Pregnancy & Childbirth Tarot Reading

Pregnancy can be one of the greatest joys in life, and for most people, it is the scariest thing to undertake.

The Tarot does not substitute a real, medical or health assessment, but it can shed some light on the conditions surrounding a potential pregnancy, birth as well as the relationship between the parents, which can make life that much easier for Mom, Dad and Baby. Whether this is your first or your tenth child, this reading can be immensely useful in helping to uncover what can be done on a proactive way to make the very best of the situation. This Free Tarot Reading can assist you in making some important decisions.

How to do the Pregnancy Tarot?

This reading comes in two parts: the first part is asking the cards whether or not you ARE pregnant or WILL be pregnant soon; and the second part is HOW that pregnancy will go for you in various areas.


First, do a Yes/No spread to ask the cards whether or not you are a) pregnant or b) about to be pregnant (specify a time frame if you can). Here is the process :

  1. Look at the entire reading – how many Aces did you get? Sometimes you will have three, sometimes just one, and sometimes none at all.
  2. When you have none at all, give the question some time to “percolate” and develop, perhaps this is just not the right time to be asking – come back at a later stage.
  3. When you have three Aces, this is a very powerful answer, when two or one, there is perhaps a little more leeway for further decision making.
  4. Now, look if the Aces are facing up or facing down. Those that are facing DOWN mean “No”. Those that are facing up mean “Yes”.
  5. If you have one – three upside down ACE cards, with no upright facing ACE cards, this can be taken as a “No” to your question.
  6. The more upside down ACE cards, the more emphasized the No is. All three downward facing cards is a very powerful sign that this answer is a non-negotiable No.
  7. Two upside down ACE cards is also quite emphasized.
  8. One upside down ACE is a little weaker; look at the cards surrounding to tell you more about the situation and circumstances.
  9. If you have one – three upright facing Ace cards, with no upside down Ace cards, this can be taken as a “Yes” to your question.
  10. The more upright facing Ace cards, the more emphasized the Yes is. All three upright facing cards is a very powerful sign that this answer is an undeniable Yes.
  11. Two upright facing ACE cards is also quite an emphasized answer.
  12. One upright facing ACE is a little weaker; look at the cards surrounding to tell you more about the situation and circumstances.

The surrounding cards that are not Aces are also very important in your interpretation. They are clues to the situation and can give it a little more clarity. It is up to you whether you would like to interpret them upside down or right way up, although sometimes it is preferable to interpret the original meanings of these cards without reverse meanings. Having a good working knowledge of the 4 Tarot Suits can help here with your interpretation.


Then, lay the cards out beneath this Yes/No Tarot Spread IF the answer is Yes to the above – if no, put the cards away and wait for a better time.

The cards beneath should be arranged in a circular fashion, to resemble the circle shape of a pregnant belly. You can start on the left-hand side, which is the intuitive side, and then go upwards and around until you come back to the first card.

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Interpreting the Spread, Card by Card

IMPORTANT: this reading has to be done in two Parts, so be sure to do the Yes/No Tarot Reading BEFORE you begin the rest of the reading.

Card Number One: Relationship between yourself and the Father

Before anything, one has to consider what is going on between you and the child’s father, what is happening in your Love Relationship, because this will determine in a very big way how the child will experience life, for the rest of their lives. This is a big responsibility, and children do consider their mothers and fathers as somewhat Divine. If there is no relationship between you, then it would be important to introduce healthy male relationships into their life, such as a grandfather, uncle, or even a dear male friend so that they can have a masculine model to look up to. In the total absence of anyone, movies about good men will do as well as stories.

Getting a more positive card here is, of course, uplifting and light, and even if there is a fracture between you now, it can show either a healing or an amicable outcome to a separation.

The more difficult cards can show what challenges need to be overcome in the relationship, preferably before the child is born.

Card Number Two: Situation around Conception

Most people have no idea when the child has been conceived. One would like to think it was a special experience, yet for some, it can be traumatic or there can be a lack of memory entirely, especially if there is alcohol involved.

This card illuminates what happened that night, perhaps helping you to trigger a deep and unconscious memory which will, in turn, lead to a remembering of events. If this card still seems mysterious, leave it for a while and let it simmer in your unconscious – it could perhaps arise as a later time in life.

