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 Friend or Foe Tarot


It’s hard to know these days whether someone may be a friend or a foe to use. Also, much of the time, we are so deeply desiring of connection and closeness that we may neglect to listen to that little nudge of intuition, warning us off or telling us to watch our boundaries. At the same time, we may have been hurt so many times that we shut down any possibility of a positive and uplifting connection.

With this Friend or Foe tarot spread, we can find our way through. The cards are a key to our own subconscious and can lead the way for us, helping us to understand these kinds of situations more easily.

Basic Layout

 Friend or Foe TarotThis six card Layout has a few things in common with the Celtic Cross, although it is a few cards less. You begin with the Relationship Foundation card in the middle. Then, lay the Past Influences card beneath that. After that, the Current Influences card on top of the Relationship Foundation card, sideways.

Finally, lay the next three cards in a horizontal row: Your Intentions, Their Intentions, and the final card, which is the “Friend or Foe” card.


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2 years ago

How do u get an accurate reading when you only offer 16 cards

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