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In life, it can be ever so difficult knowing if the decision you need to make it the right one…

The Yes/No Tarot Spread is the perfect spread to use on a daily basis, to exercise and hone our decision-making skills and to help us decide which road or path to take.

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About the Yes No Tarot:

Make sure your question is formulated to give a simple yes / no answer, and for best results, let the dilemma be a real possibility in your life – for example, asking “Am I going to meet my Soulmate” is a little vague. Asking “Is the flirtation with Todd a good idea?” is a nice, clear question and will yield a clear answer.

Examples of a good question:

  • Should I apply to take the management position at work to further my career?
  • Should I move in with Debbie?

Examples of a bad question:

  • Will I ever change my job?
  • Will I ever buy property?

The “bad “questions are ones that don’t have a possibility in the present, as they have not appeared as options, and usually contain the word “ever”. The “good” questions are real, immediate potentials with a bit of a timeframe, if possible.

Preparation for the 1 Card Tarot:

  1. Choose the Tarot Card deck you would like to work with; the Rider Waite is a good, classic deck to use, but working with one that you resonate with is key. Make sure the 4 suits of the Ace Cards in the deck are easy to recognize.
  2. Set up your reading space. Perhaps it’s on the floor, with a comfortable cushion, with some incense lit and calm music in the background. If you can, try to be alone. Perhaps you’re in a rush and don’t have too much time to set up space, so just make sure that wherever you lay your cards, the surface is clean and you have a moment of peace to focus.
  3. Sit for a few moments, meditate deeply on the dilemma at hand, bring it to mind and visualize the two paths ahead of you. Breathe, and centre yourself.
  4. Shuffle the deck, making sure that you turn the cards upside down a few times, to really ensure that they are well mixed.
  5. Hold the cards in your hands, and ask the question, perhaps calling in your guides, your angels, or whatever higher power you believe in.


  1. Holding the cards in your hand, begin to lay the down, one by one, in a pile, opening each card out to the side rather than pulling each card towards you and putting it down. This will ensure that no card comes out upside down when it is not supposed to – this is key!
  2. Look at the pile you are creating. Keep turning the cards until you get an ACE card, it will come face up for face down. STOP counting cards into that pile when you get the ACE.
  3. If you count out thirteen cards, without an ACE – stop counting out cards and move onto the next pile.
  4. Start a second pile. Do exactly the same thing, until you either get an ACE, face up or face down, or thirteen cards.
  5. Now, do the same for a third and final pile.

Basic Interpretation

  1. Look at the entire reading – how many Aces did you get? Sometimes you will have three, sometimes just one, and sometimes none at all.
  2. When you have none at all, give the question some time to “percolate” and develop, perhaps this is just not the right time to be asking – come back at a later stage.
  3. When you have three Aces, this is a very powerful answer, when two or one, there is perhaps a little more leeway for further decision making.
  4. Now, look if the Aces are facing up or facing down. Those that are facing DOWN mean “No”. Those that are facing up mean “Yes”.
  5. Always see if you have a Major Arcana Card, which may indicate big forces beyond your conscious control at play.

How to Interpret “No”

  1. If you have one – three upside down ACE cards, with no upright facing ACE cards, this can be taken as a “No” to your question.
  2. The more upside down ACE cards, the more emphasized the No is. All three downward facing cards is a very powerful sign that this answer is a non-negotiable No.
  3. Two upside down ACE cards is also quite emphasized.
  4. One upside down ACE is a little weaker; look at the cards surrounding to tell you more about the situation and circumstances.


How to Interpret “Yes”

  1. If you have one – three upright facing Ace cards, with no upside down Ace cards, this can be taken as a “Yes” to your question.
  2. The more upright facing Ace cards, the more emphasized the Yes is. All three upright facing cards is a very powerful sign that this answer is a undeniable Yes.
  3. Two upright facing ACE cards is also quite an emphasized answer.
  4. One upright facing ACE is a little weaker; look at the cards surrounding to tell you more about the situation and circumstances.

Interpreting the Surrounding Cards:

The surrounding cards that are not Aces, are also very important in your interpretation. They are clues to the situation and can give it a little more clarity. It is up to you whether you would like to interpret them upside down or right way up, although sometimes it is preferable to interpret the original meanings of these cards without reverse meanings.

What if I get one facing up and one facing down?

This can also be very common. It means that on one hand, we are urged to say Yes – but there is something we may not have considered. The suit of the Ace can help us to understand a bit better :

  • The Ace of Swords is intellectual – it governs the mind, and so whether it is up or down, this means that our intellect is saying Yes or No.
  • The Ace of Wands is our Passion, our Fire, and also Work – whether it is up or down means that we have the energy for it, or lack thereof.
  • The Ace of Cups is our Relationships and Emotions – so, whether it is up or down, it means that it is a Yes or No with relation to what our hearts feel, or perhaps in relation to the health or detriment of a primary relationship.
  • The Ace of Pentacles is our Financials and Security – whether it is up or down, means that we have the means, or we don’t – we can either be in a secure place or we are not at all.

An Example

Let’s practice! In this first example, we can use the Question: “Should I take my business overseas?” We will assume that there is a possibility of this, perhaps we have a door of opportunity but are hesitant to go through it.  The Yes/No spread is ideal for these kinds of dilemmas in life. To begin, we count out the cards until we get to the number thirteen WITHOUT an Ace, or until we get an Ace, and we make our three piles :

Remember to check our guide on How to Read the Cards if you feel out of your depth :

First Pile:

Ace of Wands – upright

Second Pile:

The Nine of Pentacles

Third Pile:

Ace of Cups – upright

Two cards facing the right way up mean a Yes. The extra card, which is the Nine of Pentacles, is an extra card to help us interpret the layout – this card has to do with money and is a positive card, which means that there can be wealth for us in this venture.

The Ace of Wands upright means that we have the energy and passion for the work.

The Ace of Cups upright means that our hearts are saying it’s the right thing and that we could form a wonderful relationship in the process, not necessarily a romantic one – perhaps a creative one.

Now that you know just how to do the Yes/No Tarot Spread, feel free to practice as much as you like – the more you do this spread, the more adept you will become at it, and the more you will begin to trust your intuition. Often, before we even lay the cards out, we already know what the answer will be, so pay attention to those little signs, and enjoy the affirmation that the cards will begin to give you. Tarot is like a wise sage, it helps navigate through life’s most difficult patches and helps us to unlock all the answers that we already have within us. It is a remarkable tool for helping yourself, and for helping others, and the more you work with it, the better you will become!

Pros and Cons of a Yes/No Tarot Reading

  • It helps you to make important decisions objectively
  • It’s a nice, clear and straightforward answer (usually)
  • The Yes/No reading takes very little time to do
  • If the cards are facing up and down, things can get confusing
  • It doesn’t give as much detail as a reading with more cards
  • The Yes/No reading can be overly simple for those who want something meatier.

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What a wonderful explanation. So detailed and so great. The way how the question needs to be asked is beautifully explained. Thank you for the great post.