Card Number Three: Concerns regarding Pregnancy & Birth

This card shows what concerns could come up regarding both the pregnancy itself, and the birth. Some Mothers experience powerful anxiety during the pregnancy about a great deal of issues: the pain of childbirth, the health of their baby, how they will afford a child financially, if they will raise them “right”, if they carry any defective genes and so forth.

Even if this card is a “happy” or “easy” card, it can still indicate challenges and concerns. For example, if this card is the Two of Cups, a traditional Love card, it shows that the concerns may be if your Relationship can withstand the pressure.

Of course, if this is a more challenging card, then the concerns are more obvious and easier to interpret. For example, having the Death card here can be an extreme fear of the Baby not surviving, you not surviving the birth or of the change itself.

Card Number Four: What can make Pregnancy Easier

Aside from the usual, which is getting enough good food, rest and sleep, as well as avoiding stress in any way you can, this card illustrates what you can DO – proactively – to make your Pregnancy a bit easier. Getting a challenging card here can be hard to interpret but read in a reverse can be understood more easily. This part can really help you get your health just right.

For example, if you get the Seven of Swords here, initially it could feel extremely confusing to try and interpret the card. Looking more closely, it shows that perhaps what you need to do is become more honest with yourself and with others, and be true to what you really need. Avoid others trying to deceive you and tell you what to do, and try not to make plans which exclude anybody. This is one of the more challenging cards to get here, and the others might need to be approached in a very creative way.

Of course, getting an easier card here can show easier ways to improve your experience.

Card Number Five: Challenges around Pregnancy & Birth

This card will reveal the challenges surrounding Pregnancy and Birth that you may experience. Getting one of the more challenging cards, of course, does make things a little easier to interpret, and getting one of the “easier” cards should be looked at in an upside-down way, seeing how that could be more of a problem.

For example, getting the Star card here could reveal that problems could centre around being vulnerable, perhaps even simply being scared of being naked in front of a room full of doctors, or of the baby being born under an unlucky star. There could be physical challenges related to the pregnancy, or perhaps a mood problem as this card indicates hope and faith, yet there could be a lack of this due to the hormones created in your body whilst pregnant.

Card Number Six: What Mother will need

You as the Mother will need plenty of things – rest, sleep, good food and less stress of course, but there are other things you may not be aware of that you may need. This card shows potentially what that is, showing you what lies just beneath your consciousness.

Even getting a more difficult or “negative” card here can reveal your needs. For example, if you get a Nine of Swords here, showing a woman staying awake crying all night, it can show that you really need to aggressively tackle sleep issues and deal with your anxieties as it may affect the child negatively. It shows you need to mentally relax and rest.

Getting a more positive card such as the Sun can indicate you may need to unlock YOUR inner child, play more and generally lighten up.

Card Number Seven: What Baby will need

Besides the biological and obvious needs of an infant, which revolves around being close to the Mother, eating, sleeping and being safe and secure, the Baby may need something which you don’t know about, spiritually, emotionally or physically.

This card can reveal what this may be; and both challenging and easier cards can be used positively here. For example, the Devil card should not scare you, but simply alert you to what situation may be negative for the child. For example, you, the father or the family may have addictive tendencies and the child may need extra monitoring and care in order to ensure that they don’t pick up on these energies.

Pros and Cons of a Pregnancy Tarot Reading

  • This reading can stand for a long time or a short time, and can be repeated whenever needed as things develop and change.
  • This reading can bring to light that which is very unconscious and hence help you to navigate what it is that really matters when it comes to your pregnancy and childbirth.
  • The most obvious problem here is that most New Mothers, and even practiced Mothers might create enormous anxiety in trying to predict or control the future in any way, and hence this type of reading should be read as GUIDANCE only and not the final and only truth. If you are highly sensitive and prone to anxiety, then it may be best to do this reading only when you are more stable emotionally, especially as the hormones course through your body.
  • This reading can only be done if you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant.

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Pregnancy & Childbirth Tarot Reading
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This is so coming at the right time! I am planning on having my first baby and the feelings is so so overwhelming. Thank you very much. I love your website!