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Ask Oracle A QuestionDon’t you think it’s nice (and weirdly indulgent) when you receive a mystic message that you know has meaning, but YOU have to figure out why you received the messages you did and how they fit into your life?  

Well, ‘ask oracle a question’ readings do such a thing. In some ways they remind me of a fortune cookie – but better and they are perfect for setting a mood,  thought or theme for the day – or to get some quick advice! Here’s what we know about ‘ask oracle a question’ readings.

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What Is The Oracle?

Ask Oracle A QuestionThe Oracle is steeped in thousands of years of history, and for many years people have relied upon an oracle to help them find some guidance or inspiration in their life.  Oracles can reveal answers to questions related to your past, present or future or help you to figure out how to handle a problem that you have no idea where to start with.  

The Oracle can essentially help you to make the right decisions and take the right actions so that you can achieve the best outcomes in your life.

It’s this profound relationship to the oracle that has encouraged many famous historical figures to achieve goals that to many would seem to be impossible.  Ask Oracle A QuestionYou see divination which is what is considered to cause the magic the oracles, were considered to have come directly from ‘God’ and because of that, they were taken very seriously.  

Even today, there are millions of people who rely on an oracle of some sort to help them navigate their day, week, or even their life, and why not? They completely make sense – at least to me.  

But whether you believe the Oracle to be a message from God or not, it’s worth trying out an ‘ask Oracle a question’ reading because we assure you, there’s something magical involved here, even if we can’t quite label it!

How Does The Oracle Work?

Oracles work by the process of divination, which is based on synchronicity.  This means that according to synchronicity everything falls into place at the perfect time, including messages, people, signs and situations.  

So whatever you purposely read in response to your questions in life form an oracle – even a book, or magazine article.  

You don’t have to seek out some oracle cards or Oracle software to consult the oracle; you can use your favourite personal development, spiritual or self-help book – just make sure it’s wise.  I like to use them Tao te Ching for that purpose.  

How To Get Free Oracle Ask A Question Readings

There are many free oracle ask a question readings online.  Here are some of our favourites:

This Oracle has a nice clean interface and returns answers in sentences rather than random words as some oracles do.  

Yes, No Buddha Tree Oracle

If you can move past the busy page which has lots of whirring graphics, this is a simple site to use and has lots of different types of oracles that you can try.  All you do is type in your question and click and the ‘Buddha Tree’ will let you know whether it’s a yes or no!

The Free Oracle

Answers your yes, no questions quickly with The Free Oracle.  It works the same as the Buddha Tree Oracle but with different answers – it’s also a bit easier to see what you are doing on this site too.  

Free Kabbalah Oracle

Just type in your question and wait for your advice to be returned.  This oracle is not a ‘yes, no’ oracle though; it will give you a little snippet of wisdom for you to ponder over! 

Other Types Of Oracle Readings

Aside from ‘the oracle’, you can find plenty of other types of ‘ask the oracle readings’ which are all interesting and insightful.  Here are some examples;

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are usually sold as a deck of cards which have all been printed with images and words of wisdom.  To use the cards you decide how many cards you will draw before you ask your question, then you ask the question while shuffling the cards and finally you pull out the cards and read the advice.  

You can find so many different types of cards, some of them are quite beautiful such as the ‘Work Your Light Oracle Cards’. There is usually a considerable choice of oracle cards on Amazon.  

Consulting An Oracle Book

You can use books as oracles too, this would work particularly well with any spiritual text, or if you are working on a project such as weight loss, or improving confidence and are reading about it, you can use related books for some insight into the answers to your questions.  

For example; you might ask ‘why am I not losing weight’ and at the time you are flicking through and meditating upon a diet and exercise workbook, or book on nutrition. You ask your question and then open the page and read the first paragraph or sentence that your eyes fall upon, and within that space, you’ll find the answer or part of the solution.  


Tarot is essentially an oracle, in fact, it’s a huge oracle with immense wisdom, although it’s not necessarily easy to translate.  However, if you use the tarot as a loose guide by following the same process as described with the oracle cards and then use the booklet that comes with a tarot deck, or a basic tarot guidebook to find a simplified meaning of the tarot cards you’ve pulled out.

Who Is Ask Oracle A Question For?

