Tea Leaf Reading Online: How to Find ACCURATE Tea Leaf Readings and Avoid Scams!

For thousands of years people with clairvoyant talent have been able to see into the future using the tea leaves from your cup. Tea leaf readers can tell you about future events in your life, sometimes with a clear timescale. Or if you have a burning question they can use the symbols in tea leaves to answer it for you. Not everyone can accurately see and interpret the symbols tea leaves produce, so it’s important to find an affordable but trustworthy expert. Here we share advice on how and where you can find a legitimate online tea leaf reading.

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What are tea leaf readings?

Sometimes called ‘tasseography’, the grounds of coffee or even the sediment of wine can also be used as a fortune telling tool, but tea leaf reading is the most popular form. This is an ancient form of divination – seeing the future – which can give you advice, guidance and insight into all areas of your life, or answer important questions you have about love, career, relationships, health and money, just like oracle cards can.

Tea leaf readers use their psychic (clairvoyant) powers to identify the symbols visible in the remains of your tea cup, and the explain them to you in a way which helps you understand your life, and what is likely to happen in the near future.

There are hundreds of symbols, and their meanings can change depending on position, or on other symbols which they appear with. This is why it’s important to find a genuine tea leaf reader, who has the psychic skill to see and relate the true meaning of each image to your life and situation.

How does an online tea leaf reader work?

Of course you need tea leaves to have a tea leaf reading, and this means both making loose tea and then drinking it, so some advance preparation is needed. Your trusted tea leaf reader will use video chat for the reading, and tell you exactly how to display the leaves from your finished cup.

Each visible symbol has some important information to share, and while some can be interpreted alone, others make more sense when considered alongside other symbols. Some have a general, clear meaning, for example an angel means good news, most likely related to love, while the image of a car suggests riches ahead, and a dragon is warning you of a big change on the horizon. Others could have a few meanings. The hourglass symbol is a good example – it could mean time is running out, or be suggesting you don’t try to do everything too fast, that patience is required.

Your psychic tea leaf reader will also take note of the position of each symbol as this can change the meaning a little, or a lot! So a clover appearing close to the top of your tea cup means soon you will have good luck, but if it is further down the luck is more distant. Dog symbols close to the top represent very good friends, around the middle of the cup sends a warning about friends who are not totally true, and at the bottom it means beware of enemies you don’t yet know about.

If you are struggling to make an important decision the reader may split the symbols into two sides; using the left to interpret the negatives, and the right to outline the positives.

Who is an online tea leaf reading suitable for?

Anyone interested in learning more about their future, or looking to understand why certain things are happening in their life right now will enjoy a tea leaf reading. It is also a good kind of reading to try if you have definite questions you would like answers to.

What will a tea leaf reading tell me?

A tea leaf reading with a genuine and trustworthy reader should give you some solid, interesting and accurate information on what the future holds. Sometimes the symbols reveal direct advice or warnings about things to watch out for. Other times they can help you understand why things are happening in your life, but most importantly you get to know about exciting future events.

Your reader may see letters, which give hints about people or places about to be important in your life, or through her intuition and psychic skills see details of travel, romance, major moves or riches coming your way.

How can I guarantee an accurate tea leaf reading online?

Wasting time, money and energy with a fake online tea leaf reader is something to definitely avoid. This is your chance to get advice, ask questions and get some clues about what the future holds – don’t risk being ripped off by someone who calls themselves real but is either a very poor reader or a complete fraud.

It’s not difficult to set up a website, but it is harder to build up a good reputation in the long term, so always look at established sites with readers who:

  • have been working there for a while
  • have lots of positive reviews
  • cover the kind of reading, and any specialist area you are looking for, (if you are not sure there is often a free chat option where you can ask a few questions.)
  • you feel drawn to

Remember, decent websites offer you the chance to connect to a reader for free when you first get onboard, so you can be sure of a comfortable and productive relationship

tea leaf reading

Meet Tiffany, a highly rated psychic tea leaf reader who works from the well-respected site Kasamba.

She has excellent reviews and many repeat clients who trust her psychic skills to deliver a meaningful reading every time.  Since becoming aware of her spiritual talents at the age of 5 Tiffany has practised and studied lots of things, from tarot to tea leaves.

Ophelia Jade is one of Oranum’s most popular psychics, and with 20+ years of experience she is a real professional.       tea leaf reading ophelia jadeWith her expertise in many forms of divination you can be sure of a good online tea leaf reading experience.



Reading types: phone, email, SMS & text

Distant tea leaf readings are generally done via video chat because the psychic reader needs to see the leaves to identify and understand the symbols in them. Some may offer a different way to connect, perhaps by you sending a picture of the tea leaves which they can interpret and discuss with you on the phone; or even in a detailed email if that is what you prefer. It’s always best to check before you make a commitment, so you can choose the tea leaf reader who delivers the service you feel most comfortable with.

tea leaf reading

Are tea leaf readings and palmistry readings the same?

Although tea leaf readings share common traits with many other forms of divination they are not terribly similar to palmistry readings. Of course both draw on the psychic abilities of the reader, but with tea leaves the focus is on reading symbols to predict and understand events, while the ancient art of palmistry identifies the influence of personality traits in the person having the reading.

How much does a tea leaf reading cost?

The costs of an online tea leaf reading will always vary between different readers and websites, and also depend on the method of communication. For example, for phone/video-phone readings charges vary from $1-20 a minute, while detailed email readings could cost more.

But don’t forget you can enjoy a FREE three minute reading with the psychic tea leaf reader of your choice at the Kasamba site. Adding further funds to your account if you are happy to do so is really easy too. There are credit card, debit card and PayPal options’ or you can pay after a session is completed if you prefer.

Oranum also offer new members a special credit package, worth 9.99, and further packages of various prices are available if you want to stay with the site. oranum logo


Where can I find an accurate tea leaf reading?

The only way to make sure you will have a genuine and accurate online tea leaf reading is to find a reader through a trustworthy site.

Psychic specialist websites are perfect because you can browse through the profiles of the talented readers listed to find someone who you feel drawn to. Previous clients leave detailed reviews and it’s easy to see how popular and authentic the readers are.

Good sites also offer some credit or free minutes to new customers, making it easy for you to make sure there’ s a good connection between you and the psychic tea leaf reader you have chosen. Take a look at KASAMBA as a good example. Their psychics are all screened and monitored, and the reviews each has are easy to see and read at your leisure. Joining up gets you three FREE minutes of time with the reader of your choice.

The Pros and Cons of Tea Leaf Readings


  • Safe to get involved with
  • Very focused information is shared
  • Can ask specific questions


  • Need a reader with video chat
  • Not all readers are true psychics
  • Only one or two symbols may appear sometimes


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