Horoscope Tarot

This twelve-card spread is one of the biggest out there – and for those who are familiar with Astrology or Horoscopes, it can be a fantastically fun reading to do, covering many different aspects of life and giving you a general overview of what to expect.

For those who aren’t familiar with Astrology, then it’s not too difficult to get comfortable with this reading – the reading is simply based on the House System in Astrology, which, once you know the keywords for each house, becomes easy and simple to do. and is a form of Fortune Telling. This reading is a comprehensive one and should be done once per year, or at a push, once every four or five months. You can also, at any time, get an Accurate Tarot Reading to get some deeper insight into your questions.

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Horoscope Tarot Layout:Horoscope Tarot

This reading should be done in a circular format, starting from the left (facing you), then each card arranged to the right of that first card, until the seventh card, which should be opposite the first card, and then all the cards following that should arc upwards until the circle is closed at the first card once again.

How to Interpret the Horoscope Reading

Card Number One: You

This card represents you, yourself, how you are seen right now and your approach to the world out there. This card shows the way you are going about things at the moment, and what kind of space you are personally in, and what is currently shaping your identity.

Card Number Two: Your Finances

This card represents your money at the moment, your personal financial state, and where your self-worth is at. It can show what resources you have available to you (besides money) and such as your skills and tools which can generate an income.

Card Number Three: Your Siblings/Community

This car shows your relationship to your sibling or siblings, and how that impacts you right now. It can also show the people around you in community at the moment, who might be supportive to you in your close environment.

Card Number Four: Your Home & Family /Father

This card shows the relationship with your family (of origin) currently, and perhaps very much with your Father figure. This card can also reveal the current issues / challenges or gifts of your home space at the moment.

Card Number Five: Your children, Sex or Creative Projects

Horoscope Tarot

This card talks about your relationship with your children, and should you have none, if you will have them (if the Sun, Empress or ten of Cups card is here, for example). This card can also talk about your sexual relationships and sexual energy in general, as well as where your Creative energy si at for the moment, and where it needs to go.

Card Number Six: Your Health, Illness, Routine

This card can talk about health issues, difficulties and what you might need to get into place to be a healthier individual. It talks about what is happening for you at the moment on a daily basis, what is routine for you and may be causing you stress and anxiety.

Card Number Seven: Your Relationship

This card lies opposite the You card and talks about your primary relationships – marriage, your husband/wife, committed partner, best friend or even your business partner.

Card Number Eight: Shared Finances (i.e. your partner/the bank/debt)

This card is opposite the “Your Finances” card, and talks about ‘Other People’s Resources”, such as the bank’s money, your partner’s money or resources and potential debt/taxes. This card can also talk about inheritances and resources you receive as a gift.

Card Number Nine: Travels/Studies/Spiritual Growth

Here we have a card that talks about potential travelling or study opportunities, and what one might expect – it can also describe our current spiritual philosophy and beliefs which are impacting our lives at this moment.

Card Number Ten: Career/Your Boss

This card sits at the highest point of the reading – opposite the fourth card of house and home. It represents your Career and professional life at the moment, as well as challenges or opportunities in this area and your relationship to authority, specifically your boss. It might also reveal your more “public” status and reputation.

Card Number Eleven: Friendships/Your Goals

Your Friendships are in the spotlight with this card, and it can show the state of these relationships at the moment, what opportunities or challenges there might be here. This card can also talk about your goals, aspirations or dreams you’d like to achieve and become successful at.

Card Number Twelve: What is undoing you or causing you suffering

This card can be very important in helping you understand what issues in life might be creating misery, “self-undoing”, suffering or escapism.

Top Tips for understanding the Reading:Horoscope Tarot

  • The number one tip here is to use the entire spread as a story – let it flow from the first card to the rest of the cards in a sequence of events, and remember that no card stands alone! It is always backed up by the cards around it.
  • If you start on the first card, feel free to jump to the next card that “calls” you – you don’t have to necessarily go to each card one by one – but as per the above point, do remember that there IS a story to follow – the story is told by your intuition.
  • Try and read the two “axis’s” together when you get a little better – for example, look at the first card, representing You, and the opposite card, representing Relationship. The same can be done for Your Resources versus Shared Resources, for Home versus Career and so forth.
  • TOP TIP: if you do this reading at the beginning of the year, or even at any other time (although the beginning can be the best time to do it), you can use each card to ALSO represent the 12 months of the year. For example, YOU = January, YOUR RESOURCES = February and so forth.
  • Leave the reading out in a place where you can walk past it a few times for a couple of weeks, as this opens up the reading more and more over time and helps you to go even deeper with it.
  • If you like to journal, then write about each of the cards to help you process.
  • Perhaps you like to draw; then go ahead and draw a picture or a symbol for each card and what it means to you. If you don’t understand a certain card, skip over it and go back to it at a later stage.
  • Try and take a “bird’s eye” view of the reading – this means that before you do anything, before you even begin with the first card, you first count up the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana and the numbers – note which there are more of and which there are none of. Note if there are more swords cards for example, or if there are no swords cards. See what energies are very prevalent, and which are absent. For example, if you get many fives, then you know this person is experiencing a lot of chaotic change. If there are many Major Arcana, then they are going through a powerful spiritual journey.