Everyone!  Unless you don’t like the gimmicky ‘fortune telling sites’.  However, if you don’t like the gimmicks, you will probably enjoy an oracle reading performed by a professional, or some of the other alternatives to the oracle such as the oracle cards, or using a book as an oracle.

The Pros And Cons Of Free Ask Oracle A Question Readings


  • Get wisdom and inspiration to help you make the most out of your day or to resolve your challenges problems.!
  • Give you insight into what energy is around you.
  • Lots of free ask oracle a question readings available.
  • Professional readers who also read the oracle and will give you more detailed guidance.
  • A reading will never be intimidating.


  • If you haven’t had a professional reading, you might not make sense of what the oracle is saying.
  • The message cannot be controlled.  
  • You might misunderstand the message and then adjust your life accordingly.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable professional readers if you have a serious problem or something that has been concerning you for a long time.
  • Free Oracle readings won’t provide you with lots of information to help you with your challenges.
  • The Oracle can sometimes provide mysterious answers that are difficult to understand. 

How To Get Professional And Detailed ‘Ask Oracle A Question’ Readings.

It’s easy to get professional ask oracle a question readings, and you can do this without leaving your home!  All you need to do is call a zero risk psychic hotline and look for an ‘oracle reader’.  Then connect with them and commence your reading right away (if your chosen reader is online).

Hint!  Take advantage of the great offers that psychic hotlines often have especially for new customers.  

Where To Find the Best Oracle Readers Online

Here are our recommended psychic sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Oranum – Ten minutes for $9.99 plus a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!  Psychics for as low as $1 per minute.

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Life Reader – 4 minutes free plus 50% off your first reading

Ask Now – 5 minutes free, plus discounts on your first reading (equivalent to $1 per minute).

If you are finding it difficult to pick a reader, check out our favorite readers below. 

Our Favourite Oracle Readers

There are many fantastic oracle readers, but this week, we’ve chosen these readers who stood out to us, and we are sure that they’ll stand out to you too.

Ask Oracle A QuestionOracle Siren Rose

‘Transform and Manifest Your Prosperity, Love, Career, Health, and Dreams with the Life-Changing Oracle Siren Rose!’

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  Oracle Siren Rose is insightful and claims to have provided life-changing and miraculous counsel for years.  Siren Rose is most definitely a unique and powerful oracle – she studied her gift as a child with her Native Cherokee Grandmother and has passed initiations that have ensured her sacred connection to the earth, sky, life and beyond, as a form of Shamanism.  

Oracle Siren Rose is a Master reader on the psychic hotline she represents, she’s highly rated and extremely popular, and when you take the time to read her profile and the skills she has, we think you’ll understand why.  

To book a reading with Oracle Siren Rose click here

Ask Oracle A QuestionPsychic Zeba

Zeba’s top priority is to guide and facilitate healing.  She often consults angel oracle cards to help her guide you accurately, which means you’ll receive direct and loving messages from Zeba.  She focuses on reading for your highest good. But she doesn’t just rely on oracle cards because she is an oracle herself! She is psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and often communicates with the spirit guides around your or herself to really help you with your life experiences and challenges

.  At the time of writing Zeba is charging $1 per minute and if you are new to Kasamba you can enjoy 3 free minutes plus 50% off  – which means a 20-minute reading would cost you $8.50 and a 30-minute reading will cost you $13.50!

To book a reading with Psychic Zeba click here.

Ask Oracle A QuestionAnja

If you want a psychic medium who is a walking oracle because she is multi-skilled and able to provide medium readings along with general psychic readings AND who has clients who claim she is invaluable to them, then Anja is the oracle for you.  

Anja’s a third generation medium which means she’s inherited the gift through her family and was taught how to master the gift by those closest to her who have many years of experience.  She’s honest and direct which is always a sign of a good medium and never takes her gifts for granted; she makes the effort daily to hone her skills. Which means she’s committed to providing you with top class mediumship.

What You Can Expect From Your Professional Oracle Reading

The opportunities that you can attain from a professional oracle reading are endless. It doesn’t really matter what issues you are concerned with, if you pick a well qualified and multi-skilled oracle reader such as those we have mentioned above then they are likely to be able to help you with all issues, or questions that you have about your life, career, relationships, money, health, spiritual journey and everything else in between.  

You can expect a professional oracle reading to be sincere, helpful and reassuring and to be likely to bring you lots of insight and wisdom to help you move forward in your life in a positive way.

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out a professional oracle reading?

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