Taurus Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Taurus at a Glance
Element: Earth // Mode: Fixed & Reliable // Colour: Deep Green // Planet: Venus // Keywords: “I Have”

Getting to know the Taurus Man

Taurean Men are grounded, calm and ever so patient. They are absolute rocks, unchanging and ever-reliable as well as being sensual and tactile. Usually, they are quite creative and/or sensation driven. They love comfort and luxury, from their food to their possessions. Yet at the same time, they can be very economical and don’t like to spend unnecessarily.

The Taurus man is consistent, and you can always depend on him. You will have to get used to his stubbornness, and his refusal to try anything new. Change is scary for these guys, and they prefer to spend their time building a solid, secure life. They tend to frequent the same places, the same restaurant, the same pub, the same holiday destination. Routine makes them feel safe and secure and they will provide that same comfort to those they care about.

Taurean men are ever-practical and they tend to navigate the material world very decisively. They are often early in buying a home and kitting it out, and they like to have the biggest and the best. They can be lazy and like to be a little indulgent from time to time.

How the Taurus Man Loves 

The Taurus man takes a LONG time to warm up. In fact, he might come across as a bit cold in the beginning, as you present change to him, something he hates. As he feels it is safer and safer, he will come closer to you, and after a while, he will commit fully. Once he is committed, he will seldom leave you.

The Taurus Man, once in love, loves deeply and sensually. He will love touch and affection and will engage his and your senses when together, whether through delicious food, cuddles on the couch watching Netflix, or slow, gentle lovemaking.

A Taurus man will be stubborn and it’ll be impossible to change his mind, so you will have to cultivate the same patience that he has with you. He will be your rock in times of trouble, always there and forever reliable. He is an ideal provider – being a husband and father come naturally to this man.

The Taurus man will be the type who brings you flowers and pays for dinner on many a night out at a lovely restaurant – as long as it’s one he knows and trusts. It’ll take some work to introduce him to a new place, and slowly is the best strategy. The Taurus man is not so much of a party animal, but he might like more than a nightcap from time to time, and he will enjoy it if you can join him in his worldly pleasures. Your Taurus Man might not be the most spiritual, but he has the material world down to a fine art.

The Taurus Man’s Sexuality

The Taurus man is someone who engages every single sense they have. They are slow burners, and they take their time when it comes to love, which is most women’s dream. They will slowly build a fire and don’t mind extended foreplay at all. These men are never in a rush to get to the end.  They will make full use of props, of music, or scents and atmosphere to create a perfect lovemaking scene. Taurean men love to mix romance and sex, and so they will usually, at least in the beginning, make quite an effort to seduce you. These men absolutely love smells and will encourage you to lose the perfume and wear your natural scent, which drives them wild. Earth signs are usually very primal, even animalistic in their physical desire, and so they can be forces to be reckoned with.

Sometimes, perhaps after some time, the Taurus man can get a little lazy and will need a nudge to get back on track. The romance they built, in the beginning, may wane and they can be fairly obstinate when they are told what to do, and so they do need to be gently encouraged. Simply spending some time touching their skin, running them a bath or dressing up in soft, luxurious materials will be enough to get their blood moving.

Taurean men are often very giving sexually, but a few of them can be selfish and may need to be shown where they are going wrong. They will be stubborn at first, but with a bit of patience, they come around. They may prefer the more traditional positions, and avoid anything new or too adventurous – they know what they like and tend to stick to that. Lovemaking with these men can be a comforting routine, nourishing and caring, although if you are one who likes variety, you may be somewhat disappointed.

Dating a Taurus Man

Taurean men take some time to warm up in terms of dating. They are slow, careful and cautious of change, but they are also amongst the best of wooers. These guys will wine and dine you in the dating phase and beyond. Also, because their ruling planet is Venus, the planet of Love, they are quite expert at making you feel cherished and special.

They are the types of people who will bring you flowers, buy you cards and serenade you – and so all the cheesy clichés come true when dating the Taurean man. They will sweep you off your feet, make you feel safe and secure from the very first date. There is something reliable about these men, and if they say they will be there at a certain time, they will be there. They will take you to all of their favorite locals, and try to set a regular date at the same place so that you become a part of their routine which they so love.

Taurean men can be artistic and musical as well, and so going to a musical show or gallery will be part of the norm. Just don’t expect them to step outside of their comfort zone, they’re not ones for too much adventure whether in the dating phase or the married phase.

Spoiling a Taurus Man

As long as you don’t spend his money or do something spontaneous, you can go wild. The Taurus man just loves a fancy night out at the latest and most exclusive restaurant, and he can be a bit of a foodie. You are free to go as gushy as you want with these men – doing the cliched sunset picnic and then a candlelit dinner is perfect for the Taurus male. In fact, if you are too adventurous, he will become a little antsy, and don’t ever try and surprise him – it will make him extremely nervous, The Taurus man really needs to know what is happening so he is prepared.

This man will also love outings to wine farms if you have them, or places where the entire experience is dedicated to tasting, drinking and eating. Failing that, have a lovely meal at home for him, wear expensive perfume and give him a massage – he loves to be touched.

Gift wise, a Taurus man gets very attached to what he already has, even if it is falling apart. If you are going to get him a new wallet, or a new sports t-shirt, just make sure he is okay to part with the old one, or you may get a rude awakening. When you do buy him a gift, make sure it is practical and tasteful – cheap gifts just won’t do here. The Taurus man is not complicated, so you don’t have to get him something that is gadgety or new-fangled – it is likely he will resist technology anyway unless he has become used to it and it is the latest of the latest or the same model as his last device.

The Taurus Man’s Career and Finances

Taurean men work for only one reason: to have money to buy nice things and to feel secure in the world. If they didn’t have to work, they really wouldn’t, because their default is lazy and chilled. That said, they can become very successful as they do love to have buckets of money in the bank, even if they hate spending it.

Taurean men will often stay in the same career forever and ever, even if they complain about it because it is secure and stable. They will change only if the money is bad, or if it becomes in some way unbearable, and that will still take a very long time. They could be creatives, or they could be accountants – it depends on how they are raised and where they can feel more secure.

The Taurus man will spoil you but may complain about it bitterly. They truly hate the rising price of everything, and they are the types that will try and save in any way that they can. When they do splurge, they go big – they love luxury and comfort.

They are the ones at work who are ever reliable and consistent, and they will plug away until the task is done – hence, they usually have a lovely pension set aside for the day they can be lazy every day, and they invest a great deal of time and energy into creating a safe and secure future for themselves.

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