Example of a Horoscope Reading

Rebecca simply wants a “General” reading, as she can’t decide which area of life right now is a bigger focus – money, work or Love Relationship. All these areas are equally important to her, so this reading is ideal to shed a bit of light on each one of her concerns. If she likes, she can go on to do a Free Online Tarot Reading to get a bit more specific.

Horoscope TarotCard Number One: You

Rebecca has pulled out a Major Arcana card, the “Star” card – it depicts a naked woman, with one foot in the water, and the other on the land, pouring water from a jug with stars above her head. The atmosphere of this card is happy and pleasant and there is a sense of lightness and positivity. Rebecca is clearly in a good space, feeling vulnerable and raw, but in a good way – she is emotionally and materially balanced as shown by the foot on land and in the water, and the feeling of the card is hope, perhaps after a difficult period as indicated by the card that comes previous to this in the deck – the Tower – which could have been huge change happening in her life.

Card Number Two: Your Finances

The card here is the Six of Pentacles, showing a man with scales giving alms to the poor, who sit with their hands outstretched and waiting for blessings. There is a sense of giving and getting here, and it’s important to understand whether one is the giver or the receiver and that one can only give or receive as much as they have given and received in life. This card shows that Rebecca is in a place of her life whether she might have o ask for help or may have to give financial help to someone else.

Card Number Three: Your Siblings/Community

Rebecca has pulled the Two of Wands here, which shows a man holding a globe in his hands, with two Staffs overlooking the ocean. The energy here is of travel and a choice as shown by the number two. Perhaps it is time for Rebecca to stretch her wings and expand her community, that her little world has grown too small for her.

Horoscope TarotCard Number Four: Your Home & Family /Father

The card Rebecca has pulled here is the Temperance card, which is another Major Arcana card, showing that this area of life seems o be a spiritual journey at the moment. The picture is of an angel pouring liquid from one cup to the other, dressed in ll white. Rebecca’s; father has recently passed, and this card shows that his angel is very much present in her life and her home space, and that his angel watches over her family which is very comforting for her.

Card Number Five: Your children, Sex or Creative Projects

The card that has been pulled here is yet another major Arcana, the Sun card. The Sun depicts a young child riding a horse, free and unencumbered, joyful and happy. This card is a classic one of pregnancy, and if we use the monthly method as outlined in the Tips, we can see that this card represents the month of May, which is potentially when she may conceive. It can also show her energy invested into creative work, and developing her own inner child.

Card Number Six: Your Health, Illness, Routine

Rebecca pulled the Queen of Cups here, which can be challenging to interpret at first, but upon further investigation, Rebecca has a circulation issue that only hydrotherapy can solve – as depicted by the Queen with her feet in the water.

Horoscope TarotCard Number Seven: Your Relationship

The card here is the Nine of Wands card and shows how Rebecca’s partner might be doing, or how the relationship may be faring. This card has a wounded man with staffs behind him, which shows that Rebecca’s husband is currently experiencing a work crisis (wands) and feels attacked and paranoid, which he might be projecting into the relationship and causing issue at the moment.

Card Number Eight: Shared Finances (i.e. your partner/the bank/debt)

The card pulled here is the Five of Pentacles, a difficult card which shows poverty and loss coming from Rebecca’s partner. And indeed, due to the work crisis, he has taken a pay cut which as put some pressure on them. It is interesting t note that this card is opposite the six of pentacles, which shows them having to ask for a loan.

Card Number Nine: Travels/Studies/Spiritual Growth

The card Rebecca has pulled here is the Hermit card, which shows that she perhaps needs to withdraw a little and spend some time alone to develop her spiritual beliefs and philosophies and once she does, she can emerge with greater wisdom and able to guide others.

Horoscope TarotCard Number Ten: Career/Your Boss

This card shows Rebecca’s current career energy, and the card she has pulled here is the King of Swords, a man sitting on a stone throne, somewhat rigid, hard and stiff, holding a sword. This King represents a hard man, Rebecca’s boss, someone who may be very critical and harsh and perhaps causing her grief. It can be a negative, difficult masculine energy she is dealing with and needs to soften r become aware of.

Card Number Eleven: Friendships/Your Goals

Rebecca has pulled the Two of Cups card here which shows that there is a lovely, sharing energy between her and her friends at the moment, one of emotional give and take, and that perhaps two of her friends may even be falling in love soon!

Card Number Twelve: What is undoing you or causing you suffering

The card Rebecca has pulled here is the Four of Cups. It shows a man sitting under a tree, sulking or withdrawn despite the offering of the cup to him, Rebecca needs to be careful not to withdraw into her own shell so much that she forgets what emotional support is available to her, despite the difficulties with her husband and career at the moment.

Pros and Cons of a Horoscope Tarot Reading

  • This reading covers a plethora of different topics, which gives you much more opportunity to get insight int a number of issues instead of just one.
  • It is a lovely reading to do once per year and to keep going back to as it keeps unfolding as time goes along.
  • It’s a fantastic reading for Astrology enthusiasts to do alongside an Astrology reading.
  • Because there is only one card per issue (i.e only one card for career), this reading might be too general for some, and it might be necessary to another to another spread on a particular issue, which is time-consuming or to do a more specific reading such as the Celtic Cross altogether.
  • This can be an overwhelming spread for a newbie to do when just starting out and does need some practice.
  • Some cards just won’t make sense – and when this happens, it is best advised to just leave them be and come back to them if something does arise.
Horoscope Tarot
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