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The Fool
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   The focus of this card is on...
Faith, hope, trust and contentment, high ideals and the possibility of a brighter tomorrow, choice and personal effort.

You will want to be happy and you are searching for the thing that will bring it/ or for a better understanding of the workings of destiny and the universe.

You seem to be waiting for all the pieces to fall in place, and will be feeling discontent or uneasy as you inwardly know that there is a better way of life than what you are living now.
A family member will be doing some job hunting, and you will find that you will be required to make a major decision shortly. You will be getting an unexpected visit for a guest or friend or you will be visiting a friend or guest. You will also visit a friend or relative in hospital in the near future; nothing too serious.
Someone is going to make you feel a fool for being cheated, deceived or abused. Part of you will want to enter into a relationship with complete abandonment, while another part of you will hold it at bay, this is due to mixed emotions regarding the other who wants more than you’re ready to give or commit to. If your relationship serves you or your growth, you will hold on, if it doesn’t, you will let it go and move on.
A decision concerning your career and finances will be made soon. If you’re expecting money, it will arrive. You will begin a new enterprise that will afford you the opportunity to work with or teach the public on a grander scale. And if you’re been thinking about leaving your current job or taking leave of absence, in time you will. There will be a considerable amount of paperwork to be processed or handled, which will require a great deal of concentrated effort and application. You will see it through to completion and after a brief respite, will take on more.

You are going to profit through a caller or callers, and a business plan or new proposal will be confirmed.
You will be disappointed in you inability to maintain control over uncontrollable situations, you will find that you will have to be the bearer of bad news.

You may also be annoyed as you have made a mistake, due to not listening to your own intuition. You will no longer be attached to the way you think, something should end or be dissolved, and so you will take action to do so, and then put it all behind you. Soon you will be realizing that whatever life hands you, you will always be all right. You are going to begin a new program or a creative endeavor involving papers or studies that will be very rewarding and fulfilling. You will be terminating the areas in your life that no longer serve you or your growth. You will decide to live life as you see fit, without the need for others approval. And by doing this old wounds and hurts will begin to mend. To your surprise those around you will be friendly, loving and supportive, this is because of the decisions you made, also you will experience a sense of godly presence in your life.

Someone will offer their services free of charge or vice versa, there may also be a confrontation over letters or papers regarding someone who is not willing to extend themselves in any way. Mistakes that you have made in recent past will be corrected and with the releasing of wants, cares and worries, you will find that your anxieties that you have been experiencing lately will disappear.
You will be feeling that you are not running at your peak ability and even if you are concerned about your health, you will probably wait it out anyway. You will be discussing alternative health and healing arts with others around you.
If you are planning to meet with someone on a business matter, you will decide to contact them on the phone instead. You may decide to do a disappearing act to get away from it all and all that is around you.
If you are thinking about a change of residence or a major move, you will decide against it for now.

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