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What's in your stars in 2019?

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2109 in a cosmic nutshell...

2019 is set to be a banner year for you Aquarius.  The main thing to work out is what that banner is going to say or express??  The main reason for this is the switcheroo of your ruler Uranus, the planet of unexpected and unusual moves out of fiery Aries where he has been for the past 7 years.  On March 7, Uranus switches gears completely and moves into earthy Taurus where he rules over your 4th house of home and family for the next 7 years. While your sign is known for never meeting a change you didn’t like, it’s not exactly true is it?  You really only like those changes you had a hand in making or feel you can control.

Are you ready to switch gears from 7 years of pushing your need for freedom and self-expression to 7 years of using that knowledge to shake up both the foundation of your life and the values it’s sitting on? You’re a fixed, stubborn sign so some of you may feel as if it’s going to be difficult to make the necessary changes, but it will be a smoother transaction than you think it’s going to be.  

Too often Aquarius you stick to things that no longer reflect where you are or what you truly desire and need.  2019 is the perfect time for a complete makeover so that what you say and what you do are more in line with where the planets line up.  What’s really required is to be honest about how you were raised, what you were taught and what’s required to move forward with the new life and opportunities life brings your way this year.

Keep in mind that lucky Jupiter will spend the year in Sagittarius, his home turf and your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship.  Opportunities and strokes of good luck could definitely come your way via a friend (possibly an Aries or Gemini) this year.

Welcome to 7 years of Uranus in Taurus, a time for digging up all of those outworn and outdated perceptions about what’s important, then dusting them off, taking one last look at them and finally bidding them adieu.


Single: Romance doesn’t seem to be a huge issue for you this year.  However with 4 of the 5 eclipses happening this year impacting your love life, this indicates shake ups and changes.  You may feel content with things as they are, but the events will force changes.

Generally eclipses bring up old, repressed grievances - and for those of you who are single, you may find yourself attracted to the same type of person over and over again.  Obviously if it didn’t work out the first or second person with this type of person, chances are it won’t work out the next go round.

The good thing about the eclipses this year is that they will force you to pay more attention to love and the type of person you are attracted to and to whom you want to be with.  Start paying more attention to the type of person/people you are attracting and maybe start sending out positive messages to the Universe to send you someone special?

Venus the Goddess of love and money spends time in your sign March 2 - 27 and spends June 10 - July 4 in your romance zone.  Great times to update your online profile and be out and about.

Attached: While some of you may feel content with things the way they are, the 4 eclipses during the year will force many changes and a need to rethink the way you and your other half co-exist.  Lack of attention could very well be the reason why your love life isn’t as solid as you would like it to be. Start paying more attention and hopefully the problems will get settled.

Sometimes the shake ups are not the fault of the relationship.  In many cases the spouse,partner or lover is having personal life-changing dramas brought on by the eclipses and testing love relationships at the maximum strength.

With the Sun as your love planet, there are many short-term trends in love that depend on where the Sun is and the planetary aspects he receives.  The Sun is a fast-moving planet, changing signs every 30 days. This is indicative of your love life in 2019. Uranus your ruler moving into Taurus will transit your home and family zone for the next 7 years.  If you’ve been hoping to get pregnant, buy a home or become more committed in your love relationship, the opportunity is in your stars this year and through 2027.


Your career is less important for you in 2019.  You had a lot of success climbing the corporate ladder and your career was very successful last year.  This year there is not as much need to focus on your career but simply let events unfold as they want and need to.  As much as you like to take charge of everything and everyone, you may finally realize just how important it is to let destiny prevail at times too. You will more than likely hold onto the advances you made last year, but not necessarily go further.  The focus is simply not there. However you will end 2019 on a good note career wise and the status quo should be considered a success.

Pluto your career planet has been in your spiritual 12th house for many years now and will be there for many more.  This gives you many messages. You advance your career through being involved in charities and altruistic activities.  Your spiritual growth and understanding helps the career.


2019 looks like being a very prosperous year for you financially.  You might have to work harder than usual to make more money but if anyone can put their head down and get it done, it’s you Aquarius.  Money will come to you via your good career reputation and perhaps from pay rises - official or unofficial.

