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The World
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World issues or world shaking events, encounters and gatherings, travel, change, risks and new opportunities, but also on restriction wall or blocks.

You will be disappointed in your inability to break free of restrictive influences that are blocking you from manifesting any of your goals. You want to liberate yourself from limitation and lack other people’s problems, negative attitudes, and force confrontations.

You want to succeed in all areas of your life – your work, your dreams, everything – and you’ll have an obsessive desire to liberate yourself from restraint.
Your in laws will be a burden you won’t want to deal with, or a separation in the family will cause unhappiness. You are going to be feeling pressured and troubled by insurmountable problems and will be almost ready to explode or leave the country so that you can be left alone. You will call on a sick and needy friend or someone will call on you.

You may also be feeling used by a friend and if you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

There may be some unpleasant communications with family and friends and there may be a discussion about the loss of loved one or a separation or divorce.
You’ll be wondering if you’ll ever have the relationship you want, because in your mind it seems that you never manager to achieve the results you want. Your obsession or preoccupation with the past is hindering you ability to see what is really going on, but no matter how caught up or bound you feel, you can still break free.

Someone’s irrational behavior will hurt or upset you greatly and you won’t know how to deal with this. This will probably be a friend, lover or a relative. You are going to run the full gamut of your emotions, hitting the heights of bliss and depths of despair. By assessing your wants and needs you will find that new insights will be gained and in the long run, you will be a stronger and better person. In regard to unions with partners or lovers, what has been previously, must be released for the time being, because the world must take a turn before a new day can emerge, bringing with it, the possibility of beginning again on a new foundation. Because rarely do we realize how good the positive things are until we have experienced them.
You will experience temporary blocks to your progress, with nothing really happening, or you may be unemployed at the present time.

Things will improve considerably, and you will have more work than you can handle or want. New information and helpful hints will be applied to your paperwork, you will be happy with the finished product. You can expect improvement in business and finance, and also new opportunities and expansion and increase. You are going to acquire money from more than one source – this could indicate a tax refund or interest gained on an account.

There may be some recognition and advancements in regard to your profession and this also includes increased earnings.
You will feel that everyone in the world has what they want but you, and you will want to go away and leave everything behind or begin a new life all over again somewhere else, You will be upset with another who will call and break an appointment or meeting. You won’t feel like dealing with others who call you on the phone. You will no longer be content to go along with the status quo or accept a subservient role nor will you accept your fate with compliance.

You are going to be extremely angry and will not take it any more. It is going to take genuine anger to free yourself from the oppression you are feeling. Everything must be released if transformation is to occur or a lost opportunity regained. You will eventually transcend all obstacles, difficulties and disappointments you have had to face. You will feel great.

You will be successful in your dealings with others, be it in social situations or large groups and you will be able to utilize a new method of operation that could make your work a lot easier. There will be an increase in work and money and also praise and recognition will follow.

You are going to enjoy several social outings and you will also receive a box or package.

You will contemplate mailing a letter to a company but will postpone it and/or a letter will arrive which will make you angry.
You will be recovering from a recent illness, injury or infection, so you should slow down and take it easy. Also, you may change your doctor and seek another professional opinion.
A fantastic unscheduled trip is in the offing. Do go, because it could change your luck.

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