next three cards in a horizontal row, Your Intentions, Their Intentions, and the final card, which is the “Friend or Foe” card.


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Preparation for your Friend or Foe Tarot Reading

  • Create a place in which you can do your reading – make sure you have a special table or surface where you can lay your cards out and keep coming back to them – even if it is at work. Perhaps you can have a scarf or lovely material laid out to put your cards on.
  • Pick the deck you would like to use. Some people have multiple decks for different readings. The Rider Waite Deck is the easiest to use and the most accessible.
  • After journaling or making mental notes of the points in the intro, meditate on your friendship very deeply. Hold your friendships in mind for the rest of the reading.
  • Ask for guidance, if you need it, from your higher self, your angels or the Gods or Goddesses you believe in.
  • Try not to project anything onto your reading and remain as objective as possible.
  • Shuffle the cards however you like, then cut them into three decks. Pick the one that calls to you the most, and set the rest aside.
  • Either fan the cards out and pick them out one by one or simply choose from the top. Lay them all face down in the beginning, as you will turn them over one by one.

How to Interpret the Friend or Foe Tarot Reading

Card Number One: Relationship Foundation

This card shows what lies at the very base of the Relationship, what it is built on for better or for worse. Of course, if the card here is a more positive card, then it can show that the Relationship itself has a solid foundation and is a good beginning. If not, don’t despair, even a tough card here can be taken as a lesson and a good reminder going forward.

Card Number Two: Past Influences

This card shows what has influenced the Relationship in the past, once again, for better or for worse. It shows what may have happened recently in the past to influence the present.

Card Number Three: Current Influences

This card, laying sideways over the Relationship Foundation Card, shows what is currently influencing the Friendship, what is happening right now which may be of help to your relationship going forward.

Card Number Four: My Intentions

This card can be extremely revealing, showing what your intentions are in the relationship, what you really want from it. This one can be tricky if you are not prepared to face your shadow, if a more challenging card appears, and you will have to be very accepting if this is a difficult message.

Card Number Five: Their Intentions

This card, used along with Your Intentions card, can be revealing as well, showing what your Friend/Foe really wants from you and from the relationship as a whole. If this is a difficult card, use it as very much a guide alongside the Final outcome card to help you make a decision.

Card Number Six: Outcome: Friend or Foe

This card should be used as guidance, into the final word – if you work on the challenges presented by any of the other cards, this card can be shifted. It simply shows, at this point, if this person is a Friend or Foe to you right now. Learning the lessons in the rest of the cards, two willing hearts and a readiness to forgive and move on is powerful remedy to heal the relationship.

Example of a Friend or Foe Tarot Reading

Sarah and Jane were the very best of friends – however, recently, they have had extreme challenges to their relationship which has created enormous tension between them. Jane has drifted away, and Sarah is angry at jane for leaving her at a crucial time of need in her life; and Jane has withdrawn to deal with own crisis’s. The tension has been continuing for over two years, and they have been friends for five.

Sarah has asked herself all of the preliminary questions and has discovered inside of herself that she and Jane have always had a very light, easy and fun Relationship, however it has lacked depth. Her and Jane don’t have much in common anymore, however, Sarah deeply values Jane’s friendship and finds it hard to let go. Jane and Sarah have both had a history of dramatic and tumultuous friendships which Sarah has come to realize, thus removing too much blame from herself.

Card Number One: Relationship Foundation

The card that has been pulled here is the Ace of Swords card. The Swords show that the situation is a mental one; and the Ace shows that there is something about the Relationship that is new. It is a fairly new friendship, five years not being a lifelong relationship, and the Foundation of it can show that the friendship may be purely mental – perhaps not based enough on emotion or empathy. It can also show that the relationship is the type of one that is somewhat cold, cutting or sharp in nature. The girls may heave said very sharp things to each other, wounding each other, which is now the basis

Card Number Two: Past Influences

The card that lies beneath the Relationship Foundation card is the Lover Card. This is a very telling card, and shows that the problems influencing the present now are very much Love related – which they are. Both Sarah and Jane have had extremely painful breakups, and because they were all so very close, things have become extremely challenging to maintain, without the girls feeling hurt that each one has a relationship with their exes. Once a strong foursome, they are now all split, and this card shows that Sarah can perhaps develop more objectivity round the tension and lack of closeness between her and Jane.

Card Number Three: Current Influences

The card here is a tough one – it shows the Eight of Swords, which depicts a woman standing in a river of blood, bound and blindfolded presumably by her own narrow perspectives and inability to see the path ahead of her. This card shows that neither girl may want to shift their perspective on things, and neither is willing to engage in a conversation yet this very resistance is what is causing them both pain. This card backs up the first card, the Ace of Swords, showing the heavy mental energy surrounding the situation. The current situation is a truly difficult one, and both girls need to want to shift their headspaces in odder to mend things.

Card Number Four: My Intentions

The card that is pulled here us yet another Swords card which shows the mental energy even more. The Two of Swords depicts a woman, blindfolded, just like the Eight of Swords, with her arms crossed over her heart. She needs to make a choice but she can’t – her heart is closed and the decision is too much of an emotional one as shown by the ocean in the background.  Sarah’s intentions are to make a choice, yet at the same time, she is waiting perhaps for Jane to make the first move. Her intention is uncertain, and she doesn’t know what she wants – she may be overthinking it.

Card Number Five: Their Intentions

Jane’s intention is a Major Arcana card – the Moon. It shows that she, too is unclear and perhaps her intention is to hide way from the whole situation and pretend it doesn’t exist. Her intention may be to also not make any decisions, because she may be aware that she is feeling traumatized or fearful, and she may be projecting that fear or trauma unconsciously onto the relationship. Neither of the girls are dealing with the Relationship very well, as shown by the two intentions cards, and both may have to learn to become a bit clearer about what it is that they want. It is possible that they need to wait a whole to understand their own intentions before engaging.

Card Number Six: Outcome: Friend or Foe

The final card here is a lot lighter than all the other cards, but supports the notion of distance. The Three of Wands is a card that asks for moving on, for travel, for turning away as shown by the man with his back to the Querent (you). It shows looking to new horizons, and that perhaps both Sarah and Jane need to look elsewhere, until they have worked through their intention cards.

Pros and Cons of a Friend or Foe Tarot Reading

  • This is an excellent way to resolve a relationship issue in a non-confrontational and peaceful manner which is empowering to you.
  • The clarity and simplicity of this type of reading is easy for newbies to the Tarot.
  • If your Friend is conscious, doing this together can be tremendously therapeutic.
  • You will have to be ready for this type of reading; as the Truth can sometimes be difficult to hear.
  • Getting more negative cards can be very challenging; and so a certain level of objectivity is needed here.

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Friendships and Relationships in general are not easy to negotiate – they are here to teach us all something valuable and important. Sometimes, we need external guidance and help to make our way through a stormy situation.

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AskNow has gotten with the mobile generation – they have an app that you can download to your phone, getting instant help when you need it! They have all the usual areas of expertise- relationships career, family and much more. They have a fabulous free 5 minute offer to all newbie sign ups when they buy a 20 or 30 minute package too.


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Friend or Foe Tarot Reading 2019
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