Neptune is your financial planet and as we have mentioned has been occupying your money house for some years now - a wonderful positive for finances.  2019 has a good chance of being a year when you will definitely make more money. As Neptune is the most spiritual of the planets, your intuition is probably the most important factor in earnings.  Financial information and tips could even come to you via dreams and spiritual channels.

Major purchases and exotic vacations and lending money to people should be examined closely too.  Things might not be as they seem to be. There might be scandals or unpleasant revelations involving the financial people in your life (like your accountant for example).  


Spirituality is the main story of the year ahead for you Aquarius in 2019.  Your 12th house of spirituality is easily the strongest part of your chart this year.  So the next 365 days are all about spiritual growth and practice.

Opting for a spiritual kind of career - working for a non profit for example or getting involved in karmic healing, iawashka or some kind of altruistic endeavour will definitely feed your soul.  Saturn your spiritual planet and Pluto your career planet travel together this year. One will merge into the other.

Give and you will receive more Aquarius.  Three eclipses occur in your 12th house of spirituality this year bringing with them shake ups and changes in your spiritual practice, attitudes and teachings.  Inner growth, inner revelation are all in sight of your radar this year.

Finding a way to make your spiritual practice into a career is your main aim in 2019.  A new insight, some new inner discovery, some solution is seen and the world is forever changed.  Your world is forever changed.


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Cosmic tidbits…

The really big news for your sign this year involved Mars – the hot headed, red blooded planet of lust and exclamation points which spends 5 months of 2018 in your sign (where normally he would spend 6 weeks). He’ll be on duty here from May 15 – August 12 and again from September 10 –– November 15. Be sure to mark your calendar with those dates so if you suddenly find that people are pushing your buttons way too easily you’ll know why. Being prepared for the possibility of confrontations when you least expect them will prove valuable on many occasions. Practice counting to 5 or 10 before you respond with any kind of comeback…keeping in mind that fortunately you’re a cerebral creature – so thinking before you act or speak is something that comes naturally to you – ordinarily anyway. This year things could be different as these as truly extraordinary times for you.

Love Life:
Mars in your sign for 5 months is sure to put some pep into your dating life – and if you’re single and ready to mingle – good because he is too. Just don’t jump into the ‘physical stuff’ too quickly – red blood Mars tends to rush these things – especially if you want a relationship to go the distance Aquarius. Rushing into anything will only make it more difficult to break it off if emotions and sexual feelings are tied into it or if you made promises in the heat of passion you can no longer live up to. Venus the goddess of love in your sign mid–January through mid–February is the best time to meet someone worth meeting. A Gemini, Sagittarius or Aries are all great match ups.

You will be quite the catalyst for change in all of your relationships this year – with Mars heating things up between you and others. If your passion for your partner has dissipated or gone or somewhere in between, it’s a definite topic of conversation for you to have Aquarius. If the sexual part of your relationship has died (a natural death like so many sexual relationships do) it might be time to break apart and find someone with whom you connect with spiritually emotionally and sexually. Sex will be very important to you this year – particularly with Mars in your sign May 15 – August 12 and again September 10 – November 15.

You’re in luck career wise with Jupiter, the planet of good luck in your 10th house of career and social reputation through November 2018. The combo of Mars and Jupiter workwise means that you will be a force to be reckoned with workwise – something that may surprise some people who didn’t think you had it in you Aquarius. If you’re the boss, you could be much more authoritative than ever before – just watch that you don’t come across as being too bossy. You want people to still like you and therefore work hard for you, right? However with Jupiter in your career zone there truly will be elements of good luck in whatever you do work wise so if your intuition tells you to go for it, do so.

You could be tempted to shell out for a big ticket item in February – maybe a birthday present to yourself – with Venus the planet of pleasure and spoiling in your 2nd house of money and self–esteem. Maybe a new car or fabulous new handbag or watch – spurred on by other people’s latest acquisitions. Be sure it’s what you really want though Aquarius – you might have trouble returning a car! Money comes in more easily this year thanks to Jupiter in your career and reputation zone. Chances are you will make more money and have more disposable income at your fingertips. Which doesn’t mean you have to spend it all!

You’ll want to travel to exciting and exotic locales this year with Mars spending so much time in your sign. No lying around on the each reading magazines for you! A Safari, swimming with sharks, bungee jumping and anything that requires a lot of sweat and adrenalin. Group activities are also fun this year.

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