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Year 2022:

2022 - Independent, rewarding and financial rewards and opportunity

Cosmic Synopsis - Saturn, the planet of responsibility, discipline and restriction spends yet another year coursing through your veins in your 1st house of ego and personality.  Saturn rules the concept of time, so many of you may feel as if you have to pack as much as possible into every day.  Jupiter left your sign at the end of 2021 and spends this year in and out of your 2nd house of self-worth and 3rd house of communication.  All the work you've done financially will pay this year.  Some of you could have the best financial year of your life so far guided by Saturn and with Jupiter in Pisces.  

The number six symbolizes beauty and harmony and is often called “the love number”.

2022 = 6

In numerology, the 6 holds the vibration of unconditional love, protection, and sanctuary. It holds the spiritual expression of the archetypal maternal instincts that we all contain (whether male or female) and the primal urge to nurture and care for those in need.

JANUARY - The brake lights come on this month with Mercury the planet of clear thinking and communication going out of phase in your sign January 14 - February 3.  Avoid buying anything major (car/home) and signing anything official until next month.  Mars the planet of 'just do it' in sassy Sagittarius through the 25th opens up the door to making new friends.  You tend to 'collect' people.  You enjoy having a broad, eclectic range of friends.  Be wary of ex lovers sniffing around this month with Venus backtracking through your past karma zone.  If it didn't work out the first, second, third time...

FEBRUARY - your birthday month is always a special time and with the Sun in your sign, this is a great time to really cement yourself into the New Year.  February 17 brings good news regarding money, especially related to home and family.  Perhaps a joint investment or inheritance is finally settled?  Seeking a loan? It's the perfect time to 'bank hop' and compare.  Perhaps your siblings/parents will go in on an investment property with you or provide you with the down payment?  

MARCH - Mercury, the planet of words and communication spends through the 11th in your sign, with Venus in your sign from the 7th - April 16.  With the 2 personal day to day planets in your sign, AND the added bonus of instigator Mars in your sign March 7 - April 16, this is the best month of 2022 to get things moving in the right direction.  The New Moon on the 2nd is 3 days ahead of the most opportunistic day of the year March 5.  That's the day Jupiter & Saturn align perfectly.  This meet up won't happen again for 12 years so soak up every cosmic drop!  March 2, 3, 4 & 5 - mark those dates down!

APRIL - Motivator Mars spends through the 16th in your sign which gives you an extra boost to do whatever it is you need and want to do.  April 12 Jupiter & Neptune meet up in Pisces, your 2nd house of self-worth which is another cash flow opportunity for you.  Especially for those of you involved in the artistic arena.  If you're a painter/sculptor/writer/jewelry designer.  Or if you work in the entertainment world.  Now more than ever due to COVID, streaming services have become everyone's go to entertainment center.  

MAY - May 3 lucky Jupiter receives a signal from Pluto, planet of upheaval which could bring more money your way.  Focus in on trying to seal the deal before the end of the month.  Whether it's getting a mortgage or finding exactly the right commercial space to lease.  Unfortunately, Mercury takes his second retrograde trip this month.  This time in your fellow air sign of Gemini, your 5th house of self-fulfillment, fun and romance.  Through the 24th you really need to lay low and if you recently started seeing someone, things might go South quickly and unexpectedly.  On May 11 Jupiter jumps into Aries, your communication zone where he powers through your vocabulary until July 28th and then retrogrades back and forth between Aries & Pisces through November 28.  Despite Mercury being out of phase, travel on the 29th brings with it unexpected adventures and pleasures.  Fingers crossed we are free to travel by then! May 15 brings with it a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in powerful Scorpio.  In your higher minded thinking arena, this could mean an increase in salary, a bigger title/office or for those of you self-employed, a new client.  Take it all in stride and don't get too invested either way.

JUNE - Saturn goes out of phase in your sign early this month and stays that way through October 23.  For many of you this will provide just the right amount of freedom to change your mind, change course or simply sit still.  The New Moon June 1 in Gemini highlights your 5th house of self-fulfillment fun and romance.  Single? Geminis & Aries are both great match ups for you this month.  Settled? See if you and your other half can't escape for a few days somewhere idyllic. The New Moon June 1 along with the Sun shine in your fun zone.  FUN!  Something the world has been in short supply of for the past 2 years.  Another romantic month for you and a great time to explore your options.  If you're miserable at work, look for something else you are interested in doing.  

JULY - Venus the lover continues to spread her love to you via Gemini.  In your romance zone this is yet another perfect cosmic setting for meeting someone worth meeting.  If the world is back on track enough for dating, make sure your online profile is on point and you are ready to mix and mingle.  For those of you who have been living alone and in lots of ways de-socialized...this is the time to brush up on your social skills.  To re-enter the world! 

AUGUST - Your Full Moon on the 11th brings something full circle Aquarius.  Venus the Goddess of love and money shines in your relationship zone and opposite sign of Leo August 12 - September 6.  Your ruler Uranus, the planet of disruption, change and the unexpected goes out of phase in stubborn Taurus August 24 - end of the year.  In your 4th house of home and family this is sure to throw a cosmic spanner in your household works.  Perhaps some sort of problem/issue with a relative?  Decisions to be made about your elderly parents?  

SEPTEMBER - Passionate Mars spends the month in Gemini, your romance zone.  Once again, this is a running theme in your 2022 outlook.  This is a great year for you find 'the one'.  you only need one!  Nurturing your personal life should be your number 1 priority this year.  If you're single, there's a very good chance you could meet your soulmate.  Aries/Geminis/Librans and Leos are all great matches for you.  For those of you in a relationship, if you have been talking about having a child or having more children, this is a very good 'year to breed'!  IVF/adoption/surrogacy - all leads to the same thing.  

OCTOBER - A wonderful month for you with the Sun in Libra, Mercury in Libra from the 11th - 30th, Venus in Libra through October 24 and a Full Moon in Aries on the 9th.  Mars is retrograding through Gemini but helping you to figure out what went wrong with a past relationship or what needs tweaking in a current one.  This applies to friendships too - across the cosmic board.  Saturn the planet of life lessons remains out of phase in your sign through the 23rd.  upon his return get ready to get back to work.  To see the end of the year through in grand style.

NOVEMBER - Mars, Jupiter, Neptune & Uranus retrograding this year makes it a tougher time to get things going.  You might have to slow your roll and not aim too high.  The higher you fly, the further it is to fall after all.  Mercury & Venus holding hands for the second half of the month in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship along with a New Moon on the 23rd make the last week much better.  Plus, Jupiter moves direct in Pisces, your money zone where he stays for a final tour through December 21.  The last week of November is the time to kick your life back into high gear and soar like an Eagle!

DECEMBER - Your friends are all important this month, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus spending time in your friendship zone.  If you feel you have more than a few 'frenemies' in the mix, this is the time to slowly but surely weed them out of your life. The Universe provides the perfect platform for that December 7 with a Full Moon shining in Gemini.  Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system and the planet of opportunity and good luck moves into Aries on the 22nd and for the next few months, gives you a really good handle on how to communicate.  Siblings and neighbors come under the roof of your 3rd house too.  

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