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Paije (127) is the best psychic I have contacted over the years

By Dempsey Kljellgren, Australia
I have been a, somewhat, clairvoyant junkie in my quest to better known myself and to obtain the truth in my life. So at 40 plus I can say I have contacted my fair share of clairvoyants, mediums and the like.
Paije Op 127 at this point is the best Psychic who I have contacted over the years. There is no B.S. Ever. Her reading provided, relevant to the moment, understandable, clear and patient Feedback covers the emotions, mindset, aspects of spirituality, life situations, messages from spirit, Paije sometimes pauses for a few seconds to answer my question, and I feel she is deeply breathing to connect and wait for the answers, not reading from a script.
I have gained insight into my life circumstances and about how to make optimum choices. I cannot explain how a clairvoyant could share so much accurate and truthful information other than that Spirit does survive and that they care about us enough to use genuine clairvoyants like Paije.

Business Owner.
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