Would YOU Sleep With Someone on the First Date?

Results Reveal that Men are Over Three Times More Likely to Sleep with Someone on a First Date than Women

Would you sleep with someone on the first date? romance

According to our survey of 2,500 US adults, 13% of men would sleep with someone on the first date, or after it, compared with just 4% of women.

The Poll

Between 14th and 18th March 2019, PsychicGuild.com surveyed almost 2,500 US adults to gauge their attitudes and sexual behaviors when it comes to dating. Our results revealed 13% of males admit that they would sleep with someone on or after a first date, compared with just 4% of women.

The Male/Female Divide


If we take a look at the male/female comparison more closely, we can identify some insightful trends.

Sleep with someone on the first date - gender

The unanimous result for both genders combined is that 18% of the respondents would either wait until marriage or abstain and again the lowest figures come from the 8 to 10 dates category.

The split also shows the highest result for males with 17% saying they would wait until the third date and the lowest with 3% saying that they would wait for 8 to 10 dates. The lowest result on the female side is also either 8 to 10 dates or one (the first) date at 4% of participants feeling this way or preferring not to comment.

Would you sleep with someone on the first date?

It’s a definitive, “yes!” in the gender department; it absolutely makes a difference! We see the widest and clearest divide of all here – a high proportion of men are inclined to sleep with someone with far more rapidity than females!

Alice Ruffle, Editor at PsychicGuild.com comments, “It’s interesting that by the 3rd date a whopping 40% of men would hope to sleep with their new partner by then. This compares with only 18% of women (less than half), which shows the sexual promiscuity of men over women.”.

“Furthermore, the 3rd date remains true for both genders – it is by far the most popular date by which couples would expect to sleep together.”

The Full Results

You can see the full breakdown of our poll results below for further context.

sleep with someone on the first date - all data

As we can see from the graph above and our percentages table below, the other overwhelming result the data showed is that 13% of US adults would wait for the 3rd date to sleep with someone. Looking at our table, we also interestingly find out that 13% of adults, taking both age and gender into account, seem unsure about how they feel they would act in terms of the number of dates they would go on and the length of time it would take for them to get into bed with their new partner! At the lowest end of the data scale, just 4% of respondents chose the 8 to 10 dates category or preferred not to comment.

Sleep With Someone on the First Date full data table

The poll exposed that nearly twice as many females as males would either wait until marriage or abstain at 23% (the highest result of all categories in the survey) and 14% respectively.

Age Group Splits


We also took a separate look at whether age affects attitudes towards sexual behavior. Here are the results below:

sleep with someone on the first date - age groups

Very interestingly, the middle-aged category, 45-54 years old, is the only one that breaks the mold of abstaining or waiting until marriage. Rather, the majority of participants in this age group are either unsure how they feel or would go for that magical third date to make their move! Additionally, it seems that the most mature participants, those in the 55+ category, are also either undecided or would prefer to abstain or wait longer before sleeping with a new partner.

The other stand-out result when it came to the age of our participants is that the majority of the most youthful three categories, as expected, at an average of 18%, would prefer to abstain.

This is closely followed by the next highest proportion feeling that the 3rd date would be the ideal time to go for it, at an average of 14% of participants.

Sleep With Someone on the First Date Age groups table

So, when it comes to age, in short, as with gender, yes, it does affect your attitudes towards sex. On the whole, the older you are, the more likely you are to abstain or wait for longer before sleeping with your potential or new partner.

Our Conclusion?

In summary, as well as finding out that men are three times more likely than women to sleep with someone on the first date, we have discovered that if new couples don’t wait until marriage or refrain from sleeping with one another, then three is the magic number!


*The total sample size was 2,493 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 14th – 18th March 2019.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

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