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In life, it can be ever so difficult knowing if the decision you need to make it the right one…

The Yes/No Tarot Spread is the perfect spread to use on a daily basis, to exercise and hone our decision-making skills and to help us decide which road or path to take.

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About the Yes No Tarot:

Make sure your question is formulated to give a simple yes / no answer, and for best results, let the dilemma be a real possibility in your life – for example, asking “Am I going to meet my Soulmate” is a little vague. Asking “Is the flirtation with Todd a good idea?” is a nice, clear question and will yield a clear answer.

Examples of a good question:

  • Should I apply to take the management position at work to further my career?
  • Should I move in with Debbie?

Examples of a bad question:

  • Will I ever change my job?
  • Will I ever buy property?

The “bad “questions are ones that don’t have a possibility in the present, as they have not appeared as options, and usually contain the word “ever”. The “good” questions are real, immediate potentials with a bit of a timeframe, if possible.

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Saroja B

What a wonderful explanation. So detailed and so great. The way how the question needs to be asked is beautifully explained. Thank you for the great post.