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The Hermit
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Seeking and finding, completing and perfecting and problem solving. You will experience the final chapter in one phase of your life and a dawning of the next. People from the past may re–enter your life in the near future.

You will be experiencing sadness or apprehension due to a sudden development that evokes a sense of loss, but don’t worry, things will change and with a sense of great relief and accomplishment. Your desire is a need for information or insight to answer a question or resolve a dilemma.
The completion of a cycle will end your depression and success is ensured. You will be speaking to a relative from a long distance away, and you will also be spending time with a friend who has come to visit. If you have had a falling out with a loved one, you will soon make up.

A friend from the past will return, bringing good tidings and they could help you find a solution to a problem if you let them help.
You could be feeling disheartened about your unsatisfactory love life at the moment. You will want to clear any differences with the one you love or share your heart with. Someone, an old flame or romantic interest may enter your life, but you will feel like strangers. You may also get a call from someone you haven’t seen in a tong time and you will make plans together. You will find pleasure through good friends, books, joining new groups and entering into new partnerships.
You will be dealing with papers connected with insurance, health or the home. You may be troubled by some upsetting news to do with your career or business, this may be to do with incidents or actions involving another, or you may have a sudden loss of income. Decisions will have to be made concerning your career as your position may be unstable. On a brighter note, in a very short time you are going to receive recognition, acclaim and financial success. People may seek you out for your talents knowledge or wisdom. You will also receive money for work well done and have enough for pleasurable pursuits.

Luck will be with you in reaching positive Solution and in achieving most of your goals in a relatively short time.
Be optimistic for there is an omen of better days to come, Any isolation, restriction or repression is about to come to an end. You will begin to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel and the future will start to look much more promising. Don’t try to overcome a situation with force or anger, but approach it with dignity and grace.
Situations will be out of control and your premonition will probably be right. Get ready for a new way of life because one is about to commence and you will find this is going to ease your tensions and alter your present circumstances to better conditions.
One minute you feel fine, next minute you won’t. You may not be able to pin down exactly what is wrong with you, although you do tend to eat too much sugar and starch. You also tend to suppress emotions. This causes these mysterious symptoms to surface. To rectify your problem, teach yourself to be more expressive and verbal.
You will be considering a major trip or move and will be discussing the possibilities with those around you.
If you are selling your home or property, it will be sold. You may be considering a major shift in your life. If not, you will find that circumstances will take you out of your home more often and put you into the mainstream of life.

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